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Grow Your Business Using the Power of the Internet
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Grow Your Business Using the Power of the Internet



Discover how to grow your business using the power of the internet. This is a presentation for business owners who want to learn to harness the massive marketing power of the internet and grow their ...

Discover how to grow your business using the power of the internet. This is a presentation for business owners who want to learn to harness the massive marketing power of the internet and grow their business the right way. This is not a technical guide, but rather a business resource to help people get on track and stay focused on what's important in growing their business.



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Grow Your Business Using the Power of the Internet Grow Your Business Using the Power of the Internet Presentation Transcript

  • Grow Your Business Using the Power of the Internet Jeffrey M. Mims Mims Innovations, Inc. Hunt Valley, MD 21030 USA © 2009 Mims Innovations, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • Objectives
    • Share real information you can use to grow your business NOW.
    • Help overcome fear and instability related to the current recession.
    • Provide methods to leverage the awesome marketing power of the Internet in your Business.
  • Who Is This For?
    • Business Owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Those Starting a New Business
    • Executive Managers
    • Internet Marketers
    • Varying Levels of Internet/Technical Expertise
  • Who Am I?
    • Business Coach
    • Internet Consultant: SEO, Web Development, Online Advertising, E-Commerce
    • Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur – Mostly Fitness Industry
  • Background Overview
    • Software Development in the 1980s on Apple, Commodore, and the first IBM PCs
    • Started Developing Web Sites in 1994
    • Ran Several Businesses (1993-Present), including Management Consulting, IT Consulting, Hosted Online Services, IT Product Sales (Offline & Online)
    • Consulted with over 100 Companies from Fortune 50 to startups
    • Sold IT Business in 2006 and Started Working as a Full Time Independent Internet Marketer
    • Started Doing Limited SEO and Internet Business Consulting (by request) in 2007
    • Started Coaching Internet Business Owners in 2007
  • Haven’t I Heard This Before?
    • This information is for virtually all types of online and offline businesses.
    • This is NOT a technical discussion on how to implement internet strategies.
    • You may have heard some of these things before… and that’s good. Chances are very high you need to hear them again.
    • Time to act instead of just listening.
  • The Excuses Many people come up with excuses as to why these strategies won’t work for them or their business. I want to address the excuses and dispel the myths before they even come up. Is your business really that different from other businesses?
  • Excuses & Myths
    • Local Business – Can’t Justify Internet Investment
    • Retail Business Requires In-Person Sales
    • Owner Not Technical Enough
    • Target Market Not Online
    • People Are Afraid to Buy or Submit Identity Online
    • My Business is Different
    • I’ve Tried Before & Failed
    • I Expose Myself to Additional Risk Online
  • Inspiration! I let success go to my head… I stopped learning for a time because I thought I was too busy (I learned the hard way). I realized I was making the same excuses as other business owners. I made several multi-million dollar mistakes. I often had so many ideas I lost track of what was most important. After helping so many other business owners get on track, I was able to do the same for myself. I saw the tremendous value in coaching and found a new perspective on business management.
  • Forget Excuses The Time to Grow is NOW
  • I’m Worried About You
  • Key Reason for Failure… MARGIN
  • Margin Low Margin = High Risk High Margin = Lower Risk Successful high margin businesses have more differentiation and long-term value. They are more than just a customer list, provider credentials, or a product patent.
  • Other Reasons
    • Bad Business…
      • Over-leveraged assets
      • Inadequate cash flow/credit
      • Loss of focus
  • More Bad News
    • Between
    • One-Half and Two-Thirds
    • Of All Businesses Will Fail
    • Within Five Years
    • According to the SBA
  • SBA Reasons for Failure
    • Lack of experience
    • Insufficient capital
    • Poor location
    • Poor inventory management
    • Over-investment in fixed assets
    • Poor credit arrangements
    • Personal use of business funds
    • Unexpected growth 
  • Real Reasons…
    • Lack of focus, strategy, employee management, & poor time management
    • Not enough leads, low quality leads, single lead source (no diversity)
    • Poor conversion of leads to customers (inability to close sales)
    • Not enough attention on your current customers. Not collecting enough information, and not selling them ALL of the things they want (upsells, cross sells and ongoing sales)
    • Overspending, undercharging, poor financial management
  • Risk Acceptance of Risk is a Major Factor in Businesses that Fail. If you don’t take risks in business… … you will fail. If you take too many risks in business… … you will fail.
  • What’s the Secret? The Secret is… TESTING The Internet is an excellent place to test marketing campaigns and assess consumer attitude because you can track all metrics through the entire sales process.
  • Embrace Failure… WHAT?!?! If you aren’t failing, you aren’t pushing your business as far as it can go.
  • Example You Are Desperate to Sell More Widgets… Newspaper Ad Radio Spot Television Commercial
  • Example Congratulations… You sell 10% more widgets… Now what?
  • Example
    • Did you track each ads performance individually (direct response)?
    • Which campaigns were profitable?
    • Adjust, repeat, and measure again…
    • When you fail here, you pay big money
    • If you don’t track, you get NOTHING for your advertising investment
  • Internet Advertising
    • Pay Only When People Visit (PPC) or Buy (CPA)
    • Can Track Metrics and Adjust Daily
    • Track Sales to the Lead Source
    • Create Leads for Online & Offline Campaigns
    • Capture Contact Information to Continue Communication
      • It often takes 5-7 communications to sell to a customer
    • Automatically Up-sell and Cross-sell Online
    • Determine Exact Placements for Ads or Let it Run Everywhere
    • Create Advertising Partnerships
  • But Wait… There’s More
    • Research & Survey Markets Online
    • Run Test Promotions with Limited Budget
    • Experiment with Pricing
    • Experiment with Offer Combinations
    • Survey Customers to Determine Their Needs & Desires
    • Use Video so Customers Become Comfortable with You
    • Educate your Customers without Spending Time Per Customer
    • Make More Money By Referring Customers to Affiliate Programs or Incorporating Relevant Advertising
  • Building Cash Machines I Grow Internet-Based Cash Machines for My Clients
  • The Cash Process Science Behind Making More Money
  • The Cash Process
    • Find a Viable Market (within your business area)
    • Identify the Needs of that Market
    • Create an Offer for that Market
    • Test the Offer
    • Measure the Results
    • Adjust Until Profitable
    • Adjust Until it Stops Growing
    • Lather… Rinse… Repeat…
  • Web Sites
    • Web Sites are clearly the Core of Internet Marketing
    • Lots of Companies Can Build a Web Site
    • It Takes Special Business Skill to Build a Company (with a Web Site or any other way)
    • Building a Web Site will not Build a Business
  • Web Sites In and of themselves, Web Sites Do Nothing to Grow a Business
  • What Builds Businesses? PROFIT Profit should be the primary measure of the success of your business. This is not to say you need to forsake integrity and customer service. That all plays into building profit.
  • Beyond Web Sites
    • Traffic (Segregated)
    • Interaction & Communication
    • Conversion
    • Automation
  • Beyond Web Sites
    • Traffic
      • SEO (Organic Search Engine Ranking)
      • Paid Advertising
      • Social Media
    • Not Just Any Traffic
      • Target Market
      • Target Demographic
      • Using Keywords that Indicate Buying Intention
      • Originating from Relevant Sites
  • Beyond Web Sites
    • Interaction/Communication - Retention/Interest
      • Email Lists
      • Teleseminars/Online Meetings
      • On-site Social Media Elements
        • Forums
        • Ratings/Rankings/Reviews
        • Blogs (comments)
      • Off-site Social Media Elements
        • Facebook, Myspace, etc…
        • Video Sites (YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, …)
        • Content Sharing (HubPages, Squidoo, …)
        • Social Bookmarking (Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit)
  • Beyond Web Sites
    • Conversions
      • Leads (for offline sales)
      • Opt-Ins
      • Direct Sales
      • Up-Sells
      • Continuity Sales (recurring)
  • Beyond Web Sites
    • Automation
      • Reduce Staffing (business processes)
      • Outsource Staffing (less overhead/cost)
      • Reporting – Instant Analytics & Metrics
      • Integration – Accounting, Inventory, etc.
      • Payment Collection
      • Quickly Scalable – Handle Growth
  • Cooking Up More Money Combine them all in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir until profitable.
  • The Possibilities Are Endless There are dozens of ways you could use the power of the internet in your company to grow... Right now. You would almost assuredly make more money if you use these methods.
  • Upside-Down Priorities A large percentage of companies are created Backward Products are designed and services are offered before the market needs and desires are assessed. The coolest product in the world is very hard to sell without an existing market . Very few small businesses have the resources to create a market for their products.
  • Chasing Money…
    • Build campaigns that bring customers to you.
    • When you chase money, you lose focus.
    • Be proactive.
    • React only as a last resort.
    • Raise value, don’t lower prices.
  • Market Analysis Analyzing and researching markets is far cheaper using the Internet
  • Internet Market Analysis
    • Keyword analysis can determine the traffic available and the intentions of the market
    • Online trend information can be used to find red-hot areas of interest
    • Social media can be used to assess public opinion and get a feel for the market (even tiny niches)
    • Spy tools can be utilized to see what the competition is doing, how they are advertising, and how much they are spending
  • So, What’s Your Excuse?
  • Entrepreneur’s Enemy Possibility is the greatest asset and yet the greatest enemy of an entrepreneur… With such a vast potential for new business ideas or ways to promote a business, business owners often lose track of what’s most important to success. Without focus businesses only grow through luck.
  • How Can You Stay Focused? Business Coaching
  • Business Coaching
    • Keeps you focused on what’s most important
    • Allows you to talk through problems
    • Helps with direction
    • Offers outside perspectives
    • Points you to valuable resources
  • Many Coaching Programs…
    • Are group sessions with little to no individual attention
    • Don’t provide enough time for a business owner to get through all the issues
    • Provide motivation without specific action steps
  • Coaching with Jeff Mims
    • Private, One-on-One Sessions
    • Plenty of time for each session, plus additional “crisis” sessions included
    • Specific emphasis on growing your business using the internet, technology, and creative marketing
    • Guaranteed to grow your business
  • Coaching Packages
    • Various packages available
    • Best results with a one-year commitment
    • Goal is for you to double your business
    • $20,000 growth guarantee for business owners
    • Annual retainer clients get 100 hours of basic web services for free
  • Coaching Packages
    • No risk – Money back guarantee
    • Performance guaranteed for annual clients
    • Significant discount for web and internet marketing services (including SEO)
    • Strictly limited number of spots insures ample attention
    • Prospective clients must be approved
  • Annual Coaching
    • One coaching session (one-hour) per week
    • One crisis session (one-hour) per month
    • Basic web services – 100 hours total
    • Discount of 20% off standard rates for additional work
  • Annual Coaching Guaranteed Earnings Growth $20,000 20% Discount on Additional Services $24,000 Total $8,500 100 Bonus Internet/Web Services $3,000 12 Monthly Crisis Telephone Coaching $13,000 52 Weekly Telephone Coaching Cost Sessions Includes
  • Annual Coaching Special Sign-up before Feb 1, 2009 and this package is only… $9997 Double your Investment GUARANTEED You could easily sell the included technical services for $100/hour and make the coaching FREE Retainer-based. You can quit anytime.
  • Other Coaching Options
    • Same Coaching, Less Commitment…
    • Semi-Annual
    • Monthly
    • Limited Annual (12 sessions)
    • Single Session
    • Half Sessions
  • Do-It-Yourself Business Growth
    • Formula Five – Business Growth Program
    • Margin Magnifier
    • Sales Stackers
    • Lead Landslide
    • Conversion Control
    • Turbo Thruster
  • Formula Five Free Example
    • Learn how to revive dead customers in minutes
    • Learn how to increase your margins by boosting the perceived value of your offers
  • Try Formula Five www.mimsin.com/F5 (MyFormulaFive.com) Watch the Videos Use the Techniques Double your Business Get Free Coaching with Me
  • Web Presence Build a Powerful Web Presence… That grows businesses. WebPresencePower.com Custom packages and solutions.
  • Thanks for Attending
    • Special Gifts – Choose One
    • Three Months SMB Builder Service
    • Full Web Assessment
    • One Hour Coaching Session
    • Single Page Web Optimization & Consultation for $99
    • Email me with your choice at:
    • [email_address]
  • SMB Builder Opens Feb 1, 2009 Step-by-Step, Brick-by-Brick Methodology for Growing your Business Every 1-2 weeks you’ll receive a new SMB Builder’s Package Each one of these is a concise singular method you can use to grow your business in as little as two hours.
  • Internet Power Guide - Free WebPresenceSuccess.com
  • Questions?
  • Contact Me Jeffrey M. Mims Mims Innovations, Inc. Email: [email_address] AIM: JeffreyMims Phone: 888-859-8179 Coaching Information/Application: www.WebPresenceSuccess.com
  • Thank You!