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Digital Planning Lecture


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  • 1. (Some) Digital Planning Basics Planning Bootcamp Guest-Lecture @MiamiAd School | Christian Riedel | @mindcaffeine | 2011 *All pictures used for educational purpose only*
  • 2. ny). as e asy (in Germa ng a holiday w e to Italy in a be etle.In 1960 planni driv ant, you wouldWhatever you w
  • 3. t. her eever you wanToda y you can go w sy. ning less ea nThat makes pla at y ou want and de cide. tment.You h ave to know wh o greater ris ks of disappoinGreater oppo rtunities but als
  • 4. Marketing knowsthis dilemma.
  • 5. .For t hem planning was easy nd up in „Media It aly“: oals - they would eWhatever the g V.Print, Radio, T
  • 6. es. infinite digital spacToday you can go tosy. g less ea nnin go. e where toThat makes pla want and decid o w w h a t yo u ter risks of disa ppointment.You have to kn t also greaGreater opportunities bu
  • 7. Digital is E Digital is no v ery-ware t a channel.obiquious o Th perating sys e web is like theevery plann tem of our s ing will beco ociety. Sosomehow! me digital p lanning h"p://
  • 8. Everything is connecte d. The Opera The TV-Spot The The TV Social Media The TheIdea The Book Multimedia Plattforms Mobile Gaming The Cinema Website The Theatre Experience Experience The Newspaper Layer of Plattform Digitalisation Socialisation Mobilisation Gamification Separation Layer Layer Layer Layer Ideas created for a Idea is released Adds Social Context Makes everyting Everything can become a game. specifc media-plattform from plattform. to Digitalized Content digital mobile Digital Gaming adds: Combines formally Dialogue Co-Creation Virtual and Physical Particpation Alternate Reality separated Space blurring into media plattforms Sharing&Spreading each other Points/Batches Immersive Graphics
  • 9. arengto.ogle oe transp ill is mbe r n the webgs eop efects will le w .P gEv e rythin es will o ng thin or d AIDA nd do hidi ve r a bra facebook. So t.Whate are it on icul sh m ore diffit and re a n d beco me mo awareness/interest/desire/action Greenpeace attacked Volkswagen for lobbying against a Climate Agreement by mocking their most sucessful ad. People occupied the VW Facebook Pages with critique. AIGDAF awareness/interest/google/desire/action/facebook
  • 10. their o wn voice now.People have can start a global campain. yToday everybod
  • 11. It is just the beginning. Office Vision by Microsoft, 2009
  • 12. Digital Pla nning is a constant .endeavor into new territories es the route into scribA Digital Strategy dethese terretories. Where do we have to go? What do we have to do there? = Digital Planning
  • 13. „Nobody k nows anyth Don‘t look fo ing!“ r rules. Look out for principles.Title: „The new rules of Web 2.0 Marketing and PR“I took this photo at my favourite book-store. It is the book for1€ box. It shows to me how fast rules are outdated today.
  • 14. Principlse es gDigita l PlanniIn o fall into the gs d thinM ost of the INSIGHT s. 02 INSPIRE IDEAScategorie 01 FINDING INSIGHTS Digital Culture k Tec ttform or Pla mw hno s Tea log ve s y+ ati ue re hniq C c Te Peo ple Moderation Brand GOALS IDEAS Story Technology d ing Aes rea the tics Sp Pa Me rtic ch ipati an on D ic - M istr ec ib ue ha uti Measure og ni on c al y nt Di ilit Engageme ab 04 MONITOR 03 WRITE Us ment FEEDBACK IDEA „Business-Plans“ ROLL-OUT
  • 15. 01 Finding Insights
  • 16. No insight or strategy without clear goals. .But goals need to be transformed into user actions Goals Actions Buy Sell  more  stuff Like Get  Coupon Branding Share Request  Try Awareness Play Download Fan-­‐Building Read Leave  Email-­‐Adress Loyality Comment Spreading  Product  InformaUon Read  later Bookmark Market  Research add  to  shopping  cart Product  Test Digital Strategy = How do we get there?
  • 17. First: Get the wholepicture with aConsumer Journey
  • 18. ailLook at every det experiencex.perience? e rvice duct or seital offer enhance theof the proHow can a dig roduct/servic eAsk yourself : if the p warenes s won‘t help,B eware that a ‘t good.ex perience isn
  • 19. For me an Insight is:• the reason for people to take action• the reason for people to change behaviour• the essence of the information you have.• a need not yet fullfilled• an unseen truth• the opportunity to do cool stuff.• an observation that makes you say: „Oh that is funny!“• a story about the brand that needs to be toldIt is always the answer to the question:„Why the f*ck should people care?“
  • 20. Insight-Example: Fanta Teens play games about Develop a cooler design for embarrassment in forum. such games.
  • 21. ight.Fields to look for an insiration just from other sp inFocus on your task. Seeking e you a strategybrands ‘ advertising cases will makcopycat. Brand Company Copy People Tech. a Case
  • 22. Basic Planning Skills Curiosity Desktop ResearchInterviews Field-ObservationsHandling Information Finding InsightsPlus:- New digital sources for research- New digital trends to watch- New digital tools to organize information
  • 23. 5 Digital Sources to start with
  • 24. h/Google Insights shows real interest in a brand.
  • 25. Google Keyword Tool shows the ex act wordspeople are searching with in connection with a brand.
  • 26. blogs crawls the bloggoshere foropinions.
  • 27. www.twazzup.comtwazzup is an easy twitter search engin e andshows real time opinions.
  • 28. is a flickr search engine.It shows what people like to photograph inconnection to a brand. Great for visualconcepts and inspiration.
  • 29. Ad Manager allows real tim evisualisation of target groups and int erestson facebook.
  • 30. 4 Digital Trends to watch
  • 31. 1. APIs API=Application Programming InterfaceAn API allows to tranfer user-data from oneservice to another. Understanding theprinciples of APIs helps to inspire data drivenideas.Read: cs/coreconcepts/
  • 32. 2. Internet of ThingsHow can products communicate onlin e?Read: Practical Magic by Russel Davie s innovation/practical-magic.html
  • 33. 3. GamificationHow to drive online engagement withgaming mechanisms.Read: Getting Gamification right by Seb astian Deterding ul-play-getting-gamification-right
  • 34. 1: Digital Basis Convergence torytelling Interactive Ss/Games Application Narrative Branded Data & Software Experience Convergence Transmedia Storytelling lling ytelling Brand Storyte elations „Cla ssic“ Storn/Theater Branded R Advertising/Pu blic tte /Wri Cinema/TV Entertainmen t 2:2. Transmedia Storytelling Digital Basis Social MediaHow to tell stories beyond digital pla ttfor ms.Read: Conversion Culture by Henry Jen kins (*BOOK*)
  • 35. 3 Tools to help you organize
  • 36. Google documents and presentations as a team.
  • 37. Google documents and presentations as a team.
  • 38. Google RSS.Follow blogs on diverse topics via
  • 39. Evernote (or Springpad) ud.Keep your notes stored in the clo
  • 40. 02 Inspire Ideas
  • 41. Fight for Integration shouldn‘t stop with aWhen doing digital stuff planning part of the wholecreative brief. Fight for becoming acreative process. Slides from:
  • 42. ngGet into moderation and coachi more diverse. TheyDigital teams become more and guages. As a plannermight even speak in different lan should moderate between th Copywriter AD Strategist Interaction Software Designer Developer
  • 43. es reative Techniquridge betweenLearn C ey are a great way to b thbecause sets.diffe rent mind Category:Creativity_Techniques Innovators-Rulebreakers-Changemakers/dp/ 0596804172
  • 44. 03 Writing anIDEA Business Plan
  • 45. A Digital Idea Business Plan aggregates thethinking behind an idea. It shows the client: why it is the best solution, whypeople will like it and what you expect from it.I call it „business plan“ because what you do is similar to a start upthat wants to win an investor. Only the currency is different.
  • 46. WHY writing it?
  • 47. Brands are Your Faceb not alone! ook Streamthe web-exp is a erience: Eve great metaphor foreverybody is ryth just a click a ing anddrops in eve way. And ne ry second. w stuff
  • 48. s.You ca n buy awarenes .N ot Engagement h"p://­‐sarcas:c-­‐responses-­‐to-­‐completely-­‐well-­‐meaning-­‐signs
  • 49. er.Digital is an Off
  • 50. ?Why sho uld people care ?Or even particpate
  • 51. Because you do somCheck out the create e thing for them! meaning-project:www.createmeaning.c om
  • 52. t toYou nee d an experience people wanparticipate in. Thinking  in  Experiences Us ce ag oi Ch User Experience e Story/ Design Offer Mechanic Technology Talking about it
  • 53. wn.And distribute it on your o Idea Owned Paid Earned
  • 54. Example: NIKE GRID LONDON 14518
  • 55. from messaging to Experiencefrom aesthetic overpromise to storytelling and interruption and software from target group to participant from awareness to engagement from buying space building own distribution
  • 56. Action speaks louder than words. But fails faster. ww w.n ikegr id.c om Telling Doing Die creates a digital offer. The agency spreads messages Predictability ( - ) Predictability ( + ) Engagement ( + ) Engagement ( - )
  • 57. Uncertainty makes c lients shiver
  • 58. so s iness Planning“ isThat is why a „Buimportant. ine: m/3esz8f7 ad mIf you like to downlo
  • 59. 04 MonitoringFeedback
  • 60. Digital is like curling:You have to adjust a running system to reachyour goal.
  • 61. You are always in beta picture by David Amaro
  • 62. Track and Adjust Statistics Observations  User Insights  Nuber of Fans /  Community Cost per Fan Feedback  Interaction: Likes, Comments, Shares  Tonality  Ad/Keyword Performance  Multiplicators  Referral-Trafic  Conversions  Topics
  • 63. Monitoring Services like Radian6
  • 64. Christian RiedelCommunication Strategist + Story Architect„I build stories beyond media borders“@mindcaffeine on