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Presentation good news radio


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  • 1. CreateYour Radio Good News 4 ME
  • 2. Internet Radio for the Middle EastHe  Run a radio service that can reach the 45 Million internet users in MENA  Own multiple stations for 1/10th of the cost of running one FM station and with 5 times more reach  Brand your stations and enable your products individually or collectively  Target your advertising per area, per demographic, and more
  • 3. Become a Good News Radio Partner For the technology:  Good News is the official partner of inHe the Middle East & North Africa  is one of the biggest internet radio station aggregators, over 10,000 registered stations on their domain  has the most advanced/comprehensive Internet Radio technology services  Good News will offer you the a one-stop-shop for all the necessary tools to setup your station(s)  Broadcasting tools, hosting & streaming, player interfaces, content library, registration & subscription, commercial transactions, advanced ad insertion, analytics & usage data broadcast hosting player content registration tools streaming interfaces library subscription commerce ad royalty user transaction insertion tracking data
  • 4. Become a GoodNews Radio Partner For the distribution Get listed on Live365 ME  Good News has it’s regional-listing website, Live365 Middle East. Become a partner & get featured/listed on this popular-to-be directory
  • 5. Become a GoodNews Radio Partner For the distribution Live365-international listing  Become a radio partner with Good News and get your station(s) listed on that already get’s 60 million page views per month
  • 6. Become a GoodNews Radio Partner For the distribution Events & Competitions  Good News is executing major radio competitions on a regional level that are going to have a lot of propaganda around it. Become a radio partner with Good News and benefit from the exposure and brand association. (A separate document for planned events is attached) iTunes Listing  Become a radio partner with Good News and get your staion(s) listed on the iTunes radio directory
  • 7. Become a Good News Radio Partner For the branding  Own your branded radio player(s) & radio widget(s),He  Embed your branded player on your websites and emphasis your brand or a current campaign  Embed your branded widgets in partner websites, forums, blogs, facebook, etc, and spread your music and brand across the Branded Players Branded Widgets
  • 8. Be Among the First Brand your own website and make radio integral in it’s offeringAn example is Toyota that has one of its sub-brands, Scion, own a radio website with 17radio channels promoting a youthful image through hip and cool music genres
  • 9. Be Among the First and enjoy the advantages of Internet Radio through Good News’s Live365 ME Featured Station Featured ShowAn example is Toyota that has one of its sub-brands, Scion, own a radio website with 17radio channels promoting a youthful image through hip and cool music genres
  • 10. Be Among the First and own your branded page on live365 MEBranded Player
  • 11. Become a Good News Radio Partner For the future  Internet Radio Outside the ComputerHe  Become a radio partner and see your stations branded and available on mobile through the already available Mobile Radio Software  Become a radio partner and see your stations available on home entertainment systems and in cars Home Systems Internet Enabled In Car Internet
  • 12. Our Services Standard1.1 Streaming & HostingHosting of audio content, and streaming technology will be provided for broadcasters1.2 Broadcasting Tools & SoftwareAll broadcasting tools & software will be provided to the broadcaster; this includes but not limited to:• Live365’s APIs, Studio365 Live and Studio365 Basic• Live365 channel management through web interface1.3 Ad Insertion• Advanced audio ad insertion: Targeted ads• Standard Google AdSense module for monitoring standard web ads: banners, text ads, search ads, etc.1.4 Analytics & Usage DataMonitoring tracks’ performance on radio station(s) and tracking traffic on broadcaster’s page on Live365 ME,• Live365 tracking tools to follow up on station performance (per track)• Standard Google Analytics account to track traffic on broadcasters page on Live365 ME1.5 Live365 Middle EastGood News is going to run Live365 Middle East (ME) on which the following is going to be offered:• Broadcasters branded page on Live365 ME• Station featuring on Live365 ME homepage• Current-Show featuring on Live365 ME
  • 13. Our Services Advanced1.6 Online CampaignsGood News 4 Me is a Online Advertising agency capable of running full fledged online campaigns to promote theclient’s internet radio channels• Design & implement Google AdWords Campaigns• Design & implement Facebook Campaigns1.7 Station OperationsGood News offers operation services to fully run radio station(s) of it’s clients• Creating & managing playlists• Managing Ads and traffic• Creating & managing voice over’s and promos and inserting them in the stations’ streams• Designing & implementing the clients web interface; includes branded players, widgets, and web page1.8 Mobile & Radio Hardware Services (IP Radio)Good News offers its clients the ability to be heard through mobile devices and home entertainment systems:• Listing on Live365 Mobile Software: iPhone, Windows Mobile, & Blackberry• Dedicated/branded mobile application: iPhone, Symbian (Nokia), & Blackberry• Availability on IP Radio: Sony, Phillips & D-Link
  • 14. Our Packages1. Broadcasting Packages: Includes services 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 Basic Silver Gold Simultaneous Listeners* 500 750 1,500 Listing on iTunes - - Yes* SL: Simultaneous Listeners; the maximum number of simultaneous listeners the channel canhandle2. Live365 ME Services: Service 1.5 Basic Silver Gold Partners page on Live365ME Yes Yes Yes Station featuring on Live365 - - 1/day ME homepage for 2 hours Show featuring on Live365 ME homepage for show - 1 show/day 2 shows /day duration3. Pricing Basic Silver Gold Monthly Fees $500 $750 $1,750
  • 15. Our Packages4. Channel Promotion Packages: Service 1.6 GN4me’s Fees Google Adwords 20% of total Campaign’s Budget Facebook Campaign 20% of total Campaign’s Budget5. Station(s) Operation & IP Radio Services : Services 1.7 & 1.8Pricing is according to clients requirements