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Criminal Justice

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  • Public perception of criminal justice is a quite controversial. Issues concerning criminal justice are traditionally scoured over by professionals in that field. However, the perception of the public depends heavily upon the media. The media is the primary source from which citizens see the criminal justice system at work. As the main source of information about crime and criminal justice, mass media significantly influences public knowledge, and thus, reception of the reality of crime (Dobryninas, Giedraitis, & Cesniene, 2012).
  • Over the years, federal and state governments have created task forces that monitor and assess racial and gender equality in the criminal justice system. Many states such as, Arizona, Alaska, and California have several committees that provide reviews (National Center for State Courts, 2012).
  • Hartford Police Department has developed an idea to hire minorities over the white officers. The department believes that hiring minorities will help not only within the community but also help with the development of a diverse workforce in the department. The community perception while hiring officers of the minority group will significantly drop racial tension within the community and its department. Tangel, W. A. (2013). The Police Chief Magazine. Retrieved from
  • Equal rights for hiring. Your age, race and should not determine if you get the job or not. Just because you’re a female doesn’t mean you can not out perform a male. Not all military men and women have fully matured and are squared away. The hiring process should be determined by performance.
  • Brian Nichols was being escorted into the courtroom, grabbed Deputy Cynthia Hall’s weaponand shot her, then killed a judge, a court stenographer and another deputy, Sgt. Hoyt Teasley in Atlanta on March 11, 2005.In the Nichols case, the difference was stark: the suspect was 33 years old and 6 feet tall; the female sheriff's deputy guarding him was 51 years old and 5-foot-2.Women can be a negative influence in criminal justice and to hire them because they are women could lead to more criminal situations.
  • April 27, 2013In San Francisco, cellys are as addictive as drugs.When an individual purchases the cellys, they are arrested on the spot. Removing the purchaser is removing the profit of the criminal theft of iPhone. “Officers in plain clothes (which presumably means plaid shirts and 7 For Mankind jeans) are wandering around areas known to be popular for stolen goods purchases. These officers are offering iPhones that they openly declare are stolen(Matyszczyk, 2013).”Grown men wearing skinny jeans is a minority that is fighting crime in the San Francisco area.
  • Cultural diversity issues cja 344

    1. 1. Contemporary Cultural Diversity Issues In Criminal Justice By: Mimi Harvill, KJ Eberle, Jesse Palmer, & David Nettles
    2. 2. AGENDA • Review the criminal justice system’s response to public perception • Discuss whether the criminal justice system discriminates • A contemporary issue or event related to each of the two topics to support your arguments
    3. 3. PUBLIC’S PERCEPTION Factors contributing to public perception: •Professional Discourse •Economic Impact •Psychological Aspects •Mass Media
    4. 4. RESPONSE TO PUBLIC PERCEPTION Actions taken: •Federal task forces to monitor race based sentencing •States task forces ensuring racial and gender fairness •Florida- Standing Committee on Fairness & Diversity
    5. 5. FOR DISCRIMINATION Hartford, Connecticut Police Department • Hiring Minorities • Filling in the gap • Public perception Building stronger ties between the agency and the community
    6. 6. AGAINST DISCRIMINATION Equality for hiring • Age, race, gender • Background should not have grounds • Performance
    7. 7. CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES Brian Nichols 33 years old and 6 feet tall (Montaldo) Cynthia Hall 51 years old and 5-foot-2 inches tall (UPI)
    8. 8. CONTEMPORARY EXAMPLES Plaid Shirt neimanmarcus 7 for Mankind Jeans neimanmarcus
    9. 9. AFRICAN AMERICANS AND DISCRIMINATION • Criminal Justice System as a whole (Agree or Disagree) • Individual people within the criminal justice system (Agree or Disagree)
    10. 10. QUESTIONS?
    11. 11. REFERENCES Dobryninas, A., Giedraitis, V., & Cesniene, I. (2012). On Perceptions of Criminal Justice in Society1. Sociologija : Mintis ir Veiksmas, 31(2), 222- 238,285-286. Retrieved from Fox News. (2005, March 29). Affirmative Action Has Mixed Results for Cops . Retrieved from Fox News:,2933,151748,00.html#ixzz2S3NVGukg Matyszczyk, C. (2013, April 27). Undercover cops' devious new method to stop iPhone theft . Retrieved from CNET: 57581748-71/undercover-cops-devious-new-method-to-stop-iphone-theft/ Montaldo, C. (n.d.). Brian Nichols: Atlanta Courthouse Killer. Retrieved May 1, 2013, from Crime/Punishment: National Center for State Courts. (2012). Gender and Racial Fairness. Retrieved from and-Racial-Fairness/State-Links.aspx Neiman Marcus. (n.d.). Shopping. Retrieved May 1, 2013, from Neiman Marcus: UPI. (2008, September 22). Judge rejects delay appeal in Nichols case. Retrieved from UPI: delay-appeal-in-Nichols-case/UPI-74751222100843/ Tangel, W. A. (2013). The Police Chief Magazine. Retrieved from
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