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  • MICHAEL….AW – move to next slide when he introduces me
  • cultures where participants takepersonal responsibility to act for the integrity and success of the organization).
  • Making decisions that are not in best interest of the company but in interest of themselves, team, divisionIf we follow this track of working for ourselves – and not whole this is what sabotages…
  • ASHLEY - THIS PAGE WOULD WORK WELL WITH JUST A PHOTO AND THE ORANGE TEXT. OTHER TEXT WILL BE VERBALLY COMMUNICATED I ASSUME?TEXT FROM SLIDE:Seeing people competing for dominance in a way that it has not happened before – more exacerbated now...the team is sabotaged in their effective decision making – the team is competing – focus is going to wrong area- they are competing against each other versus out in market place…
  • TEXT FROM SLIDE:When we are in survival mode we activate fear-based behavior on every level:
  • profoundimpact that context and situational influence have on our behavior.
  • Resilience – army in nature, or two diff photos
  • And to wrap up today– I’d like to point to the Harvard Business Review…and a recent HBR article titled Why Sustainability is the Key Driver of Innovation.The piece was written by the great business strategist and author, C.K. Pra-ha(accent)-lad — who sadly died last week. He argued thatthe current economic system has placed enormous pressures on our planet while catering to the needs of only about a quarter of the ppl in the world. That traditional approaches to business will collapse, and companies will have to develop innovative solutions”He said – “This will happen only when executives recognize a simple truth – Sustainability = Innovation”.I’d like to end there. We look forward to having you at our next Leader Lens on May 26 with David McConville.Thanks for joining us – and I’ll turn this back to Michael Tirrell
  • MICHAEL….AW – move to next slide when he introduces me
  • Transcript

    • 1. UNFEARStriving for Resiliencewith Karlin Sloan October 19, 2011 hashtag #LeaderLensLeaderLens
    • 2. Ashley WelchDirector, Leadership & SustainabilityInteraction Associates
    • 3. Logistics“fit in viewer” UNFEAR St r iving f or Resilience with Karlin Sloan October 19, 2011 hashtag #LeaderLen s Lead er Le n s Questions Send your questions hashtag #LeaderLens © Interaction Associates Inc. 3
    • 4. Karlin
    • 5. How does fear manifest inthe workplace and whatdoes it do to us?
    • 6. 1. People try to look good so they don’t get axed
    • 7. 2. Risk averse © Interaction Associates Inc. 7
    • 8. 3. Competing for Dominance at Expense of the Whole © Interaction Associates Inc. 8
    • 9. What does feardo to us?In survival mode Fear-based behavior MENTALLY PHYSICALLY EMOTIONALLY
    • 10. Mental
    • 11. Emotional
    • 12. Physical
    • 13. What is UNFEARand how is it aleadership strategy?
    • 14. UNFEAR : ˌən-ˌfirconfidence in one’s ability toovercome the odds, and to create apositive outcome no matter what thecircumstance.
    • 15. TranscendenceMASLOW’SHEIRARCHY Self-Actualization Self-Esteem Love and Relationship Shelter and Comfort Survival
    • 16. How can leadershelp themselves andothers developresilience?
    • 17. Four 1. Accept the Real andPractices Focus on the Future
    • 18. Four 2. Build Relationships &Practices Community
    • 19. Four 3. View Challenges asPractices Opportunities
    • 20. Four 4. Practice Physical &Practices Mental Discipline
    • 21. EXERCISEPracticing Physical & Mental Discipline
    • 22. Questions?
    • 23. FOR MORE INFO... for information on our consulting and coaching programs, and to buy the book, UNFEAR. subscribe to my blog, somebody’s got to! This week only use this code for 30% off of Unfear: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty UY4XQ466
    • 24. NOVEMBER 16, 2011Bettina GordonIndigenous Wisdom &Conscious Leadership DECEMBER 14, 2011 Melinda Weekes Design Thinking for Social Change
    • 25. Ashley WelchDirector, Leadership & Hashtag #leaderlens © Interaction Associates Inc. 26
    • 26. Thank You!Webinar on demand Hashtag #leaderlens