The Comfort Zone
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The Comfort Zone



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The Comfort Zone The Comfort Zone Document Transcript

  • ==== ====get this product with special price at : ====When I talk about the comfort zone, I am talking about a space within oneself where one can liveand move securely and safely, in the sense that it is comfortable and familiar. From this, it can beseen that it is a rigid space which has defined boundaries and a fixed threshold level. In this way, itis like a closed box, which by its very nature makes a clear delineation between what exists insidethe box and what exists outside the box. For the purposes of this metaphor, that which existsinside the box represents the body of experience that life has exposed you to, and that whichexists outside the box is anything and everything that falls out of this sphere. In other words, it isthe experience of life that you do not know because it is not what you have touched or madeconscious contact with.When one functions within the boundaries of the comfort zone, they obtain the benefit of feelingthe sense of security, calmness and reassurance that comes with living a life in which theycontinue to do things the way in which they have always done them. I am sure that you have metpeople who live lives that are characterized by conformity, routine and sameness. Maybe theyhave been in the same position at the same workplace for years on end. Maybe they have lived inthe same house or different houses in the same suburb or location. Maybe they frequent the sameplaces, eat the same food or socialize only with people who are very similar to them. Maybe thatperson is you?What is clear is that these people are entrenched in the comfort zone, in that they have allowedtheir love of routine and sameness to become their limitation. Why they are limited is because theyare blocking off the abundance of gifts and the potential for growth that new experience brings.Imagine how comfortable it would be to live your life in a cardboard box. Imagine having to hold,bend and scrunch your head and limbs into position so that you could fit into that confined space.What you would quickly realize as you visualize this scenario is that what we often label ascomfortable is in truth not comfortable at all. So often, we cling to what is comfortable as a form ofsecurity, but we never really find what we are looking for. This is because we have ultimatelysought security where it cannot be found. If you were to look at an inmate in a penitentiary, youwould say that they are secure locked in their cell, but are they ever really comfortable. To thisquestion, I would have to answer in the negative.And how often does it feel like we are prisoners unto ourselves. We do this or that because weknow that it will achieve a certain aim, but is that aim what we really want? Unfortunately, what Ihave come to observe in my life and the lives of others is that we suffer terribly from carrying theweight that is the proverbial ball and chain suppressing our growth.Each and every one of us should make it a consistent habit to seek out and engage in activitiesand experiences which have the effect of pushing back the walls of our comfort zone. Only bydoing this will we stretch beyond our limitations and move to a realm of being that is aligned with
  • the peace and joy to be found in spirit.Stretching can be one of the most powerful abilities that you can develop in your life because itshows you in a very powerful way that you can do and accomplish what at one time you perceivedto be impossible or beyond your limitations. While stretching beyond the limits of your mind mayprove challenging and uncomfortable when you first begin to practice it, know within that the seedof learning is contained in the experience which will inevitably lead you to grow in the areas of lifewhere it matters most.Think about the concept of the comfort zone and the way in which it corresponds to weighttraining, as this metaphor illustrates well how the principle operates. Just say that you go to a gymand that when you engage in a resistance training session to work your arms, you consistently put25 kilograms on the bar. Over time, as you repeat lifting this weight load, this becomes yourthreshold, being the limit with which you can lift the weight effectively and efficiently. In otherwords, the 25 kilograms represents the boundary of your comfort zone. This means that if youkeep on lifting this 25 kilogram weight, you will maintain whatever strength you already have, andthat should you start to lift a weight which is below the 25 kilogram mark, your arm muscles willatrophy to the extent that you have decreased the weight level.But just say that your weight training program dictates that you are to work towards lifting 50kilograms on the bar, being the ultimate goal which you have set for yourself. This would meanthat at some stage, you would have to begin to lift 26 or 27 kilograms to increase your musclestolerance to the weight. Translated another way, you would have to move out of your comfort zoneto reach the goal that you have set for yourself. While continuing to lift the 25 kilograms is acomfortable option because it is all you have ever known and experienced, you will never stretchyourself and move towards your goal unless you go beyond it. Only once you travel down the pathof growth and transcend your limits, will you discover yourself and realize the goal which isfreedom in spirit.In making the decision to move from Perth to London, I made the decision to move out of mycomfort zone. Wanting to travel and experience how life is lived differently in other parts of theworld, I packed my bags knowing that I was about to step into the unknown, and while I struggledwith this initially and suffered the pangs of uncertainty that inevitably come when you are about toenter a new world, I never questioned the correctness of my decision because I knew that from agrowth perspective, it was exactly what I needed.All that I can say is that sometimes the point just comes when you find it too hard to tolerate andaccept what you previously went along with without question. When this happens, you will havepassed over the tipping point that will lead you to act in new ways. Having lived in my mothershouse for so long, I saw it as necessary to leave, not because I didnt love my mother or want tospend time with her, but because my call to growth was making me restless and uncomfortable ina place which was no longer spacious enough to cater for my needs and burgeoning ambition.Wanting my own space in which I could become self-reliant, I knew that the time had come to passover into another dimension within myself. This of course would require me to take a giant leap,which was something that I didnt necessarily feel comfortable making at home. What oftenhappens is that when you live in a place so long, you begin to conform to the expectations ofothers who share that same space. Living with them day to day, they come to accept you because
  • your personality has become predictable to them. With this, comes an unconscious agreementbetween you and your neighbours that as long as you dont change, you will continue to remainacceptable in their eyes.Here, I would say be cautious in the bargains that you make. While we like to think that having apredictable personality is virtuous, it can be divisive to our integrity of being when it leads us tothink and behave in ways that are not aligned with the greatest part of who we are. With this,understand that personality is not the same as character. While the latter characterises your innerworld which is foundational to your being, the former is only a surface identity that we present tothe world.Given that this is the case, we should enjoy living a life in spirit unburdened by the pressure toconform to the expectations of others, especially when those expectations are imposed just tokeep you in a space that others occupy. In The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, theshaman Don Juan teaches Castaneda that he is not truly free because he thinks and behaves inpredictable ways. Conditioned by the world to conform to its expectations, Don Juan points out toCastaneda that he has allowed himself to become a puppet in lifes great play, with others reallypulling the strings to his life.Restrained in spirit, we inevitably suffer when our personality is contorted, so as not to match thefabric of our character. Divided in two, we become scarecrows in the world, knowing only a blandexistence that is characterised by conservatism. Wanting to express so much more, we suppressso much more, until the person who we are on the outside is a stranger to the spirit in the heart.Ultimately, we should be free to express fully who we are in any given situation, even if this meansdeviating from what others in our vicinity judge to be acceptable behaviour. In saying this, I am notadvocating that you act in rude and disrespectful ways towards others, because this would serveneither them nor you. What I am saying though is that we should be free to be responsible, andthis necessarily entails living an integrated life, when what is open to us is the choice to live afragmented one.Given the choice, each of us would choose integrity for ourselves, but most of us have not thestrength to make that choice because we are prisoners to our comfort zones. Weakened by whatwe have grown to accept, we have not grown at all, for how we have moved is backwards on thespiritual path. Wanting not to be responsible, we have chosen to be controlled by the ego whichwould have us conform rather than be free.Free, each of us can realize our potentiality in spirit, so have growth be the choice that you makefor yourself. To know yourself as not only a child of God, but as an extension of him, is nevercomfortable because it forces you to look at yourself and all of the illusory barriers that you haveconstructed, which separate you from the source of your greatness. Never are any of us acomplete work, and while we are complete in the Godliness that we possess, we are incomplete inour spiritual understanding which impedes our progress in shaping the physical world.Not thriving in our comfort zones, we have created a world that is filled with survivors, but he whosurvives, dies a tragic death, because the life which preceded it was filled with many regrets. Sentto fulfil a divine purpose, meaning was compromised as the vision was lost. Gifted with everything,much was wasted in the pursuit of pleasure and the fear of failure. Only wanting to find happiness
  • where it existed, it makes the strangers death all the more tragic when you consider that it was hisown mind that killed him before his time. Deserving much more, he received so little, for thecontribution that he made was not truly his, but that of a sloth who was comfortable with sharinghis name.With growth as life, and life as joy, one cannot know true fulfilment when they have allowed fear tocondemn them to a life of mediocrity. What is mediocre is that which is safe, for life is all abouttaking risks. By this I do not mean putting yourself in unnecessary danger, for this does not servethe spirit. Rather, I mean that we should explore and discover new horizons, not only in thephysical world, but within ourselves.To be safe is to be sorry, for with safety comes many regrets. For most people who look back ontheir lives, it is not the things that they did do which stings most painfully, but rather the things thatthey failed to do. Wanting to do so much more, they succumbed to fear and settled too early andtoo cheaply for the crumbs of life, when what was available to them was a feast fit for a king.As I look out into the world, I see that those who are living the most extraordinary lives are thosewho are about progress. Being about progress, they are about growth, both for themselves andthe world. Having this as their driving force, they do not let complacency creep in to rob them ofthe opportunity to grow. Firm in the legacy that they intend to leave, this is the vision that theyallow to guide them in their everyday lives.Having a vision, they see a future in which it will be realized. But nothing is achieved if you allowonly the future to come to you. For progress to be made, one must be prepared, bringing withthem to every moment the passion to be found in spirit. But who is passionate and bored at thesame time? Not the one who is content in shaping the world in Gods image, for what burns in theirheart is an eternal flame that will not go out as long as the vision is kept.Those who live in the comfort zone will invariably become bored with life because it was not meantto be lived without challenge and new experience. This I know firsthand, for as I have stood still,so have I suffered under the weight of a deep seated knowing that I was not really living. Treadingwater, I had only my head above water, and was incapable of seeing the richness of life in themoments that I was given to enjoy.Wanting more, I had to demand more of myself. Not knowing what the outcome would be, I did notcare, for I know that with novel action comes the gift of new insight. Standing in a different place,one is able to see the world in a new way and learn more about who they are. Exposed to more,one invariably becomes more, and made more powerful is the ability to manifest.With this, understand that never can you manifest what you have not seen. Being what isundiscovered within you, there is much that new experience can add to your being. Do not takethis to mean that you are incomplete, for in spiritual terms you are already whole, and will be so foreternity. But this you do not recognize because you have yet to awaken. Sleeping for so long, youhave bought into the idea that integrity is but an idle wish, but your most animated dreams capturethe deepest truth that new experience is holistic in its teachings.How new experience adds to your being is by opening up the channels for transformation withinyou, for with every new discovery a dormant part of your spirit comes alive to touch the world. With
  • life being a gift through its teachings, so are its gifts made all the more valuable when they arehonoured by the spirit. Existing on the same level, the wisdom of love is able to shine throughwhen it is God that is recognized as the presence of life.Never is the process of learning over, for as we learn, so do we remember what our apathy andboredom would have us forget. The greatest lessons are learned in the light, not in the dark, for indarkness we are made to feel comfortable. Comfortable, we soon grow sleepy, and as we closeour eyes, so do we become blind, seeing only a life to be lived not from the heart, but from theclosed mind.L.C.Duperouzel Official blog - Source: