Training Program on Telemedicine Service for UIC Entrepreneur


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Training Program on Telemedicine Service for UIC Entrepreneur

  1. 1. Training Program onTelemedicine Servicefor UIC EntrepreneurCourse Outline and ScheduleTelemedicine Working Group Bangladesh(TWGBD)
  2. 2. Syllabus on CIC TrainingSession Topic Content Duration01 Introduction toTelemedicine What is Telemedicine? Types of Telemedicine & theirapplications. Difference between face to faceconsultation and TelemedicineConsultation. Advantage and Disadvantage ofTelemedicine.40 min02 Introduction toTIMES What is TIMES? Benefits of TIMES. Area of consultation. Accuracy of diagnosis via TIMES. Is TIMES is only for consultation?40 min03 Patient appointmentManagement Making and canceling Appointment. Editing patient Information. How to retrieve old patientInformation. Appointment list of other date. Importance and outcome of differentparameters.1.5 hours04 Patient appointmentmanagement Lab Patient appointment managementLab of Session 3.1.5 hours05 Patients MedicalRecords How to upload image. Select disease location. Upload disease image and Sound. Importance and outcome of different45 min
  3. 3. information.06 Patient medicalrecords Lab Patient medicalrecords Lab of session 5.1.5 hours07 Getting consulted  Audio & Video conference. Receiving prescription. Getting old prescription. Patient education.45 min08 Getting consultedLab Getting consultationLab of session 7.1.5 hours09 Introduction toclinical data of Gyene& Obs, Childcare,Medicine,Dermatology Basic concept about clinical data. ABC about Gyene & Obs. Childcare basic concept. Dermatology Basics. Basics of Medicine.2.5 min10 Introduction tocomputer , DICOT,& Problem andsolution of deferentHardware What is Computer? Parts of Computer. Maintenance and proper use ofComputer. Safety against environmentalpollution such as dust and electricalfailure. Electrical caution for Stabilizer. Maintenance of CIC. Part description of DICOT. Specification of DICOT. Function of different Parts. If DICOT does not starts. If DICOT stops suddenly. IF computer seems very slow.40 min
  4. 4.  Problem of Key board and Mouse. Problem of Lighting. Problem of Sound and echo.11 Introduction to OSand Anti-virusand Handling Printer What is Operating System (OS)? Important features and Maintenanceof Operating System (OS). Important issues of KasperskyAntivirus. Problem of Printing. If paper is Jam. Maintenance of color Head.50 min12 Imaging & Sound  What is good Image for diagnosis? Difference of webcam and ‘Logitechwebcam’. Feature and settings of Logitech. Advance settings for better Image. Image size and data transmission. Taking Sound.60 min13 Handling DICOTPractically Practical handling of DICOT by theoperator.60 min14 Patient handling  Dealing with patients. 45 min
  5. 5. Class ScheduleDate Course Title Time Duration Instructor23-06-13Inauguration of thetraining10:20-10:40 20 minIntroduction toTelemedicine10:40-11:20 40 min Nuruzzaman MilonIntroduction to TIMES 11:20-12:00 40 min Nuruzzaman MilonIntroduction to clinicaldata of Gyene & Obs,Childcare, Medicine,Dermatology (Part-01)12:00-01:00 60 minLunch and Prayer Break (01:00-02:20)Introduction to clinicaldata of Gyene & Obs,Childcare, Medicine,Dermatology (Part-02)02:20-03:50 1.5 hours24-06-13Patient appointmentManagement10:00-11:45 45 min Abdullah Al MamunPatient appointmentManagement Lab10:45-12:15 1.5 hours Abdullah Al MamunPatient medical records 12:15-01:00 45 min Ali Ahsan RupakLunch and Prayer Break (01:00-02:20)Patient medical recordsLab02:20-03:50 1.5 hours Abdullah Al MamunGetting Consulted 03:50-04:35 45 min Ali Ahsan RupakGetting Consulted Lab 10:00-11:30 1.5 hours Ali Ahsan RupakIntroduction tocomputer , DICOT,& Problem and solution11:30-12:10 40 min Dara Bin Zaid
  6. 6. 25-06-13of deferentHardwareIntroduction to OSand Anti-virusand Handling Printer12:10-01:00 50 min Dara Bin ZaidPatient Handling 45 min Dara Bin ZaidLunch and Prayer Break (01:00-02:20)Imaging & Sound 02:20-03:20 60 min Dara Bin ZaidHandling DICOTpractically03:20-04:20 60 min Dara Bin ZaidClosing Ceremony 04:20-05:00 40 min