[C++ gui programming with qt4] chap9


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[C++ gui programming with qt4] chap9

  1. 1. Ch9.Drag and Drop Browny 23, May, 2011
  2. 2. Outline• Enabling Drag and Drop• Supporting Custom Drag Types• Clipboard Handling
  3. 3. Drag file onto Window (1/4)class MainWindow : public QMainWindow{ Q_OBJECTpublic: MainWindow();protected: void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event); void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event);private: bool readFile(const QString &fileName); QTextEdit *textEdit;};
  4. 4. Drag file onto Window (2/4) MainWindow::MainWindow() { textEdit = new QTextEdit; setCentralWidget(textEdit); textEdit->setAcceptDrops(false); setAcceptDrops(true); setWindowTitle(tr("Text Editor")); }QTextEditsetAcceptDrops(false) setAcceptDrops(true) MainWindow
  5. 5. Drag file onto Window (3/4) void MainWindow::dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event) { if (event->mimeData()->hasFormat("text/plain")) event->acceptProposedAction(); }Standard MIME types are defined by the Internet AssignedNumbers Authority (IANA). They consist of a type and a subtypeseparated by a slash.The official list of MIME types is available at http://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/
  6. 6. Drag file onto Window (4/4)void MainWindow::dropEvent(QDropEvent *event){ QList<QUrl> urls = event->mimeData()->urls(); if (urls.isEmpty()) return; QString fileName = urls.first().toLocalFile(); if (fileName.isEmpty()) return; if (readFile(fileName)) setWindowTitle(tr("%1 - %2").arg(fileName) .arg(tr("Drag File")));}
  7. 7. Initiate a Drag and Accept a Drop (1/4)• Create a QListWidget subclass that supports drag and drop
  8. 8. Initiate a Drag and Accept a Drop (2/4) class ProjectListWidget : public QListWidget { Q_OBJECT public: ProjectListWidget(QWidget *parent = 0); protected: void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event); void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event); void dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event); void dragMoveEvent(QDragMoveEvent *event); void dropEvent(QDropEvent *event); private: void performDrag(); QWidget 5 QPoint startPos; };
  9. 9. Initiate a Drag and Accept a Drop (3/4)ProjectListWidget::ProjectListWidget(QWidget *parent) : QListWidget(parent){ setAcceptDrops(true);}void ProjectListWidget::mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event){ if (event->button() == Qt::LeftButton) startPos = event->pos(); QListWidget::mousePressEvent(event);}void ProjectListWidget::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event){ if (event->buttons() & Qt::LeftButton) { int distance = (event->pos() - startPos).manhattanLength(); if (distance >= QApplication::startDragDistance()) performDrag(); } QListWidget::mouseMoveEvent(event);}
  10. 10. Initiate a Drag and Accept a Drop (4/4)void ProjectListWidget::performDrag(){ QListWidgetItem *item = currentItem(); if (item) { QMimeData *mimeData = new QMimeData; mimeData->setText(item->text()); QDrag *drag = new QDrag(this); drag->setMimeData(mimeData); QDrag drag->setPixmap(QPixmap(":/images/person.png")); if (drag->exec(Qt::MoveAction) == Qt::MoveAction) delete item; } QDrag::exec()}
  11. 11. void ProjectListWidget::dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event){ ProjectListWidget ProjectListWidget *source = qobject_cast<ProjectListWidget *>(event->source()); if (source && source != this) { event->setDropAction(Qt::MoveAction); event->accept(); }}void ProjectListWidget::dropEvent(QDropEvent *event){ ProjectListWidget *source = qobject_cast<ProjectListWidget *>(event->source()); if (source && source != this) { addItem(event->mimeData()->text()); event->setDropAction(Qt::MoveAction); event->accept(); }}
  12. 12. Drag custom data (1/2)1. Provide arbitrary data as a QByteArray using QMimeData::setData() and extract it later using QMimeData::data()2. Subclass QMimeData and re-implement formats() and retrieveData() to handle our custom data types3. For drag and drop operations within a single application, we can subclass QMimeData and store the data using any data structure we want
  13. 13. Drag custom data (2/2)• Drawbacks of Method 1 ‣ Need  to  convert  our  data  structure  to  a   QByteArray  even  if  the  drag  is  not  ul1mately   accepted ‣ Providing  several  MIME  types  to  interact  nicely   with  a  wide  range  of  applica=ons,  we  need  to   store  the  data  several  1mes ‣ If  the  data  is  large,  this  can  slow  down  the   applica1on  needlessly
  14. 14. Add drag and drop capabilities to a QTableWidget (1/3) • Method 1void MyTableWidget::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *event){ if (event->buttons() & Qt::LeftButton) { int distance = (event->pos() - startPos).manhattanLength(); if (distance >= QApplication::startDragDistance()) performDrag(); } QTableWidget::mouseMoveEvent(event);}
  15. 15. Add drag and drop capabilities to a QTableWidget (2/3)void MyTableWidget::performDrag(){ QString plainText = selectionAsPlainText(); Chap4 (p.87) if (plainText.isEmpty()) return; QMimeData *mimeData = new QMimeData; mimeData->setText(plainText); mimeData->setHtml(toHtml(plainText)); mimeData->setData("text/csv", toCsv(plainText).toUtf8()); QDrag *drag = new QDrag(this); drag->setMimeData(mimeData); if (drag->exec(Qt::CopyAction | Qt::MoveAction) == Qt::MoveAction) deleteSelection();}
  16. 16. Add drag and drop capabilities to a QTableWidget (3/3)void MyTableWidget::dropEvent(QDropEvent *event){ if (event->mimeData()->hasFormat("text/csv")) { QByteArray csvData = event->mimeData()->data("text/csv"); QString csvText = QString::fromUtf8(csvData); ... event->acceptProposedAction(); } else if (event->mimeData()->hasFormat("text/plain")) { QString plainText = event->mimeData()->text(); ... event->acceptProposedAction(); }} QTableWidget Html OK
  17. 17. Subclass QMimeData (1/3)class TableMimeData : public QMimeData{ Q_OBJECTpublic: TableMimeData(const QTableWidget *tableWidget, const QTableWidgetSelectionRange &range); const QTableWidget *tableWidget() const { return myTableWidget; } QTableWidgetSelectionRange range() const { return myRange; } QStringList formats() const;protected: QVariant retrieveData(const QString &format, QVariant::Type preferredType) const;private: static QString toHtml(const QString &plainText); static QString toCsv(const QString &plainText); QString text(int row, int column) const; QString rangeAsPlainText() const; const QTableWidget *myTableWidget; , QTableWidgetSelectionRange myRange; QStringList myFormats; QTableWidget ,};
  18. 18. Subclass QMimeData (2/3)TableMimeData::TableMimeData(const QTableWidget *tableWidget, const QTableWidgetSelectionRange &range) { myTableWidget = tableWidget; myRange = range; myFormats << "text/csv" << "text/html" << "text/plain";}QStringList TableMimeData::formats() const { return myFormats;}QVariant TableMimeData::retrieveData(const QString &format, QVariant::Type preferredType) const { if (format == "text/plain") return rangeAsPlainText(); else if (format == "text/csv") return toCsv(rangeAsPlainText()); else if (format == "text/html") { return toHtml(rangeAsPlainText()); else return QMimeData::retrieveData(format, preferredType);}
  19. 19. Subclass QMimeData (3/3)void MyTableWidget::dropEvent(QDropEvent *event){ const TableMimeData *tableData = qobject_cast<const TableMimeData *>(event->mimeData()); if (tableData) { const QTableWidget *otherTable = tableData->tableWidget(); QTableWidgetSelectionRange otherRange = tableData->range(); ... event->acceptProposedAction(); } else if (event->mimeData()->hasFormat("text/csv")) { QByteArray csvData = event->mimeData()->data("text/csv"); QString csvText = QString::fromUtf8(csvData); ... we can directly access the table } QTableWidget::mouseMoveEvent(event); data instead of going through QMimeDatas API}
  20. 20. Clipboard Handling• Access clipboard: QApplication::clipboard()• Built-in functionality might not be sufficient (not just text or an image) ‣ Subclass  QMimeData  and  re-­‐implement  a  few  virtual   func=ons   ‣ Reuse  the  QMimeData  subclass  and  put  it  on  the   clipboard  using  the  setMimeData()  func=on.  To  retrieve   the  data,  we  can  call  mimeData()  on  the  clipboard• Clipboards contents change ‣ QClipboard::dataChanged()  signal
  21. 21. Thank you :)