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Leader Lens with Carolyn Fischer


Published on

Carolyn Fischer, Vice President of Global Talent Development, TJX & Co, on …

Carolyn Fischer, Vice President of Global Talent Development, TJX & Co, on

How to Facilitate Organizational Growth through Talent Development

Published in: Business, Education

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  • MICHAEL….AW – move to next slide when he introduces me
  • LDL is an 6 month learning process for high potential leaders at TJX who are positioned to succeed to the VP level. It will be a metrics driven program linked to tangible results; it will accelerate leadership readiness of the individuals AND add business value. Specifically:Project teams will be sponsored by Division Presidents and chartered to work on business imperative projects.Talent Leads will coaches teams through learning process and beyond.Participants will develop skills in the areas of business & financial acumen, interpersonal competence, strategic thinking, leading change, spanning boundaries, and self awareness. Participants will work in teams with a business case simulation over the course of 3 rounds.Participants will develop a close network of trusted peers across the business with whom they will collaborate, share new ideas, and learn insights regarding the business.
  • And to wrap up today– I’d like to point to the Harvard Business Review…and a recent HBR article titled Why Sustainability is the Key Driver of Innovation.The piece was written by the great business strategist and author, C.K. Pra-ha(accent)-lad — who sadly died last week. He argued thatthe current economic system has placed enormous pressures on our planet while catering to the needs of only about a quarter of the ppl in the world. That traditional approaches to business will collapse, and companies will have to develop innovative solutions”He said – “This will happen only when executives recognize a simple truth – Sustainability = Innovation”.I’d like to end there. We look forward to having you at our next Leader Lens on May 26 with David McConville.Thanks for joining us – and I’ll turn this back to Michael Tirrell
  • MICHAEL….AW – move to next slide when he introduces me
  • Transcript

    • 1. LeaderLensHow to Facilitate OrganizationalGrowth through Talent Developmentwith Carolyn FischerFebruary 29, 2012 #LeaderLens
    • 2. Ashley WelchDirector, Client SolutionsInteraction Associates 2
    • 3. Logistics“fit in viewer” Questions Send your questions #LeaderLens 3
    • 4. Carolyn FischerVice President of GlobalTalent 4
    • 5. What was the context &business imperativesurrounding this initiative? 5
    • 6. 2X 6
    • 7. Necessary for Growth 7
    • 8. 1. No walls2. Leaders as teachers 8
    • 9. Participants Talent Leads Participant Bosses3 Sets of Learners 9
    • 10. What were thecritical elements ofthe design? 10
    • 11. • Case review • Contract with Mngr • 360 FeedbackPHASE I:Foundation Project Biz Teams Stimulation Launched Forum #1: 4 days 360 Collaboration Integration Skills 11
    • 12. Project Team Meetings Virtual & F2FPHASE II:Application Deepen Teams Skills Present Forum #2: 2 days Executive Feedback 12
    • 13. • Mentors • Peer Coaching CirclesPHASE III:Integration Leadership TJX business POV webinars 13
    • 14. Support Mechanism Leader orientation HR leaders for participant developed to be bosses team coaches Executive Program IT priority support Sponsorship & throughout Division Presidents learning process as Action Learning Sponsors 14
    • 15. How did yourdesign challengethe organizationalparadigms? 15
    • 16. FROM TO Me as Leader We are Leaders Silo focus Cross functional, cross-divisionalI understand the talent I understand the talent in my division across divisionsCollaboration happens Collaboration happens face to face face to face AND virtually Learning as separate Learning as engine from growth for growth 16
    • 17. What was your stakeholderengagement process? 17
    • 18. ExecutivesParticipant Division Bosses Presidents Talent Leads Participants 18
    • 19. QUESTIONS?
    • 20. Ken Pucker • Lecturer at Boston University School of Management • Advisory Director at Berkshire Partners • Former COO of TimberlandMarch 28, 2012 20
    • 21. Ashley WelchDirector, Client SolutionsInteraction #LeaderLens 21
    • 22. Thank You!Webinar on demand #LeaderLens