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Software Development Lifecycle 101
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Software Development Lifecycle 101


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Software Development Lifecycle 101 Todd Marks President & CEO @mindgrub
  • 2. Software Development Lifecycle 101 This session will cover the following topics: • It All Starts With a Clear Vision and Good Requirements • Native vs. Mobile Web Apps • The Development Process • iOS vs. Android Development Environments • How To Market Your App2
  • 3. 5 Steps To Get Started 1) Start small, with a clear vision 2) Do your research 3) Its all in your name -- and your brand 4) See if a DIY solution will really meet your needs, and get ready for the next steps 5) Know how to hire a developer
  • 4. Native vs. Mobile Web
  • 5. Native vs. Mobile Web5
  • 6. Native vs. Mobile Web (Facebook) Facebook’s move to a native app • Faster performance • Use of native controls • Offline storage6
  • 7. The Development Process
  • 8. Mobile Development Process8
  • 9. iOS - XCode9
  • 10. iOS – Xcode IDE10
  • 11. Java – Eclipse IDE11
  • 12. Test Flight – Beta Distribution12
  • 13. Crashlytics – Crash Reporting13
  • 14. Bugzilla – Bug Tracking14
  • 15. Basecamp – Project Management15
  • 16. Mobile Marketing
  • 17. 6 Key Steps For A Successful App17
  • 18. Mobile Marketing Mobile Marketing is an engagement with mobile device users to generate exposure, opportunity and sales.18
  • 19. Mobile Marketing Methodology A Good Mobile Marketing Campaign1: • Know your audience • Establish your budget in advance • Choose How to deploy your mobile marketing message QRcodes Mobile Web SMS Augmented Reality In-App Advertising Mobile Gaming Social Media Integration Ecommerce Marketing Apps Discount and Specials Native Apps LBS / Tours • Build Long-Term Relationships 1
  • 20. Mobile Marketing ROIThe steps to achieve a solid ROI on a mobile marketing initiative areas follows:20
  • 21. Mobile Marketing Steps to Measure ROI1) Establish - a Baseline to measure results2) Create an Activity Timeline Activites, Social Data, Web Data, Transactions3) Monitor – Sales Revenue How often customers make transactions. How many customers you are reaching. How much customers are spending. (Gain from Investment - Cost of Investment)ROI = Cost of Investment21
  • 22. Marketing Examples
  • 23. Mobile Ad Frameworks
  • 24. Mobile Ad Frameworks, Flurry Google AdSense Millennial Media iAd AdMob Brightroll Greystripe InMobi Jumptap MdotMSAY Media ZestADZ24
  • 25. Questions? Todd Marks President & CEO @mindgrub