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Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company
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Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company


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  • 1. Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company
    Presented by: Mimi Morehead
  • 2.
  • 3. What is Soul Purpose?
    Soul Purpose is a socially-responsible direct selling company that will redefine empowerment in support of fulfilling individual purpose and vision through the marketing of exquisite, quality products illuminating body, beauty, style and spirit—one person at a time!
  • 4. The Soul Purpose Mission
    Through the development and marketing of highly differentiated, natural and botanically based beauty and wellness products, Soul Purpose is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources to empower people (with a focus on African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women).
    Our goal is to help entrepreneurs launch and sustain viable socially-responsible businesses that will create wealth, stimulate growth and revitalize minority and other communities across the country and globally.
  • 5. Soul Purpose CEO and FounderA True VisionaryNadine A. Thompson
    For the past 10 years, Nadine Thompson had devoted her life to the empowerment of others, then realized that she herself was not empowered. After a dispute with her business partner, Nadine decided that it was time for her to spread her wings and start her own network marketing company.
    Nadine partnered with an already established global network marketing company (Youngevity) that had a track record for success and officially launched Soul Purpose on March 18, 2008. From that point, in less than a year she made $1,000,000 in sales!
    With her passion for product creation, Nadine has developed over 150 products that will be launched over the next few years.
  • 6. Soul Purpose Objectives
    Be a leader in the development of health, beauty and personal care products in the U.S.
    Foster and support entrepreneurial opportunities through the provision of a direct sales distribution network
    Be a socially-responsible company whose commitment to social values pervades the entire organization, from product design and manufacturing to product delivery
    Create a “green company” from the ground up
    Begin with our product line which will be natural, botanically-based, organic, as well as sulfate and paraben free
    Partner with many members of the socially-responsible business community to provide a wide variety of goods and services to help us meet our core objectives
  • 7. Nadine’s Vision
    To inspire and empower entrepreneurs to realize their purpose, who in turn will do the same for others. Together we can all contribute to a better world!
    Awards and Acknowledgements
    Onyx Woman Economic Empowerment Award
    Global Diversity Network Trailblazer Award
    The Los Angeles Black Expo, Madam CJ Walker Award for Leadership and Entrepreneurship
    The Rhode Island House of Representatives Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (2006)
    Black Enterprise Magazine’s Emerging Company of the Year (2006)
    Featured Sister2Sister Magazine (January 2009)
  • 8. The Products
    Innovation bath and body products with elegant and distinctive fragrances
    Organically inspired skin care products for both women and men. Organic earth minerals for a natural approach to beauty cosmetics
    Soft silk throws handcrafted in India, and organic teas from Vietnam; organic wild-crafted honey from West Africa
    Journals, soy candles, inspirational music, books and tapes—a holistic line that addresses all aspects of beauty from the inside out
  • 9. Why Soul Purpose?
    A Presentation of
  • 10. Why I Chose Soul Purpose
    Supplemental income/Right now money
    Save for my children’s future
    Help my spouse
    Reduce my debt
    Take a REAL vacation
    Give to church and charity
    Home-based business tax benefits
    Ground floor opportunity (unlike Mary Kay or Avon)
  • 11. Wellness and Network Marketing
    We are definitely positioned to take advantage of both of these industries. Our company is a green company and we offer products that are good for people. Economic advisor Paul Zane Pilzer says that “the wellness industry is slated to be the next trillion dollar industry and that those involved in it will have the opportunity to tap into that trillion.”
    How about tapping into just a quarter of that market! Well, with having your very own Soul Purpose business, you can do just that!
  • 12. A Green Company With A Future
    A product line that is naturally and botanically based. Sulfate and paraben-free. Soul Purpose uses recycled paper, vegetable-based inks and has a recycle program for all of the product containers.
    The future for Soul Purpose is bright. We are accepting new Lifestyle Consultants from all walks of life, women and men.
    What you can expect is to be positioned to take part in a National and International expansion, as well as the introduction of hundreds of products during the next 2 years.
    So now is the time to join! In addition, we plan to break ground in more markets (Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ghana, Caribbean) in the next 12-18 months
  • 13. Benefits of Direct Selling
    Own your own business for a nominal start-up cost
    Market incredible products already developed and beautifully packaged
    Promote your business using literature and business tools already designed and written for you
    Access support from esteemed Soul Purpose leaders/coaches
    Participate in Prosperity Tuesday Night training from the comfort of your home via conference call
    Attend local, regional, and national events which all have a component of training and development
    Receive RECOGNITION for your accomplishments as you learn, grow, and achieve success!
  • 14. Benefits cont’d…
    Participate in a financially-rewarding income plan that allows you to earn RIGHT NOW cash and LONG TERM residual income
    More Americans have purchased through direct selling than TV or online sales
    Direct sales is a multi-BILLION dollar industry and GROWING!
    Many people start part-time and later leave their other careers as their business becomes more lucrative
    Is your Soul Purpose to leave your 9-5 J.O.B. (Journey of the Broke)?
  • 15. How to Get PAID!
    There are 7 pay streams :
    Retail profits 20-30%
    Personal purchase rebates 3-10%
    Level Overrides—Pays 6 levels 6-8%
    Quick Start Bonuses 30% weekly
    Leadership Infinity Bonuses 2%
    Dream Bonuses $600, $800, to $1000 per month
    Global Revenue Sharing pool of ½ of 1% of company profits
  • 16. 4 Stages of Growth
    FOUNDATION—Just getting started
    CONCENTRATION—The first 2-5 years
    MOMENTUM—Straight upward growth
    STABILITY—Fast growth declines, but very strong sales, in most cases reaching into the multi-MILLIONS!
    Imagine yourself already being on board with Soul Purpose during these four stages!
  • 17. Come to Soul Purpose
    Conquer FEAR! To dream anything that you want to dream. That is the beauty of the human mind. To do anything that you want to do. That is the strength of the human will. To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.
    Tough times call for you to make a change in your life. Dare to be different! Accept the challenge and join Soul Purpose today!
  • 18. How to get started
    Contact the entrepreneur who sent you this presentation
    The enrollment fee is only $35 plus tax (so about $44)
    You will receive your entrepreneur ID #, access to your website, and all the documents necessary to get started, and a gorgeous Soul Purpose tote bag.
    You DO NOT have to purchase inventory, however it would be wise to get a SUCCESS PACK so you have product to sample on potential customers.
    There are 2 Success Packs right now. One is $125 and the other is $300 (Prosperity Pack). You have the option to customize your first order.
    Less than $500 to start your own business!
  • 19. Success Packs
    $125 Success Pack
    Journey of the Senses perfume collection (9 perfume solids)
    Loving Hands products (hand wash, polish, and lotion)
    Brazilian Jackfruit soy candle
    Remede Therapeutic Salve
    Retail Value of $202
    $300 Prosperity Success Pack
    All items in the $125 pack plus:
    Foot Care products (soak, scrub, cream, spray)
    Haitian Vetivert Pepper (candle, shower gel, lotion, custard, and balm)
    Fruit and Passion boxed collection
    Retail Value of $427
  • 20. Lifestyle Party & Host Guide
    Outlines all aspects of the Lifestyle Party and Host Program to help Entrepreneurs host successful parties and build their businesses
    Enhanced Hostess Program
    Hostess Coaching
    Processing Guidelines
    Customer Follow-up
    Lifestyle Pre-Party timeline
    Games, Checklists, and more!
  • 21. Are You In?
    Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company has one of the best compensation plans in the industry! This is a life-changing, money-earning industry. With this type of opportunity, there are usually 3 types of people:
    Those who get in the game and play.
    Those who sit on the sidelines and watch.
    Those who look up confused wondering what happened.
  • 22. Make A Decision
    At the end of the day YOU are responsible for your own actions and your own future and once you make a decision, you are going to say either one of two things:
    I am SO happy I joined Soul Purpose right after that presentation!
    I wish I HAD joined Soul Purpose right after that presentation!
    If you decide to join, we welcome you with open arms. If not, then we would love to have you as a customer! We would also love for you to refer others to our company and products! Be sure to contact the Lifestyle entrepreneur who sent you this presentation and let her know what you have decided!
  • 23. Services I offer:
    As a Soul Purpose Lifestyle Entrepreneur, I have the privilege to customize my business to best fit your needs. Here are some of my services:
    Spa and Relaxation parties
    Personal Pampering (one on one)
    Corporate and Holiday Gift Program
    Sponsoring and Training women like you to succeed!
  • 24. Do You Want To Start Your Soul Purpose Business Today? If so, contact Mimi Morehead
    Phone: (404) 549-3290
    Web Site:
    Listen to the business opportunity call at some testomonials too!)
    Mimi Morehead
    Entrepreneur ID#:
  • 25. Soul Purpose Lifestyle
    Be in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself!