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Outreach Scholarship Program for Hiegher Education in Pakistan
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Outreach Scholarship Program for Hiegher Education in Pakistan


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This presantation is delevered by me in 19/11/2006 at FAST Nstional University Islamabad.

This presantation is delevered by me in 19/11/2006 at FAST Nstional University Islamabad.

Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Presentation Given By Ghazanfar Latif 11/19/2006
  • 2.
    • The OSP is aimed at ICT capacity building through engaging students from marginalized communities.
    • This is first project of its kind and the pilot program was aimed at locations in southern and northern Punjab.
    Introduction to the Program 11/19/2006
  • 3.
    • The initial intake in the program was around 3000 students and 150 teachers were also trained as master trainers.
    • The training design was aimed at developing the skills of the participants for attempting aptitude tests with high success rates in the domain of ICT education.
    Introduction to the Program 11/19/2006
  • 4. President Perviz Musharaf Prime minister Shoket Aziz Federal Minister for IT Sardar Awais Khan Laghari Minister of State for IT Ishaque Khan Khawani Pakistan In pursuance of the vision of the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ministry of IT lunched the OSP to bridge the ICT education gap between the developed and underdeveloped areas of the country. 11/19/2006
  • 5. Included Areas 11/19/2006
  • 6.
    • To help create Optimal Critical
    • Mass in ICT.
    • To attract and develop the capacity of talented youth from Schools/ Colleges located in Southern and Northern Punjab.
    • To provide access to deserving talented youth to enter and develop into world class ICT professionals.
    • To provide career opportunities to talented youth from non-metropolitan areas in the field of ICT.
    Objectives 11/19/2006
  • 7.
    • The methodology for the project was
    • based on multiple components.
    • Outreach Component:
    • To ensure maximum reach to maximum possible candidates.
    • Training Components:
    • To provide training to 150 master trainers and at least 3000 students belonging to schools from remote areas. Selection of candidates was to be based on top admission criterion.
    Methodology 11/19/2006
  • 8. 11/19/2006 Description Planned Actual Position Variance Number of Participating Candidates 2000 3050 52.50% Number of Candidates Appeared in Test 1700 2365 42.50% Number of Trained Teachers 150 182 55.33% Number of Participating Schools 50 70 40% Number of Zones 09 14 55.56% Number of Testing Centers 02 15 650% Male/Female Candidates 75:25 72:28
  • 9. Core Team
    • Mr. Shiket Aziz (Prime Minister of Pakistan)
    • Mr. Awais Leghari (Federal Minister of IT)
    • Mr. Ishaq Khakwan (Minister of State for IT)
    • Ms. Nilofer Arshid (GM PTCL R & D Fund)
    • Dr. Ayub Alvi (Dean of FAST NU)
    • Dr Aftab Maroof (Director FAST NU Islamabad)
    • Mr. Mubashir Sadiq (Assistant Professor)
    • MR Ahmad Salman (Assistant Professor)
    • Mr. Arif Khatick (Assistant Professor)
    • Mr. Asif Gondal (Assistant Professor)
    • Ms Saba Afzal (Project Coordinator North)
  • 10.
    • Government offers four
    • best Universities Pakistan (GIKI, NUST, FAST and LUMNS) to conduct and run the OSP.
    • Other three Universities does not accept this program but FAST accepted the challenge and conduct this program.
    • Our director take interest in it and emergently high alert the FAST facility and senior students, who went the backward areas and do initial arrangements.
    Role of FAST 11/19/2006
  • 11.
    • We held a program in
    • Multan, where we Invite
    • the Prime Minister Shoket Aziz , Federal Minister Awas Leghari and teachers and students from selected Colleges.
    • We convinced them to take maximum participation in this program.
    • We arrange proper classes for 8 weeks and provide Preparation Kit to the students.
    Role of FAST 11/19/2006
  • 12.
    • The result was very successful and the students that we got are very intelligent and are showing very good performance in there relative disciplines.
    • This effort of FAST is highly appreciated by the President, Prime Minister and ministry of IT and they again offers to conduct OSP in August.
    • This time that program is introduced all over the Pakistan.
    Future Planning 11/19/2006
  • 13. “ For the first time, we start such a largest program in education sector. You are the lucky ones who got the Scholarship. We provide 8000 rupees/month for the PhD students but we are spending 27000 rupees per month to the bachelor students. ” Prime MInister Said: 11/19/2006
  • 14. Thanks “ Visiting to a College” 11/19/2006