Burkina Faso
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Burkina Faso



hand crafts and music in burkina fasa

hand crafts and music in burkina fasa
plz visite the references



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Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Presentation Transcript

  • Let’s assume that today is your birthday ..… and one of your friends gives you a box with unknown thing…….
  • Hand crafts
  • Introduction to Burkina Faso
  • Recycled Can Thumb Piano
    artisans in Burkina Faso make ingenious use of recycled aluminum cans to craft these whimsical thumb pianos. Pieces of wood, decorated with burned patterns, form the top of the instrument. Thumb pianos come in assorted patterns.
    • Recycled aluminum cans, wood, metal
  • They have different types of carving
    • Wood carving.
    • Metal carving.
    • Statuary (Small statues).
    • Masks
    Their statues have famous character and shapes
  • Many types of textile in Burkina Faso
    • Hand made blankets
    • Cotton spun
    • Hand made caps
    • Cotton Scarfs
  • The hand made beads , is one of the most famous crafts in Burkina faso
    • Wooden beads.
    • Rock beads.
    • Silver beads.
    • Brass beads.
    • Gold beads.
    • Copper beads.
  • They make their music equipments
    from fin things
    Using recycled metals , wood and cans
  • Recycled Tin Nescafe Can Kalimba
    Burkina Faso, craft these great musical instruments from recycled Nescafe coffee cans. A great gift for music lovers or collectors of recycled crafts, each kalimba is completely unique and makes lovely African music.
    Materials: wood, metal, recycled tin cans
  • The Illinois University students in Burkina Faso
    • The students of Illinois University in Chicago went to Bereba in Burkina Faso.
    • They were welcomed in every step.
    • They said:” We were immediately immersed in the daily lives of the villagers, moving into their homes and sharing meals with the family”
    • They bought Bereba’s hand made textiles, beads and presents
    • They did interviews with the bereba people and sellers
    • Attending the New year eve there ,dancing and singing with the bereba villagers.
    • The villagers prepared the new year meals to welcome the students.
    • The Burkinabe never miss the chance for a good party
    • “The people seemed genuinely interested in their visitors and in displaying their culture.”
    • http://eshopafrica.com/gallery/outabout/burkina04.html
    • http://www.artsinafrica.com/country-cultural-profiles/burkinafaso
    • http://friendsofafricanvillagelibraries.blogspot.com/2009_01_01_archive.html
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60O6uETTt6U&feature=related