Modern Marketing & Sales Insight Report


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Report on Marketing in the modern world for small business owners & managing directors of SMEs.

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Modern Marketing & Sales Insight Report

  1. 1. Modern Marketing & Sales Insight Report Marketing & Sales Success Solutions for Small & Medium Business in 2008 mimosaPLANET TM +64 9 929 3055 | |
  2. 2. Introduction: The Common Philosophy & Simple Solution: · Increase spending in what we know works from the past (or in others Most small business owners have a very simple words, often what has got us to where we are today). desire. It s hard wired to their personality, it s the reason they are working for themselves and not someone else, and it s what makes 10% of the · Say yes more often to sales reps and account excs prospecting for population tick. The desire to make your own way, selling advertising in directories, magazines, newspapers, and all to create a lifestyle of your own choice for you and manner of media. your family, to have the freedom to go on holiday, to take the day off, to give your kids everything · Implement ideas/strategies that are heard, seen, used or promoted by they need. business contacts, other businesses, marketing specialists at the top of this list include (eMail marketing, print newsletters, promotional products, etc ). At mimosa we ve linked this desire to our core business purpose; to help people achieve what they want. This is embodied in our company For every complex problem there is invariably a simple solution which is Vision; invariably wrong Lady Mary Wortley Montagu Freedom of choice for business owners across the Why The Common Philosophy Doesn t Work? globe, through knowledge and actions An independent marketing strategy may work really well or it may not work at In the short term it can be, for the most part, all this is because each supplier (specialist marketing services provider, media boiled down to one instant desire from 90% of company, advertising agency, or media buying agency) have their own area of small business owners speciality. This means they can be the best in the world at what it is that they do but if they do not have a full and deep grasp of how to blend together all the marketing strategies, sales processes, and customer experiences you and your The Desired Outcome: business are doing then all the actions that you do will not form a fully integrated and fluid system that produces magnified results. Increased Profits, which leads to lifestyle choices and freedom, i.e. Let s not forget each of these suppliers have their own agenda, and use metrics that support that agenda; · A Lifestyle upgrade; (Bigger Home, Bigger Holiday Home, Better Car, Better Boat, · media companies want to sell advertising space so use audience size as More Holidays, Kids Education). the all impressive metric, but a potential audience of 500,000 for the daily newspaper is not a wise metric for business owners who have · Reduced Working Hours; through a Self become new marketing smart audience size matters little compared Managed Team or employing a General to number of enquiries received and converted to sales. Manager. · Specialist marketing service providers like eMail marketing companies, · Financial Security; Maximise the Value of graphic designers, copywriters, web designers are all needed by the Business for Sale. business owners in today s world but each is understandably interested in promoting their service, so it is left to business owners, The Simple Answer: CEOs or sometimes Sales Managers, in the lack of having the luxury of a new marketing smart full time CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Increase Marketing & Sales effort and spend, employee as part of the team, to be able to in the first instance to boosting results, lifting revenue and in turn net know enough to select the best strategies to use and which profit. professionals to get on board to help. Then the business owner somehow has to blend all of these independent strategies together to make sure that the combined effect of many is much greater than the The Current Environment: single effect of one. All too often business owners simply do not have the time and expertise to pull this off. So results suffer. A sea of same-same or like businesses and a world of ever increasing consumer choice, These metrics are not your business ultimate metrics of new enquiries, interactivity, community and power, all unfolding conversion rates, repeat business, revenue, and net profit. New Marketing in a dramatically changing landscape of Media Smart understands something 99% of business people don t; the fact that the fragmentation. environment has changed so to thrive in this new environment a new approach and a new solution is required. Those that ignore this will simply get overtaken. mimosaPLANET TM +64 9 929 3055 | |
  3. 3. The Solution: audience experience for fill the brand values and promise. This business development specialist requires this unique set of capabilities to drive results for the business all without draining valuable hours from business owner or CEO. The integration and organisation of marketing and sales into a system that blends; What Are The Options? · Creativity · Innovation You have only two options for bold success, either; · Return on Investment (ROI) metrics · Technology, (and) · A You hire a new Chief Marketing Officer with all these skills to have · People Engagement in-house development and organisation at a cost over $100,000pa for salary alone. Great if your organisation has the funds (and the from a range of specialist suppliers that include; knowledge to select a CMO with new marketing smart capability), but for many this would take up valuable funds set aside to invest in actual marketing and sales strategies, if not more than the whole budget. · Brand specialists · Graphic designers · B You invest in a Business Development Specialist to Analyse, Select, · Web designers Design, Plan, Create, Project Manage, Recommend, Implement, Train, · Copywriters and Report on a Integrated Marketing and Sales System in your · Technology providers business. All tailored to your budget. · Software platforms · Market researchers · Search Engine Optimisation specialists How mimosaPLANET has Reacted To Resolve This: · Mail-houses · Printers It became clear to us that no one was really addressing this issue, the knowledge · And many more is not out there or those that did see a challenge are ignoring it. At mimosaPLANETTM the core of our practice has been business advisory or The Paradox: coaching. While we feel this is a great solution for many, others have wanted something different. They are right. Because of the complexity of this Modern Marketing & Sales issue, the regular philosophy of building knowledge, regular While supplier specialisation should increase goal setting and accountability that coaching brings, is hugely valuable, but in responsiveness, effectiveness and results it greatly isolation without hands on outside assistance can we really expect a business increases the complexity of orchestrating relevant owner to become a new marketing smart CMO? communications and experiences to each audience, group of audiences and most importantly individuals. It becomes almost After talking with many business owners, CEOs and managers it became clear overwhelmingly difficult to make sense of, keep the solution for many people is business development services. Rather than track of, and select. transfer the knowledge to the business owner, and expect them to find time to learn and then execute an ongoing successful Integrated Marketing & Sales Who Are We Looking For To Make This Work? System, business development services just do it for the business owner and keep them informed and involved as required. A mimosaPLANETTM Business Development Specialist will design and plan a unique and specific system for Selecting where to invest a limited marketing your business, then project manage mimosaTRUSTED SUPPLIERSTM and budget and being able to report accurate metrics mimosaPARTNERSTM in consulting and technology to get your system up and for maximum ROI requires a new class of highly running and delivering you results. We ve done the hard work in this area capable executive. A marketing and sales discovering which strategies, businesses, technologies, software, and people to development specialist is required to work with use for what industries, business types and objectives. Take advantage the business owner to build a specific model and platform for growth. Engagement Options: This specialist needs to select the right mix of mimosaPLANETTM Business Development Services; media positioning and marketing strategies and blend the art of creativity, design and innovation a) A one-off Consulting Project to setup a custom Integrated with the science of ROI metrics and technology Business System, (and/or) process design to be successful. Furthermore the human element must be engaged, we are talking b) Ongoing Fixed Price Monthly Assistance Programs about the team who will be ultimately running this blend, this Integrated Marketing & Sales System. The team will need to be fully engaged in this system to make each customer, prospect and mimosaPLANET TM +64 9 929 3055 | |
  4. 4. About the Author: James Cooper is the founder and CEO of mimosaPLANETTM. He is a business advisor/coach and business development specialist, providing business owners with the knowledge and tools to help them increase profit and reduce the hours they work for the reward they get. About mimosaPLANET: mimosaPLANETTM is a unique provider of Business Development & Growth Services, enabling small business owners to get better results for their business, which means increased profit and more free time. Through mimosaPLANETTM s services, and our key strategic specialist partners, we advise, coach, consult, train, design, plan, create, project manage and implement proven principles, methods, strategies and tactics to deliver change that is beyond simple improvements. Our Services: · Business Development Services Fixed Hours Monthly Consulting Packages · Business Development Services Full Integrated Business Systems (Consulting Implementation Projects) · Business Advisory Services Advisory Programmes · Marketing Services Full Range of Services with Partners · Team Training In-house Workshops (Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Team, Custom) Check us out online today and get your free small business growth kit... TM TM TM TM TM TM mimosaPLANET , mimosaCOACHING , mimosaSYSTEMS , mimosaBDM , mimosaADVISER , mimosa , developing business to succeedTM, grow your business and have a lifeTM, are trademarks of mimosaPLANET Ltd or its subsidiaries in New Zealand and other jurisdictions. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective companies. © 2008 mimosaPLANET Ltd. All rights reserved. DISCLAIMER: The advice and tips in this document are advisory. The recipient of this document shall bear the sole responsibility for the use and implementation of the data. The recipient shall forever indemnify and hold harmless Mimosa Planet Limited and/or contributors to the data from and against any loss, cost or expense resulting from the recipients activities related to the subject matter in this document. The data is not intended to replace your business & investment advisors, and Mimosa Planet Limited takes no responsibility for any representations made by any contributing companies regarding the data provided. Mimosa Planet Limited shall not be liable or responsible for the incidental or consequential damage in connection with or arising out of the use of data and programs supplied in this document. The recipient of this document shall ascertain the suitability of this data for their purpose. Computer virus and scanning software is used by Mimosa Planet Limited to prevent file and system computer attacks. The recipient of this document shall be responsible for their own virus protection and Mimosa Planet Limited shall not be held liable for any possible subsequent damages. mimosaPLANET TM +64 9 929 3055 | |