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Brochure 2011!

  1. 1. Careers Information and Employment Fair Thursday 17 March 2011, 10am-3pm The Gateway Main Events Hall, High Wycombe Come and meet representatives from over 50 organisations who will be there to talk to you. Open to all students. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 1
  2. 2. Employer Page Number5G 4ACCA 5Alzheimer‟s Society 5Bucks County Council 6Buckinghamshire Golf Club 7BUNAC 7Bucks Alumni 8Careers and Employment 9Student Recruitment & Admissions 10Bucks Volunteering 11Bucks Sport 12Chiltern Way Federation 13Cisco 14Community Impact Bucks 15Direct TV Training 15EasyJet 16Endsleigh 16Enterprise Rent A Car 17Explore Learning 18Exsportise 19FDM 19getbuzzing 20Flackwell Heath Golf Club 20Global Games Sports 21/22 Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 2
  3. 3. Harrow House 23Hertfordshire Constabulary 24Kaya Volunteering 25Lidl 26Mad Science 27Majestic Wine Warehouse 28Parkwood Leisure 29Creative Portal 30Recruit Event Services 31Redgecko Group 31RMG 32Rugby Rocks 33Sport Grads 34Supercamps 35Surveybe 36Thorpe Park 37Vario 38Virgin Atlantic 38Walking Tall 39Watford Football Club 40Wenta 41Wheelpower 41Wycombe Environment Centre 42Adams Park Security 42YES Network 43 Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 3
  4. 4. At 5g we have commenced the next stage of our development strategy within thetelecommunications industry and are committed to recruiting people of the highest calibreto help us reach our goals. We require bright, friendly people who want to be more thanjust another number on the pay role.How many things will get you excited about in 2011?Maybe a new job with us would excite you. A proper job, (you know the type I mean.) A job with professional training. A job thats more than just a job (after all, anyone can have just a job) A job that is genuinely fascinating, interesting, exciting, well paid. A job that has a future (and great opportunities for promotion and more training with a real solid company who knows their business and how to thrive in it)These are not just jobs that Jo Bloggs can have a go at, these are special jobs with aspecial company.Contact me now for an immediate telephone interview. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 4
  5. 5. ACCA, the global body for professional accountants, offers a future that is diverse,challenging and full of opportunity.The breadth of the ACCA Qualification makes it the perfect platform to launch anybusiness career. You can acquire the technical skills that employers are demanding in thecurrent climate, without pigeon-holing yourself for the future. Our qualification gives youthe transferable skills you need and our flexible approach means that there are no artificialbarriers to prevent you from qualifying whatever you face in the short-term. And becausewe are global, ACCA is better positioned to benefit graduates both now and in the future.Alzheimers Society is the UK‟s leading care and research charity for people withdementia, their family and carers.Dementia affects over 700,000 people in the UK alone. Alzheimer‟s Society providesinformation and support for those with any form of dementia and their carers. It advisesprofessionals working in the field, funds research, runs quality care services, andcampaigns for improved health and social care and greater public understanding ofdementia.OpportunitiesVolunteering opportunities include the following (not an exhaustive list)Fundraising Group VolunteerCampaign & Media Group VolunteerVolunteer Befriender Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 5
  6. 6. Buckinghamshire County Council is the largest employer in Buckinghamshire, employingover 14,000 people. The Council delivers over 100 services from childcare to countrysideparks, schools to social care and from roads to registry offices. Our head office is based inAylesbury, Buckinghamshire.We offer an internship scheme for school, college and university leavers living in theBuckinghamshire area. The aim of the scheme is to provide you with a good quality workplacement, helping you to develop transferable business skills and gain valuable workexperience.Internship Opportunities available in a variety of services: Transportation Community Services Customer Contact PolicyBenefits Gain an introduction into how a large professional organisation functions Access to a supervisor throughout the internship with regular feedback meetings Work with a buddy/ mentor Payment of £4 per day for lunch Reasonable travel expenses A range of internships across a variety of service areas, eg education, transport and roads and corporate services Available on a part time or full time basis On completion of the internship, you will be able to apply for future employment opportunities within the council. You will also be given a written reference detailing the type of work carried out during the internship, length of internship and skills developed.We are looking for bright, enthusiastic people with good communication and ICT skills whoare looking to make a contribution to the local community. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 6
  7. 7. Buckinghamshire Golf Club it‟s an 18 Hole John Jacobs designed course set in 226 acresof Magnificent English Parkland.Opened in 1992, Buckinghamshire Golf Club has been host to European and Senior TourEvents, including the Anderson Consulting World Match Play and the European SeniorChampionships.The Clubhouse is an historic grade II listed English Manor house of predominantlyEighteenth Century origin, although part of the building is over 700 hundred years old.With work, travel and volunteering opportunities around the world, travelling with BUNACwill be one of the most fun, challenging and rewarding experiences you‟ll ever have!Established in 1962, BUNAC is now the UK‟s leading non-profit travel club, offering greatvalue travel programmes you can trust.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWork abroad - Fully-supportive work abroad packages in Australia, New Zealand, Canadaand the USA.Internships - Career-enhancing culinary training in a hotel in one of America‟s beautifulnational parks.Summer camp - Great-value camp counsellor, activity specialist and behind the scenessummer camp jobs in the USA.Volunteer abroad - Worthwhile teaching, community, conservation and sports projects inAsia, Africa and the Americas. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 7
  8. 8. AlumniThe Bucks Alumni aims to:• create personal networks; we will be helping you to connect with old friends who have ashared experience as well as make new friends and contacts• create potential benefits for you through professional development and educationalopportunities• open doors further afield by connecting with groups in other parts of the country or eveninternationally when travelling abroad or moving overseas• expand the horizons of our current Bucks students through arranging events with Alumnimembers including guest lectures, presentations and panel discussions• explore the possibility of Alumni members as potential employers and/or mentors tocurrent students• establish Alumni members as figureheads and role models for current and futurestudents.We intend to recognise and share success stories of our graduates through our Alumniand hope you will become a key role model for our aspiring undergraduates. We sincerelyhope that you will join us in this venture.If you would like to know more about the Alumni please email orkeep it up-to-date with us on facebook “Back to Bucks” Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 8
  9. 9. Careers and EmploymentAs a professional team we work with our students and graduates to enable them to makethe most of their achievements. We do this by providing: Help with CV‟s Preparation for Job Interviews Career Choice Psychometric Testing Assessing postgraduate optionsEmployment opportunitiesWe are committed to helping you get your first step on the employment ladder. We havethe following new resource available on our website to help you with your job searchOnline Job Vacancy System F/T, P/T, placement and work experience. for the latest entriese-Guidancee-guidance allows you the opportunity to send a careers related question to one of ourCareers Advisers by email 24/7 Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 9
  10. 10. Student Recruitment & AdmissionsBased in High Wycombe and Uxbridge, we are the only publicly funded university inBuckinghamshire. We focus on providing quality, inclusive and relevant education atundergraduate and postgraduate level which develops and builds the potential ofindividuals and organisations alike.We will be providing advice, information and guidance available on postgraduatetraining opportunities.Bucks offers a wide range of postgraduate study options in the areas of: Business Management and Law Music Performance Production Art and Design Nursing and Health Travel and Aviation ComputingContact: Student Recruitment & Admissions Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 10
  11. 11. Bucks New University - VolunteeringHere at the Students‟ Union we run various volunteering and RAG projects. Volunteeringis not only doing something for free that benefits others but it is also a great way to get toknow people, learn new things, gain experience in what interests you and get involved insomething you care about. All our volunteering projects can be found have four categories of projects One off projects which allow you to get involved in volunteering without having to commit long term. Medium-term projects short stints on projects between 4 and 12 weeks. Long-term placements within community organisations and charities. Start your own projects we offer project leadership training and actively encourage you to tailor projects to fit your interests.Raise and Give is the section of the Students‟ Union that helps students to raise as muchmoney for worthy causes as possible whilst they are at University.he emphasis of RAG is to raise money whilst having fun, so we support our students toparticipate in a number of comical and challenging activities throughout the year to raisemoney for the charities they choose.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice Available.We have a number of opportunities on our website that will usually involve a weeklyplacement at a charity. There are lots of different opportunities that can suit the career youare looking for. Currently we have adverts for photographers, admin staff, graphicdesigners, mentors and many more. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 11
  12. 12. Bucks Sport is the brand name of the Bucks & Milton Keynes Sports Partnership, one of49 County Sports Partnerships nation-wide. Our vision is for an active and successfulsporting county. Our aim is to create a „single system‟ whereby all agencies work togethermore effectively to widen access, increase participation, create clear pathways andimprove levels of performance in sport and physical activity. Aligned to Bucks Sport isImpact Coaching, a not-for-profit organisation that is in place to provide a coaching serviceto the local communities of Buckinghamshire. Impact Coaching is a coaching agency andgoes a long way towards professionalising coaching, providing an employmentenvironment for coaches that matches the employment rights and procedures of any otherprofessional role.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableOpportunities are available in sports coaching, leadership and volunteer roles. Forcoaching opportunities, Impact Coaching Agency are proud to be able to supply a range ofpart time and casual coaching opportunities, for a wide range of sports, ages, abilities andbackgrounds, meeting the needs and demands of Buckinghamshire. All the coaches arevetted to ensure high quality sessions are delivered and safety requirements are adheredto. In addition, an online coaching system and forum is available via Bucks Sport forcoaches to register their details. Through this system, coaches gain access to news andinformation on all things coaching including job opportunities, development opportunities,funding available to support them with training, CV building, and much much more.Through Bucks Sport, volunteer and leadership opportunities can also be accessed.Whether you‟re looking for a part time voluntary position as a sports coach, treasurer of aclub or web designer, Bucks Sport can support you with this process. In addition, we canhelp to place you into leadership roles to allow you take easy steps towards becoming acoach. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 12
  13. 13. Chiltern Way is a new federation made up of two very successful and progressive schools,currently for 11 to 16 year old boys who have Behavioural Emotional and Social Difficulties(BESD)The schools are in Prestwood and Wendover.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWe are seeking to appoint Teachers who are passionate about their subject, want to learnnew skills and secure the very best outcomes for our students.We provide: Professional development opportunities only found in expanding federations,High levels of support, A very highly resourced curriculum area and Excellent training thatwill make you a highly skilled behaviour leader.We need a grounded, optimistic and positive Teaching Assistant to support our youngpeople in class. We are more interested in enthusiasm and commitment than experience(although pertinent qualification, training and experience would be most welcome). Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 13
  14. 14. At Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) customers come first and an integral part of our DNA iscreating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needsand provide solutions that support their success. The concept of solutions being driven toaddress specific customer challenges has been with Cisco since its inception.Since then Cisco has shaped the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented valueand opportunity for our customers, employees, investors and ecosystem partners and hasbecome the worldwide leader in networking - transforming how people connect,communicate and collaborate.Cisco is committed to innovation and research and development is a core component ofour corporate culture. Cisco spends nearly $5.3 billion a year in R&D, making us one ofthe top R&D spenders in the world.Its an exciting time to work at Cisco.Here at Cisco, we believe the most important change to the network experience is uponus. We see a future where the network is the platform. A network that is no longer usedjust for transactions, but for real-time collaboration to deliver the experience anytime andanywhere. We will not only change the way the world works, lives, plays and learns – wewill change life experiences.Cisco is an equal opportunity employer with a commitment to diversity. All individuals,regardless of personal characteristics, are encouraged to apply  Cisco jobs for graduates  Cisco Partners‟ jobs for graduates  Cisco Graduate Recruitment community on Facebook  Cisco Networking Academy community Facebook user page!/group.php?gid=35880077360 COME AND FIND OUT ABOUT THE BUCKS CISCO CAREERS DAY/MENTORING PROGRAMME 11 MAY 2011 Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 14
  15. 15. Community Impact Bucks is the independent charity which provides comprehensivesupport services to other charities, community groups, social enterprises and ruralorganisations throughout Buckinghamshire. It is also the Volunteer Centre forBuckinghamshire, helping members of the public and businesses to get involved incommunity activity.We are looking (and can help facilitate) both volunteering and potential employeeopportunities.Here are some of the skills we are looking for: Ability to research and analysis Communication and marketing Innovative and creative Openness, honesty and integrity Organised and able to complete task.So anyone who is looking for a short term intense or regular time limited commitment witha passion for good causesDirect TV Training is run by award winning TV Director and Web Video Producer JulianDismore. He trains people who want to work in the creative industries. Courses include“How to get into TV”, “Researcher Skills” “Camera & Directing Skills” and “PresentingSkills”. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 15
  16. 16. EasyJet is the UK‟s largest airline, flying more of Europe‟s top 100 routes than any otherairline, connecting convenient airports and a range of exciting destinations. The attractivenetwork gives the widest range of choice to business and leisure customers in 29countries. The airline has been voted the Best Low Fares Airline for 10 consecutive yearsby the Business Traveller magazine.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailablePilots and crew are the „visible‟ face of easyJet, but there is a whole team supporting theoperation. Without the meticulous network planning, daily operations support, marketing,crewing, safety, staffing, engineering and thousands of other operational roles – wecouldn‟t fly. The culture of easyJet is cosmopolitan and talent-focused, which creates anenergy and passion that you won‟t find elsewhere. A real buzz, from the ground, up!If you are interested in an opportunity with easyJet, visit our website to explore all theopportunities available.Originally founded in 1965, Endsleigh has since grown to become one of the UKs leadingindependent intermediaries. We specialise in providing insurance solutions for careerpeople and therefore it is a lifelong relationship that we seek with our clients. We offer aproduct range that starts with students and continues through to retirement and beyondJob/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableFounded as a student insurance provider in 1965, Endsleigh has grown and changed andnow offers an incredible variety of services – and just as many rewarding jobs.Endsleigh has recently launched a great new graduate internship initiative that will helpyou boost your career potential. Our internship initiative is structured to add valuableweight to the CV‟s of all those selected. A competitive salary will be offered too. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 16
  17. 17. Enterprise Rent-A-Car: 2011 Entry - Management Training ProgrammeLocations: NationwideCompany Info: Enterprise is a huge - and hugely successful - international car rentalcompany. From our humble beginnings in 1957, we have grown into the largest rental carcompany in North America. We have a turnover of $12.1 billion and employ more than75,000 people in 7,500 locations across the UK, Ireland, Germany, the USA and Canada.Job description: On the Enterprise Management Training Scheme, you‟ll join one of ourbranches and learn all the business skills you need to run it yourself. This gives you thechance to develop skills in all areas, from sales and marketing to customer service andfinance, so it really is a general management scheme. We believe in empowering ouremployees to make the decisions that will affect our business and their career. Thisphilosophy, along with our unyielding commitment to customers, has made Enterprise agenuine success story and a truly unique place to work. Just imagine – all theopportunities of a huge, internationally successful car rental company, but with a personal,entrepreneurial approach that lets you stand out as an individual.Qualifications/Skills Required: A full drivers licence held for at least 12 months and adegree (or equivalent) in any subject. If you have the potential to be a good leader, withstrong negotiation skills and a high degree of self-motivation, then you‟ll almost certainlylove working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.Method of application: Apply online at Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 17
  18. 18. Explore Learning is an ambitious and fast growing company dedicated to making adifference in children‟s education. We launched in 2001, and have 46 centres in operationacross the UK benefiting over 40,000 children.Explore Learning is a national network of education centres providing maths and Englishtuition to children aged 5-14, aiming to improve knowledge, confidence and enjoyment oflearning. We work closely with the children and their parents to create a tailored learningprogramme that meets their individual needs and maps to the National Curriculum.We recruit bright graduates who want to make an impact - both on running our centres asa business, and on the lives of our members who attend. Explore offers you theopportunity to take a hands on approach to management from day one. A high level ofresponsibility and extensive training will allow you to thrive and rapidly progress yourcareer. You can enjoy real job satisfaction and gain the skills to develop a small businesssuccessfully.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableThe role of Assistant Director is varied, challenging and very rewarding; offering you thechance to gain broad business experience, while working in a fun environment to benefitchildren. No day is ever the same and you will never find yourself short of a challenge!Starting as an Assistant Director you will be in a team of three, either launching a newcentre or running an established centre. The key to the success of each centre is down tothe three managers: the Centre Director and two Assistant Directors. The full time teamare graduates from leading universities, all sharing a passion for education and the desireto help children reach their full potential.You will gain broad business experience, learning to promote, market and sell a newconcept in education; how to operate a business unit, and be responsible for therecruitment and development of a team of tutors as part of the Management team. Wealso hope you will embrace the opportunity to progress to Centre Director within 12-24months where you will directly supervise staff and have overall responsibility for theCentre‟s development, operations and profitability. We offer a competitive salary of£21,000 PA (plus London weighting). A target based monthly bonus scheme with thepotential to earn up to £2,800 PA. A corporate gym membership with Fitness First.Please visit the careers section of our website and select “How to Apply”. Email acompleted application form (available from our website) along with a CV and bespokecover letter. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 18
  19. 19. We need Sports Coaches and Sports Coaching Assistants for our Summer Sports Camps- we have 3 sites in the UK and the courses that we run start on 4th July and go throughuntil 31 July at 2 camps and from 4 July - 21 Aug at our 3rd camp.Applicants need to hold a current level 1 or higher sports coaching certificate in one ormore of our main sports which are; hockey, tennis, football, rugby, basketball, horse riding,golf and dance.Degree requirementsNo degree required but any sporty, helpful and hard working candidates will be welcome toapplyCompany backgroundExsportise have been running residential Summer Sports Camps in the U.K.for Studentsaged 10 - 16 years of age for 22 years. The children who attend come from all over theworld and stay for one or 2 weeks, sometimes longer. We offer the successful applicantsa chance to work alongside some top sports coaches and gain some valuable experiencein coaching. They will work as part of a large team all of whom are working to make thecamps successful and enjoyable for all concerned.FDM Group is an international IT services provider with over 200 blue-chip clientsworldwide including; HSBC, Virgin Media, BBC Worldwide, BSkyB, Asda Stores, Lloyds ofLondon, RBS, British Airways, Detica, UBS, BMW, EDS, The AA, RSPCA, LloydsPharmacy, QBE, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, B&Q and Swiftcover. FDMGroup will be recruiting 1000 graduates in 2011 and is the UKs largest IT GraduateEmployer. With locations in London, Brighton, Manchester, Zurich, Luxembourg, Frankfurt,USA and Hong Kong FDM can offer both UK and international graduate opportunities.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableGraduate IT in the following areas: Application Support, Software Testing, Development,Project Analysis, Infrastructure Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 19
  20. 20. The main challenge anyone faces when embarking on fitness campaign is keeping motivatedand eating a diet to sustain a tailor made training programme. After each training class it isimportant to re-energise yourself.Having looked at protein bars, cereal bars and every kind of bar I could find, I felt that therewas something missing - a bar that‟s 100% natural and 100% taste.That‟s the inspiration behind „getbuzzing‟ bars.Our Nut Free Banana Bars are made from 100% natural, sun-dried bananas – not flavouring –and that‟s what gets you buzzing!Flackwell Heath Golf Club is a traditional private members club that welcomes visitingplayers and societies. We host all the Bucks New University home golf matches and theUniversity has an unbeaten home record.Currently we are part of the University programme to get students experience in theworkplace, with much of the work being done on improving our marketing and internetpresence.As members of the Golf Club Managers Association, the Club‟s management team canprovide you with information and advice on progressing into Golf Club Management, andthis will be the main feature of our stand this year. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 20
  21. 21. GlobalGamesSports design, build and deliver exceptional sporting experiences offeredthrough the six areas of our company. It is a thriving, young company with offices inChesham & Devon. We have delivered hundreds of events for customers across theglobe and are rightly proud of our excellent reputation and high level of customersatisfaction.We are the „Home of the SportFanPark‟ and the UK‟s leading provider of Match DayPromotions and we are looking for high calibre individuals to be part of the team to operateand staff all GlobalGamesSports events across the UK and the rest of the world.We offer candidates a challenging, fun, and rewarding work environment and thesuccessful applicants will be rewarded with an excellent package including companyperformance scheme/uniformClients; Local Authorities, London Wasps Rugby Club, Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Fulham FC,Surrey County Cricket Club, Armed Forces RAF, Aston Villa FC, Football Focus Africa,McCains, Continental Tyres and FastTrack Middle East.Employment OpportunityIf you‟re looking for a job where you can enjoy what you do, enjoy meeting and interactingwith new people and travelling to different places, then work as an Event Crew Membermay be what you‟re looking for! You will help set up, operate and pack-down games andattractions, working as part of a team and being ultimately responsible for the safety ofparticipants on the games you supervise. Your focus will be delivering fantastic customerservice to all our guests. We are looking for applicants with the right attitude, goodcommunication skills and a personality that will put a smile on our guests‟ faces throughouttheir day!With a committed and flexible approach to work, you will be able to work under pressureand use your initiative in the absence of the Event Manager. Applicants will enjoy workingwith members of the public and as part of a close-knit team. The job can be quitephysically demanding with long hours, but it is also highly rewarding and provides you withgreat experience in the events industry. Hours are varied and events are on an ad-hocbasis. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 21
  22. 22. Job Requirements; Able to travel to the events or meet at the Chesham HQ. To set up and pack down the equipment before/after the event. To operate equipment safely throughout the event, ensuring that you adhere to all H&S requirements and ensure visitor‟s safety is paramount. Show excellence customer care and professionalism at all times Possess a positive attitude and work successfully as part of a team You must be physically fit and are enthusiastic to work to the same high standards that we expect from all our staff A clean driving licence and previous experience is a bonus but not a necessity.The Benefits for you the employee The pay will be £75 per day rising to £95 after 3 events Full on-the-job training Fantastic and rewarding practical events experience Priority consideration for employment at future GlobalGamesSports Uniform provided Staff Performance Scheme Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 22
  23. 23. Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available:Residential Sports StaffDegree Requirements: Sports degree preferableHarrow House was established over 40 years ago and has grown to become one of themost successful language schools in the country. In summer the student number rises toaround 670 (Easter to approx 180), many students visit for short 2 or 3 week stay. A largenumber of these students are under 18 years old and attend a combined English andSports Course. This involves half the day in the classroom with EFL study and the otherhalf-day on a sports programme which includes a wide range of different activities.To cater for the student intake, we will be employing a limited number of Residential Stafffor the Easter period (26.03.11 – 30.04.11) for anything from 2 – 6 weeks and up to 15staff for the summer (04.06.11 – 10.09.11) for a minimum of 9 weeks. We will be lookingfor enthusiastic, lively people who can demonstrate initiative and work well as part of ateam.The majority of the staff will be employed as Residential Sports Staff and will work six daysper week. During the week, (Monday toFriday) staff have two evenings free. Residential accommodation (twin room) and all mealsare provided.During the day staff coach a variety of sports lessons; there are 8 x 45 min lessons perday. Staff will also take on the responsibility for the children in the evening and at theweekend. Staff on evening duties will work until the children are in their rooms and quiet.This may involve a variety of duties including running the social programme (e.g. Discos,Bingo, Karaoke, competitions etc), manning the office or patrolling the College.There is no doubt that our teachers work hard, but many people thrive on the atmosphereat Harrow House and the experience gained here is extremely valuable for their future.The majority of those who experience working at Harrow House come back again andagain. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 23
  24. 24. Around the clock more than 4000 police officers and police staff work hard to provide apolicing service to the public of Hertfordshire supported by more than 250 Specials.Together we look at where we can make the most difference to improving the quality ofeveryone‟s lives and creating a safer Hertfordshire.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableSpecial Police Constables – Special Constables do exactly the same job as regularofficers, wear the same uniform and have the same powers of search and arrest. Thedifference is that they are volunteers. They give up a few hours of their free time eachweek, working a minimum of 16 hours per month, usually while doing another full time jobor full time study. Why would you want to do that? Because as a Special Constable, youcan put something back into the community, improve the area you live in and make adifference to people‟s lives. Plus, you will develop an excellent range of skills for future jobhunting. UK residents only.HP is an IT organisation with presence in over 170 countries worldwide. You‟ll seeremarkable technologies like intelligent hardware and groundbreaking nanotechnologyapplications. Most importantly, you‟ll see that - at HP - there‟s no telling what you canachieve.We want to hear from enthusiastic, flexible students looking for an internship or graduateswith at least a 2:1 degree or equivalent in one of the areas of computer Science, IT,Engineering, Business Studies, and other business or technical degrees. Naturally you‟llneed computer literacy, which should include knowledge of Microsoft packages. But justas important will be your interpersonal, team-working and time management skills. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 24
  25. 25. Lattitude is a registered UK charity who specialise in ethical long term volunteeringplacements across the world. All our placements are constantly monitored to ensure thatthey are of benefit to the local communities where we operate whilst offering a once in alifetime experience for our volunteers. We have nearly 40 years experience and are afounding member of the Year Out Group.Opportunities availableWe have placements around the globe, whether you want to work with street children inEcuador, take part in the daily life of a hospital in Japan, teach teens in Ghana or helpbuild a sustainable development centre in Fiji we will have a project to suit you. All of ourplacements are long term (2.5 – 12 months) and as our return volunteers will tell you, lifechanging experiences. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 25
  26. 26. Diverse career paths in retailWe are a well established international food retailer with more than 8500 stores tradingacross Europe, including in excess of 530 stores in the UK alone.The majority of our personnel resource is dedicated to working at the sharp end of theretail business providing great service to our loyal customers. We offer many great careerpaths to our sales team, including opportunities working as store assistants, supervisoryroles, store management and district management.As a market-leading retailer we are as committed to our people as we are to ourcustomers. We acknowledge that our success is a direct result of the quality of the peoplewho work for us.We continue to seek outstanding, committed individuals who can continue to drive ourbusiness forward and to maintain very high standards within our stores. We offer excellentlong-term career prospects. Successful candidates can enjoy a challenging and fruitfulcareer with us.Or visit for more information Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 26
  27. 27. Mad Science South East EnglandCompany BackgroundMad Science is the worlds leading science enrichment provider. We offer a largeselection of after-school programmes, school holiday camps, in-school workshops, sciencedays, corporate events and birthday parties. From entertaining educational programmes toeducational entertainment, Mad Science sparks imaginative learning and provides a trulyspectacular and unique experience. We provide fun, interactive, and educational activitiesthat instil a clearer understanding of science and how it affects the world around us. Withover 20 years experience we are the experts in spectacular scienceJob/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableMad Science is designed to get children enthusiastic about science! We are looking formotivated individuals to present programmes to entertain and educate young minds. Thispost is perfect for anyone looking for teaching experience or work with children.A background in science is desirable but we will train you with everything you need toknow. We are in need of enthusiastic, dynamic individuals, who are willing to be trained aspart time presenters to deliver our programs, which include birthday parties, after schoolclubs, holiday programmes and events. We pay up to £25 per hour presentationAccess to a car and a full driving licence is necessary for this position. All employees willalso be required to have an enhance CRB (we will arrange this for you) Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 27
  28. 28. Majestic Wine is a nationwide wine retailer with over 160 stores. We retail wine by thecase of 6 bottles to business and private customers.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWe are looking for people with an enthusiasm for retail and an interest in learning moreabout the world of wine. We will accept applications from any degree background andlook at your people skills and experience as well as your qualifications. We offer trainingin product knowledge leading to a Wine Spirit Education Trust Advanced Certificate andhands on training in retail management. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 28
  29. 29. Parkwood Community Leisure, been running the 3 local centres since April 2009 on behalfof Wycombe District Council90 + centres over the UK, one of the biggest leisure providers in the UK, local centresinclude Wycombe Sports Centre (WSC), Court Garden Leisure Complex CGLC, Marlowand Princes Risborough Swim and Fitness Centre (PRSFC).The centres have facilities for all ages including Expressions Gym, Swimming Pool,Group Exercise timetable, Squash, Badminton, Tennis (CGLC only), Table Tennis, Rollermania (WSC only), Crèche facilities, Bowls club (WSC only), conference and events(CGLC only).We offer lots of employment opportunities for School / College / University leavers fromreception, lifeguards, fitness instructors, finance and admin, sales and membership,operations management, sports development, swimming coaches, trampoline coachesand many more.Applicants need to have an outgoing and positive outlook towards their job, working withinthe customer service arena this is of vital importance. good knowledge of the leisureindustry and the field that they work in is important, we do offer on the job training coursesfor many of our job roles which is free of charge to the employee, continued developmentis important to Parkwood Community Leisure as it promotes a better staff retention andvalue for the job.There are always jobs available or being advertised throughout Parkwood CommunityLeisure, you can find out all job vacancies on our website or visitthe individual site that you are interested in and look at the job vacancies boards you willfind at all our centres, or just ask a member of staff. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 29
  30. 30. is supported by Progress South Central, the Lifelong LearningNetwork for Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey. It was developed inresponse to research carried out by The University for the Creative Arts (UCA).The research investigated what resources were already available to prospective students,parents and teachers seeking information about the creative industries. It revealed a massof relevant information from a vast range of sources: professional bodies, sector skillscouncils, government departments, education, social networking, careers and marketing;all of which combined to offer a disjointed and confusing picture. People „didn‟t knowwhere to start‟, „had no idea at all‟ and „didn‟t know how to find information or who toapproach‟. aims to solve this problem by focusing on the mostrelevant and up-to-date information available on-line. Users of be directed to websites which offer information, advice and guidance as well thepersonal stories of practitioners. We hope that being informed about the range creativeindustries, career opportunities and available courses will encourage future generations topursue a creative pathway.The site welcomes user feedback and suggestions for additional information and links.Please use the Feedback tab on the home page. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 30
  31. 31. We Are a Steward and Security based company which deal with Mainly sporting andMusic venue based in London and the UKJob/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWe are looking for People with good communication skills to work at places like WembleyArena / Wembley Stadium / Lords Cricket ground / Twickenham Rugby Ground / QPR FC /Tottenham FC / Arsenal FC / House Racing / and many more venues around the country.We offer NVQ Training at no cost and many more opportunities to develop skills dealingwith public safetyRed Gecko Group is the brand new name for one of UK‟s leading event productions andaudio visual hire companies; with our new brand we have introduced a new department –Red Gecko Talent, a team dedicated to providing the very best in hospitality & promotionstaff, event & show crew & technical event staff for the corporate and events market.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWe will be looking for any of the following positions for casual / part time opportunities; Hospitality & Promotions Staff Event & Show Crew Technical Event Crew Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 31
  32. 32. Who are we?We are the UK‟s largest specialist provider of Field Marketingservices to the IT and Consumer Electronics industry.What we do?We offer full time and part time roles supporting our clients with: In store demonstrations Merchandising POS installs Product launches SalesWhy work with us? Awarded GOLD at the Field Marketing Awards (New/Developing Agency of the Year 2008-09) Awarded SILVER at the Field Marketing Awards (Team of the Year ‟09/‟10) Career opportunities and development Our staff love us"RMG offers a very friendly and supportive working environment that immediatelysets you at ease and makes you feel a key part of the team" Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 32
  33. 33. We are a young events company founded in 2009 and run RugbyRocks - the opening legof the National Sevens Series as well as host to men‟s and women‟s Open 7stournaments, 10s, touch rugby and netball.The festival – which will attract 8,000 sports & music fans in 2011 - blends the best rugbySevens in the UK with the best music & entertainment. Last year, acts included FEEDER,Just Jack and The Parlotones.RugbyRocks London 7s has already become a fixture on the UK rugby scene and is beingsupported by Saracens & the RFU.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWork Experience from now until 4/5 June (date of RugbyRocks London 7s 2011), withpossible full time jobs from then on.Work Experience would involve assisting with: Event logistics Marketing, Sponsorship & PR Team managementA full time recruit would be needed to help grow the business fromone tournament to three by 2012.Degrees in event management and/or marketing are preferable. Knowledge of rugby and apassion for the game is essential. We will be offering work experience to under-grads andfrom June full-time opportunities will arise for postgraduates. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 33
  34. 34. SportGrads is the countrys newest and most innovative recruitment programme focusingon providing opportunities for the most talented young people that wish to pursue a careerin sport.Aiming to be the definitive source of graduate talent for sport and leisure, SportGradsoffers employers access to the best pool of talent determined to succeed in the industry.SportGrads offers a members service for graduates which provides individuals not onlywith employment opportunities, but a number of benefits including courses and events,information, advice and support all designed to equip its members with the skills andknowledge required to succeed in employment in the sport and leisure industry.The service takes applications from individuals who not only have already graduated butare also in their final year at University. SportGrads accepts graduates with a degree inany subject, providing that this has been achieved in the last three years.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableSportGrads aims to match its database of talented young individuals with all types of roleswithin the sport and leisure industry. Whilst SportGrads cannot guarantee full timeemployment, members are offered all available opportunities, which will also include parttime, work experience and internship roles. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 34
  35. 35. NOW RECRUITING FOR THE EASTER & SUMMER HOLIDAYS Do you have experience working with children? Are you friendly with heaps of energyenthusiasm and confidence? If so, Super Camps may have the perfect holiday job for you!Super Camps are the No 1 Activity day camp provider offering children aged 4-16 years arange of new experiences in the holidays, including Multi-activity days (Arts & Sports),Sports Coaching Weeks, Outdoor Adventure Camps and a range of workshops fromInvention to Dance and Stage.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice Available Working for Super Camps is a great way to utilise and enhance existing teaching/coaching experience Continual work available during most holidays Full in house training and free CRB clearance Competitive rates of pay varying from £49.60 - £105 per day depending on role.With over 60 locations across the UK and a range of camp programmes there‟s somethingfor everyone!Roles include:Camp Manager, Early Years Co-ordinator, Activity Instructor, Lifeguard, TrampolineCoach, Sports Instructor, A Passion For Workshop Leaders (Creativity, Cooking, Dance,The stage, Invention, Cyberspace), Outdoor Adventure Camp Managers and Instructors.If you feel you have experience and knowledge to bring to Super Camps and any of it‟sprogrammes, we want to hear from you!For further details and to apply please visit‘Super Camps is committed to safe practice in recruitment and selection thatincludes consideration of issues to do with child protection, safeguarding andpromoting the welfare of young people.’Web Address: Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 35
  36. 36. Surveybe is a new generation computer assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) softwaresuite that has been designed by survey experts, with a blend of backgrounds fromacademia and commerce. The desire to create an easy to use, comprehensive andaffordable survey software suite that can intuitively and simply handle all manner ofcomplexities has been the driving ethos of our work.Economic Development Initiatives (EDI) Limited was founded in the UK (based in HighWycombe) in 2007 with the express intention of developing the market leader in mobilesurvey software which meets the needs of researchers in all fields. Surveybe is the resultof our endeavours.Overall EDI (UK) specialises in the development of data collection & surveybemanagement software for socio-economic research in international development. Weengage with clients such as: the World Bank, Clinton Health Access Initiative, InternationalLivestock Research Institute (ILRI), Cornell University and various National Bureaus ofStatistics from Georgia to Uganda to design and configure surveys, manage their fieldwork and overall assist them through all stages of their data collection project.The people at surveybe have vast experience of conducting electronic surveys inchallenging environments and know the practicalities of managing electronic datacollection in some of the remotest areas in the world. This data is then used by our clientsto publish reports that inform and influence governance, funding and social interventionsacross the globe.To learn more about us please visit www.surveybe.comJob/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWe have potential opportunities for both Internships within the company and for surveyconfiguration work on a contract basis. Previous survey experience would be helpful aswould knowledge of SQL and/or of databases.Our work involves having to meet deadlines for clients and so a professional, punctualapproach with an eye for detail is essential. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 36
  37. 37. THORPE PARK offers some of the most extreme and exciting rides in the whole of Europe- with a feast of over 25 rides and attractions. But its also a lot more besides – its actuallya great day out for families of all ages. In fact, most of our rides – along with other, gentlerattractions such as The Flying Fish and Neptunes Beach – are perfectly suitable foryounger children.As the nation‟s Thrill Capital, THORPE PARK is THE place to get your adrenaline pumpingin 2011. Experience the UK‟s most thrilling theme park as you‟re thrown, spun, swung andsoaked on some of Europe‟s most extreme rides.2011 Seasonal Job OpportunitiesJoin the team at THORPE PARK, with exciting job opportunities for all. From Retail toFood and Beverage, or from Rides and Attractions, Sales and Admissions to roles in ParkCleaning, Waste Management, Medical, Entertainments or our Warehouse - whateveryou‟re looking for, we‟re bound to have something to suit. We‟re open from March toNovember and, as ever, you can choose to spend just a few weeks with us at peak seasonor, this year, we‟re particularly keen to hear from people who‟d like to join us on a morelong-term basis.Rate of pay: from £5.95 per hourWho we’re looking forIt could be that you‟ve worked in a customer service role before, but far more importantthan any experience you have, will be the personal qualities you bring. We‟re looking forbright, bubbly, hard-working people with bags of personality and heaps of initiative. Warm,friendly, helpful individuals who‟ll go out of their way to make sure our guests have afantastic day out.We will be recruiting again from May for summer opportunities. If you are interested pleasevisit our website Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 37
  38. 38. Vario Offers a complete integrated marketing, advertising, printing, graphic display,storage and distribution service. We have over 40 Years of solid across the boardexperience.Vario deals with all the aspects that make up a project – concepts and ideas, design,artwork, production, printing, finishing, management and delivery.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWe are always looking for enthusiastic, intelligent young people to take the companyforward. We have various job opportunities on offer in sales, administration, graphicdesign and production.Immaculate service and unrivalled quality are everything to us here at Virgin Atlantic. Thehigh standards and experience of the people we hire has helped us become one of theworlds most highly rated airlines. In fact, whether you join us in the air, on the ground orbehind the scenes, youll need to be totally focused on delivering everything our customershave come to expect of us.Because were such a complex and rapidly evolving business, we expect all our people tobe adaptable, quick thinking and people focused every day to contribute to our ongoingsuccess. And in return, they get to share in the many benefits of working for one of theUKs favourite employers and one of the worlds best-loved brands.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableFor more information and to view all our current vacancies, visit our Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 38
  39. 39. Walking TALL works with graduates and business professionals to identify, unleash anddevelop their Personal Brand.We provide workshops and video based e-courses to help you make an impact and standout from the crowd when searching for that all important first step on the career ladder.Our workshops help you to:Increase visibility, exposure and personal profileMake your image work for you, not against youMake an impactful first impressionStand out from other intervieweesUnderstand your brand values and use them to create an authentic Personal BrandLesley Everett the company founder has produced a book „Walking TALL, key steps toimage impact‟ and Audio CD which can be found on the website. We also have some ofthe books and CD‟s available at the event at a special price. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 39
  40. 40. A registered charity running community sports and educational activities on behalf ofWatford FC.Watford FC‟s Community Sports and Education Trust is a registered charity (Charity No:1102239), having gained charitable status in April 2004.Being registered with the Charities Commission the Trust is governed in accordance withcharitable law. A board of Trustees exists, further details of which are given under theheading „Patrons and Trustees‟ which forms part of the „About Us‟ section on this website.The Trustees form an integral part of the Trust moving forward both in relation to decisionmaking and in meeting its operational aims and objectives.Due to the success and popularity of the Trust‟s work it now employs 18 full time staff andin excess of 50 part time members of staff. This has enabled the Trust to strengthen andbroaden its partnerships with a wide variety of individuals and organisations. The Trustcurrently runs activity programmes within Hertfordshire and its surrounding areas, as wellas in the London Boroughs of Harrow and Hillingdon.With a dedicated, committed and extremely passionate team of staff the Trust is able tonot only develop a wide range of creative projects but also deliver them to a high quality.As a Trust we currently focus on four key themes which are Sports Participation, SocialInclusion, Health and Education. Each of our community projects and activities fits underone of these themes or cuts across a number of them. In addition to this we are alsoinvolved in and are able to help organisations who are developing local communityfacilities.Although we have traditionally been seen as purely a football provider, this is certainly nolonger the case as you will see under the „Sports‟ section of this website.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWatford FC‟s Community Sports & Education Trust are seeking highly motivated,responsible and committed individuals to work within its expanding communityprogramme. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 40
  41. 41. Wenta is the leading Enterprise Agency in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and has beendelivering its services to clients since 1983.The services we provide our clients include: Business advice, guidance & training Incubation and managed workspace Comprehensive enterprise awareness programmes to schools, colleges, and universities.Wenta also runs the Graduate Step scheme for Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableWe have a variety of placements available for recent graduates from 2008/09/10 that havegraduated from a UK university. These are paid placements for a period of up to 12 weeks,some having the potential to lead to full time employment. Graduates will receive £210 perweek which is Tax and NI exempt.Based at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire, the birthplace of the ParalympicGames, WheelPower is the national charity for wheelchair sport. Each year WheelPowerintroduces over 1,000 disabled people in Britain to sport and enables over 5,000 toparticipate regularly through a range of sporting programmes and events. We also raisemoney to provide a target of 2,012 disabled people with sport wheelchairs as part of ourWheel Appeal.Visit us for information and advice on how to start a career in fundraising, events or sport.Find out how increase your employability in this highly competitive sector.We are looking for people with enthusiasm and good organisational skills to organise anddeliver a series of fundraising events to support our Wheel Appeal. We have greatopportunities to develop your skills and experience with the support of WheelPower‟sexperienced professionals. Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 41
  42. 42. Volunteering/Work Experience Volunteering opportunities for eco-enthusiasts when The Environment Centre has transferred to its new location shortly reception - bookkeeping - display creation - offer a skill and we‟ll find you a job!Our roots came from providing match day stewards for football and rugby events at AdamsPark. However we were established to meet the increasing demand for a company thatspecialised in providing fully trained event safety staff, including supervisor andmanagement grades, for large and small events within the Thames Valley andoccasionally beyond.We aim to supply an efficient and reliable service, provide quality personnel who aretrained to full NVQ standards, in uniform and are polite and well presented. Our team havealready been recognised with an national award in customer service.Job/Work Experience Opportunities Available or Information/Advice AvailableMatch day and event stewards/staff Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 42
  43. 43. The YES Network – the first and ONLY network for young entrepreneurs under 35!The YES Network has been set up by award winning young entrepreneur, Carly Ward, toaddress the needs of young entrepreneurs so that they can grow together, share ideasand experiences and become super successful in life. Young entrepreneurs will now havetheir own „hub‟ where they can meet up, make new connections and be inspired to developthemselves and their businesses. This is as much about making money as making newfriends or even finding a business partner.It doesn‟t matter if you don‟t have a business yet, even if you are only thinking about it andwant to check it out, come along to a meeting and see what it‟s all about. If you have anestablished business you might want to use our resources, ask our experienced BusinessAdvisers for help free of charge or even appoint a Mentor to get you to the next level.Young entrepreneurs are the next generation, tomorrow‟s leaders and the future economyof the UK depends on us! Over 50 organisations attending to meet students and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 43
  44. 44. Over 50 organisations attending to meetstudents and graduates, 10am – 3pm 17 March 2011 The Gateway, Main Events Hall 44