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M. Wuori - Mutigenre

  1. 1. Multi-genre Web Project Autism: A Fog From Within… By: Mindelei Wuori ED 361; February 18, 2008
  2. 2. of on cern: v iewpoint m It May C en fro m the h as Auti s om ndertak ’s Sister, who orld that T o Wh nu ect h as bee ie, Moose w special ransported oj l e This pr cter of Nata hirts. In th as been t ra S h o the cha ne Does My pro je ct, she the power t ies in A l Capo d fo r this en gr anted difficu lt te be the I ha ve crea 07 and has rs w ithout nature of 0 he e year 2 lat e to ot ecause of th an to he and re riences b ave comm unicate arly expe ha t we h riences with regul this is t f her expe th at she e benefit of o . T h to th e world within… ” Autism y to see in a fog fro m opportunit as termed: “ h wh at she ri ei Wuo Mindel
  3. 3. Hi there, That’s me. Natalie. As you can see, some days are better than others. I really appreciate you coming to check out my thoughts. It’s nice to be out from behind what I like to call “a fog within…” I call it that because sometimes it just comes over me like the fog rolling in from San Francisco Bay. I can’t control it, but sometimes I can see it coming (which is so frustrating). My family members are really great, but we all get irritated by the effects of the autism. Because of it, I don’t get to relate to people in the way that I’d like. But that doesn’t stop everyone. I have some really great friends: Moose, Theresa, and 105 are some of my favorite people. I have a few hobbies: I’m a whiz at math, I love to look through the indexes of books (its so calming), and I have a button collection that you wouldn’t believe! Plus, I like to tell jokes (I even made up one of my own). So, take a moment and come over to my side of the Bay. Come on. Just turn the page…
  4. 4. First Stop: iGoogle I know a lot of people like MySpace and Facebook for To take a look at Natalie’s “social networking”. But, iGoogle page, click here. honestly – I like to wrap myself up in information *If you need to login, use: miwuori@nmu.edu (which is why I’ve chosen to make iGoogle.com my home Use the password: alcapone1 page). It’s got all of my favorite things on it. You should really check it out! Hint: To see Natalie’s wishes on the Wishdget at the bottom ~ Natalie of her iGoogle page, hover over each of “my wishes” one at a time. a fog from within…
  5. 5. Second Stop: MySpace Alright, I have to admit that I do There are a couple of have a MySpace account. What different ways you can teenager doesn’t? I think it might get to Natalie’s poetry. help you to get to know me a little bit if you take a look at my page 1. Go to MySpace.com and (although I still think that iGoogle then search for Natalie rules). Don’t forget to take a look Flanagan or buttongirl16 at my poetry (in the blog section)! I 2. Or take the easy way in really enjoy writing. It’s not quite and click on this link. as soothing as reading indexes, but it still works for me. ~Natalie a fog from within…
  6. 6. Third Stop: The Letter That Changed Everything This whole process really was a shock for me and my family. It was hard on all of us. Once I finally received an evaluation, there were so many questions that I had, but I really didn’t know how to go about asking them. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on there. But my parents really showed their love and support – that made all the difference. ~Natalie a fog from within…
  7. 7. Fourth Stop: Mrs. Kelly’s Reflections The podcasts to the left are a reflection of the It’s funny how adults always book and how Mrs. Kelly get to know more things would have responded about what’s going on then within the story. what kids do. These podcasts are about me and I don’t even get to listen to This second set of them. Totally unfair. I podcasts would be a guess that’s just one of the better reflection of what perks of growing up. Mrs. Kelly as a first year teacher would experience. ~Natalie a fog from within…
  8. 8. Fifth Stop: Just the Facts If you’ve learned anything about Out of 100,000 Children 896 Have a Major Childhood Disorder me…you know that I love numbers. Leukemia, 4 children So let me tell you a few facts Muscular Dystrophy, 5 children about Autism. Cystic Fibrosis, 20 children ~Natalie Juvenile Diabetes, 200 children Facts about Autism in the US: Autism, 667 children • Every 20 minutes a new case is diagnosed • Each year there are 24,000 new cases • The economic impact of autism is over Of those, Autism by Far Receives the Least in $90 billion and expected to more than Funding Leukemia, $300 double in the next decade. million Muscular Dystrophy, $160 million Facts about Autism in California: Cystic Fibrosis, $75 • More than two new cases each day million • From 1987-1998 there was a 633% increase Juvenile Diabetes, • From 1998-2002, an additional 96% increase $140 million • There are 35,626 cases as of September 2007. Autism, $15 million a fog from within…
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