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E kutir presentation-online

  1. 1. E-Kutir to the promising world of Welcome
  2. 2. E-Kutir Technology & Extension Management Private Limited It a fast growing midsized Indian IT & Communication System Integration Company in the business of helping clients realise their ambitions by bringing information to life. A professionally managed company, with its deep technological expertise and industry knowledge, it works with clients across a vast market spectrum. The various sectors that fall within its gambit includes: Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Public Utilities, Health, Transport, Financial Services, Telecommunication, Media, Technology and Energy. Introductory Profile
  3. 3. Our resolute vision is to attain leadership in technically competent solutions which will lay the foundation for enhancing the business prospects of our clients. We have a team of proficient and enthused personnel who put their heart and soul to accomplish overall profitability and satisfaction of our esteemed shareholders. In nutshell we aspire for ‘Pursuit of Excellence’.   Vision
  4. 4. E-Kutir is committed to provide quality products and services to its customers globally. Our focus is on respecting the value of your needs, time and money. Philosophy
  5. 5. We strive for incessant improvement with unrelenting attention to garner every detail of all our products. This is the best way to enhance the quality of services for you. Our endeavour is to develop strategic alliances with Consulting and IT Services. Goal
  6. 6. We proudly and humbly introduce; Royal E-Kutir Technology Limited   A single Platform for all your needs related to Revolutionary E-Card Bundle Pack Powered by TATA COMMUNICATIONS.
  7. 7. Products and Services IT Solutions Merchandise E – Education Program Offers and Promotions
  8. 8. Products & Services: IT Solutions Application Services Connectivity Services Communicate Hosting and Data Centre Domain Name Registration Web Hosting Insta Compute Managed Hosting Web Creator Collaboration Insta Office Business Mail Premium Mall Web2SMS Security and Storage PC Security Shield Server Security E-Checkpost Online Backup Biz Apps Biz Mail CRM Project Recruit E-Office Managed VoIP Internet Leased Line Broadband VPN CDN Wi-Fi Revolutionary E-Card E – Card Silver Online Backup E – Card Gold Hosting and Data Centre Security and Storage Biz Mail E – Card Platinum Hosting and Data Centre Security and Storage Biz Apps or Google Apps Collaboration Google Apps Gmail Google Calendar Google Groups for Business Google Docs and Sites Google Video for Business
  9. 9. Products & Services: Offers and Promotions Super Power Card SUPER Power Privilege Card gives you extensive benefits such as, upto 80% off on more than 30,000 establishments and tie-ups in India and Abroad.  Golden Passport Golden Passport will take you to the world of pleasure and glory. It helps you transform your next vacation into a glamorous holiday. You can get 3 Days 2 Night holiday package in national destinations. Moreover catch must-see events with 6 FREE VIP Passes for Live Shows, Events, Theme Parties, Star Nights etc. Movie buffs can get 6 Movie Tickets of latest release of their choice. Also, satisfy your taste buds as you can have FREE Coupon of Dinner / Lunch in fine dining restaurants. 
  10. 10. Products & Services: Merchandise Merchandise We have More than 30,000 establishments in India and Abroad. With our value added services you’ll have privileged to get the direct benefits’ with them. You will get merchandise worth INR 5000 to 20000 or you will get Gift Vouchers. You will also get 9 to 100 FREE one time use coupons.
  11. 11. Products & Services: E - Education E – Education Program We are keen to spread the awareness about Information & Technology in Indian villages. We have selected few villages in India where we are going to start our camp to spread the basic knowledge of IT. We also invite the various corporate houses to take an initiative to adopt the education of students in this camp.
  12. 12. Model Of Working Company Direct Sales Team (DST) Corporate Sale Online Sale Member Referral Program (MRP)
  13. 13. Member Referral Program (MRP) Plan Create your FREE Account and Get your unique Account ID Visit www.E-Kutir.com Click on Referral Program
  14. 14. Member Referral Program (MRP) Select the Package and Become JOB DESK BOSS For 5 Years For 3 Months For 1 Years For 1 Years For 1 Years For 1 Years For 1 Years For 1 Years Only with AJD PACKAGES COST
  15. 15. Member Referral Program (MRP) Earn Points with your JOB DESK Your JOB DESK is your private working area where you can explore your information and knowledge by surfing our Associates, Traders and Services and the Services of our Promoters. While working in your JOB DESK you can earn 50 Points Daily . With this JOB DESK you’ll also get a BONUS JOB DESK in this Bonus Job Desk you can earn 50 Points Daily.  In total you can earn 100 JOB DESK POINTS everyday.
  16. 16. Member Referral Program (MRP) You like working in your JOB DESK and you want to expand your JOB DESK by adding more JOB DESKs. Here you can add upto 9 JOB DESK and each ADDITIONAL JOB DESK (AJD) will costs you ` 9000 only. When in total you have 1 JD + 9 AJD = 10 JOB DESKs you are entitled with a GROUP DESK BOSS . And of course you will also get the additional BONUS JOB DESKs YOU EARN 1000 JOB DESK POINTS EVERY DAY Become GROUP DESK BOSS
  17. 17. Member Referral Program (MRP) TEAM WORK POINTS By welcoming any of your Family or Friends for taking a JOB DESK Here you can build LEFT TEAM and RIGHT TEAM which will work under you. Your Team can also further build their own Team and you will get the benefits from that TEAM WORK too as TEAM WORK POINTS
  18. 18. Member Referral Program (MRP) Your TEAM WORK POINTS Every Day you can earn 1,00,000 TEAM WORK POINTS LEFT TEAM WORK RIGHT TEAM WORK TEAM WORK POINTS 1 1 1000 2 2 2000 3 3 3000 4 4 4000 5 5 5000 6 6 6000 7 7 7000 8 8 8000 9 9 9000 10 10 10000 20 20 20000 30 30 30000 40 40 40000 50 50 50000 60 60 60000 70 70 70000 80 80 80000 90 90 90000 100 100 100000
  19. 19. Your REWARDS & POINTS Every Day on fresh JD you can earn REWARDS & POINTS Member Referral Program (MRP) LEFT TEAM WORK RIGHT TEAM WORK TEAM WORK POINTS 50 50 45,000 100 100 90,000 200 200 1,80,000 400 400 4,00,000 1000 1000 12,00,000 2000 2000 MERCEDES 5000 5000 TATA JAGUAR
  20. 20. Member Referral Program (MRP) Your POOL DESK POINTS When you make your own 3 GROUP DESK in 24hrs you are entitled with FAMILY BOSS And when you welcome your direct 4 FAMILY BOSS under you irrespective of your Team Working area, you will become a POOL DESK BOSS and then onwards you will be getting the benefits of POOL DESK POINTS . Every month from the months taken JOB DESKs a 500 Points will be Pooled in POOL DESK and the total of POOLED DESK POINTS will be equally distributed among the POOL DESK BOSS . Here in a month you can Earn 25,00,000 Points. You can Earn upto 1,00,00,000 Points Validity to become a POOL DESK BOSS is till 15 th of November 2011
  21. 21. Member Referral Program (MRP) Your ROYALTY CLUB GROUP When YOU will Earn 1,00,00,000 Points from POOL DESK YOU will be welcomed to the ROYALTY CLUB GROUP In this ROYALTY CLUB GROUP You will get the monthly 1% of Companies JOB DESK POINTS turnover To get the benefits of this ROYALTY CLUB GROUP You have to do your JOB DESK WORK 100% 1% ROYALTY will be equally distributed among all the ROYALTY CLUB GROUP qualifiers.
  22. 22. Contact US For more details you can reach us on [email_address] Or Visit www.E-Kutir.com