An Exciting Trip To The Big Apple


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An exciting trip to New York

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An Exciting Trip To The Big Apple

  1. 1. One day, Daniel and Monica went to an all-paid trip to the big apple, they thought it was going to be the best vacations ever in their lives.
  2. 2. I love skyscrapers! , and the Statue of Liberty is fantastic! - Monica said. We should go to the Empire State building- Daniel suggested.
  3. 3. Yes of course, I’ve heard so much about it, I think it will be the first place to go in our places-to-go list.
  4. 4. At that time, everything was good, the atmosphere was alright, but then a strange thing happened. Not everyone is treated equally! - Monica said in a sad way. Yes, there aren’t enough jobs here! – Daniel added.
  5. 5. They were very sad about this situation; they didn’t know that the main problem of the Big Apple was the Poverty and that people were underpaid.
  6. 6. Then Daniel had a great idea to try to fix this problem, he and Monica went to the Financial District.
  7. 7. Then they started to ask all the people around there what their jobs were, the complaints they have in each job and what they were studying. Some people said: Oh, I work in finance, why are you asking? Daniel and Monica explained everything to each people that passed through the Financial District.
  8. 8. Everybody was happy with this, the objective of this was to go to the Town hall and present all the possible complaints to the mayor and see if this could change something.
  9. 9. I’m going to rent a car. - Daniel said. Oh, to get faster to the town hall I’m going to travel by Greyhound bus! - Monica said. Yes that’s a good idea! We should take separate ways- Daniel added. How are we going to see each other at the same time, do you have a plan? - Monica asked. No, but I’ll find you. Daniel said.
  10. 10. How many minutes do we have to arrive early to the town hall? - Daniel said. 13 exactly- Monica added. Well we should get hurry if we want to make it happen, I don’t know how the traffic is going to be. – Daniel said. It depends on the area. - Monica added.
  11. 11. Monica was on the Greyhound bus. That’s my next stop! - Monica said to the bus driver. He stopped and Monica met with Daniel one minute before the meeting.
  12. 12. They arrived safely and in time to the town hall, the mayor accepted their complaints and gave money to all the people that were in the Financial District, they became the heroes of the day.