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Magic Software is an educational technology company that partners with global publishers and eLearning content providers to build rich interactive content and technology applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Magic collaborates with partners to provide innovative futuristic solutions that integrate content, design and technology to foster, optimize and enhance digital learning.

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Magic software ppt

  1. 1. Magic Software is an educational technology company that partners with global publishers and eLearning content providers to build rich interactive content and technology applications for desktop, web, and mobile platforms.
  2. 2. k-12 Publishing eLearning Development Interactive eBooks Mobile Apps & GamesDigital Learning Products
  3. 3. K-12 PUBLISHING As digital learning invades more and more classrooms around the world and with students being increasingly allowed to bring their own devices to school, publishers are looking to convert the traditional textbooks to digital versions through digital publishing. In fact, digital textbooks will definitely help increase revenues for global publishers and we at Magic Software have good reason to innovate and incorporate the latest trends in digital publishing and ePub. Many publishers are going in for a cloud-based curriculum format that makes all course materials, which include eBooks, presentations, eAssessments and animation clips, available from any device with a browser. We help build these cross curricula learning resources for teaching 21st century students, making them available across browsers, platforms and devices.
  4. 4. Interactive eBooks With a focus on educational technology we at Magic Software, are excited about the world of Interactive eBooks and reinventing reading. So just what is an Interactive eBook? Is it more than an eBook? eBooks were the first to be produced to allow reading on devices such as the Kindle or iPad. With very limited interactivity, one can flip pages, search for content, highlight words, view a glossary, or play with font size and colors. These eBooks brought back the joy of reading to many. And how different is an eBook from an app? It is all about the formats. Apps are mostly native iOS or Android software whereas eBooks are documents of a particular format following the open standards ePUB and .mobi (Mobipocket). Simple eBooks can be distinguished from Interactive eBooks or enhanced eBooks where the format used is ePUB3 or KF8 (Kindle Format 8). The IeBook using ePUB3 is a new digital publication standard that allows easy integration of video, audio and interactivity.
  5. 5. eLearningDevelopment Magic Software is an educational technology company partnering with the world’s leading publishers, education content providers, and training companies to build rich interactive internet applications and digital media products. Collaborating with our partners, we provide innovative, award-winning solutions that integrate content, design, and technology to foster, optimize and enhance digital learning. Keeping in mind the rapidly changing face of educational technology we ensure our partners stay at the forefront of it. The rich media products we create motivate, inspire and engage learners and empower teachers to take learning to the next level on their terms and devices!
  6. 6. Mobile Apps & Games 2011 marked a giant leap for educational technology with smartphones and tablets entering the world of learning in a big way. Mobile Apps and games are a refreshing new way of learning and more than one million mobile Apps were developed last year; and the number keeps increasing every day. Children spend more and more time accessing mobile games and apps on smartphones and tablets and it is here that publishers see an opportunity to make inroads. Learn while you play – withApps and games for mobiles and tablets. Keeping in mind the revolution that smartphones and tablets are bringing about in education, we at Magic Software (India) develop a range of engaging and entertaining mobile and tablet Apps that can be used for K12, professional and corporate learning. We have also developed a range of educational games with amazing graphics and great mechanics, for our business partners that can be accessed on not just smartphones and tablets but can also be used on interactive whiteboards in the classroom! Many of these are built using Magic’s proprietary platforms.
  7. 7. Digital Learning Products With learning having moved out of the traditional chalk and talk to anywhere-anytime, new-media digital learning, the buzz with publishers, learning companies and educational content providers is to create engaging digital learning products that work on smartphones, tablets and PCs across platforms and browsers. An overwhelming majority of teachers and parents believe that if anything at all, it is digital media that has the potential to rapidly change the way children learn. It has made education far more interactive, engaging and customizable to meet the requirements of every kind of student. At the same time it is digital learning that provides a fresh vision of learning, bringing education within reach of a much larger audience through web-based online learning. Magic Software, (India) partners with educational technology companies around the globe to build rich interactive content and digital applications that help learners learn better and teachers teach better. At Magic we believe that the real worth of educational technology lies in making a difference in the lives of learners and along with the products we build for our business partners we also offer a range of smart, integrated digital solutions – eBook readers and platforms, authoring platforms, DRM solutions and a range of mobile and tablet solutions – that can be licensed to build their own digital products.
  8. 8. CONTACT USINDIA DEVELOPMENT CENTER9th & 10th Floor, Tower C, Tech BoulevardPlot No 6, Sector 127Noida-201 301 (Near Delhi) INDIAPhone: +91.120.3054.300Fax: +91.120.3054.599Email: