Flashcards 4 teaching vocabulary
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Flashcards 4 teaching vocabulary



Top 12 sites for making flascards are oserved.

Top 12 sites for making flascards are oserved.
Examples are given.



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Flashcards 4 teaching vocabulary Flashcards 4 teaching vocabulary Presentation Transcript

  • Flashcards 4 Teaching Vocabulary Kuzmina Tatiana SU HSE Moscow
  • Kuzmina Tatiana - Teacher Profile • 2000 – now - run FCE/CAE/CPE classes • 2002 - now – Cambridge ESOL oral examiner • 2007- now – SU HSE; BI (Business Informatics) and SE (Software Engineers) • 2010, 30 April - Победитель конкурсов на создание и использование в учебном процессе оригинальных методических разработок (весна - 2010)
  • Overview • About flashcards (FCs) • FCs sites evaluation • Selection of some top FCs sites. From one site to another with trials • Some example FCs and FCs of HSE Ss on WIKI
  • What are flashcards? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A flashcard or flash card is any of a set of cards bearing information, as words or numbers, on either or both sides, used in classroom drills or in private study. One writes a question on a card and an answer overleaf. Flashcards can bear vocabulary, historical dates, formulas or any subject matter that can be learned via a question and answer format. Flashcards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization
  • What are flashcards for kids? Teaching Kids English Using Flash Cards: http://www.dreamenglish.com/howtousefla shcards
  • FCs sites evaluation Blog Free Technology for Teachers is written by Richard Byrne, a Google Certified Teacher, and read by a daily audience of more than 21,000 subscribers.
  • Selection of top 12: Key features Bookmarks Name/URL on Delicious/ Drawbacks Cramberry • simple interface 1049 1 • big public gallery of FCs http://cramberry.net/ • text only • printing sets as FCs or a list of •2-sided FCs terms • text only •need account • iPhone app. 2 Funnel Brain • 3 sided FCs with explanations 5566 (2) • big public gallery of FCs http://www.funnelbrain.com/ • text, images, audio (MP3),video • quizzez (T/F; multiple choice) • Social Networking features • plugins for • learning statistics video • need account • only Mp3- audio • iPhone app.
  • Key features Bookmarks Name/URL on Delicious/ Drawbacks Ediscio • simple interface 533 3 • big collection of FCs ‘cardboxes’ • text, images, audio (MP3), your http://www.ediscio.com/ video, ‘You Tube video’ formulas •Navigation (left • learning statistics sidebar) • word clouds with ‘problem words’ •Editing/deleting •need account • iPhone app. 4 Cobocards • video tutorial 995 •Big FCs ‘Pool’ http://www.cobocards.com/ • export/import function • good for Universities and Exams • text, images • printable PDF format • iPhone app.
  • Key features Bookmarks Name/URL on Delicious/ Drawbacks Flashcard DB • very simple interface 700 5 • text only http://flashcarddb.com/ • quiz (multiple choice) is created automatically • simple learning statistics •Text only • feedback • need account 6 Quizlet • simple interface 8606 (1) • five different ways of studying FCs http://quizlet.com/ (including a few exciting games) • big pool of public FCs • text and images (from Flickr) • No images from your PC • iPhone app. (only for Pro)
  • Key features Bookmarks Name/URL on Delicious/ Drawbacks Study Stack • simple interface 2284 (3) 7 • creating slides (images from Flickr) with text bubbles http://www.studystack.com/ • collection of ‘Stacks’, ‘Tables’, ‘Crossword puzzles’, ‘Matching games’, ‘Word • None searches’ and other classic study games: see here • need account 8 Knowtes • resource for finding of all kinds of 334 flashcards • big library of ready to use decks of FCs http://www.knowtes.com/ • downloadable FCs •
  • Study Stack options
  • Key features Bookmarks Name/URL on Delicious/ Drawbacks Muchobeets • very simple interface 221 9 • mostly good for High school Ss preparing http://www.muchobeets.com/ for SAT and similar exams • no registration • none 10 Flashcard Flash • search engine designed for one purpose, 249 helping you find sets of flashcards • built using Google Custom Search http://www.flashcardflash.com/ • searches major FC making sites • statistical graphs on visiting FCs sites • none
  • Flashcard Flash
  • Key features Bookmarks Name/URL on Delicious/ Drawbacks Flashcard Maker •From Brtish Council LearnEnglish No info 11 Parents Flashcards http://cambridgeenglishonline.co m/Flashcard_maker/ http://www.britishcouncil.org/ru/parents -flashcards.htm • print only A4 format • phonetic script • only • very simple interface drawings • big collection of FCs for kids and parents • no registration 12 •Pimpampum • Bubblr is designed for making cartoon 353 http://www.pimpampum.net/ strips • only Flickr images • Bubblr • creativity and fun http://www.pimpampum.net/bub •Only Flickr blr/?custom= • mostly Spanish 1. ‘Cat’s story’ – my strip for YLE themes http://www.pimpampum.net/bubblr/?id=22955 2. ‘Good luck’ – my strip about this presentation http://www.pimpampum.net/bub
  • FCs of HSE Ss on WIKI • http://kuzmina.pbworks.com/ • http://minatsict4ilt.wetpaint.com/
  • Contact information minats09@gmail.com Thank you…