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  • 1. NOUNS
    Types of Nouns and Examples
  • 2. Definition
    The part of speech (or word class) that is used to name or identify a person, place, thing, quality, or action
  • 3. Types of Nouns
    Concrete & Abstract
  • 4. Common
    Definition: They are names which are general in nature, not specific or unique names
  • 5. Example of Common Nouns
    • Names of people - man, woman, child, boy, girl
    • 6. Names of animals - dog, cat, (not Rex or Jumbo)
    • 7. Names of places - city, village, river, mountain, country
    • 8. Names of things - soap, apple, chair, airplane
  • Proper
    Definition: Special type of names. In fact, when someone asks us our name, it is such a type of name we use in reply, i.e. Paul or Mohandas or Teresa or any such name.
  • 9. Example of Proper Nouns
    • Names of people — like those just mentioned
    • 10. Brand names — like IBM, KODAK, or Dell
    • 11. Geographical names — Asia, River Nile , the British Isles
    • 12. Names of institutions — St. Michael’s School, Bank of England
    • 13. Names of books and films — Utopia, My Fair Lady.
  • Collective
    Definition: They are not the names of the individuals in a collection
  • 14. Example of Collective Nouns
    • People (crowd, orchestra)
    • 15. Animals or other living things (herd, swarm)
    • 16. Places (union, federation) or
    • 17. Things (bunch, pile).
  • Concrete and Abstracts Nouns
    Definitions & Examples
    • Concretenouns are things, we have concepts like justice, honesty, presidency, ministry, childhood, happiness, intelligence etc. It is our mind which grasps (i.e. understands) these concepts.
    • 18. Abstractnouns are names of things we cannot grasp (recognize) with any of our five senses. We can grasp such things only with our mind.
  • Compound
    Definition: A compound noun is a noun that is made with two or more words. A compound noun is usually [noun + noun] or [adjective + noun],
  • 19. Forms of Compound Nouns
    • Open or spaced - space between words (tennis shoe)
    • 20. Hyphenated - hyphen between words (six-pack)
    • 21. Closed or solid - no space or hyphen between words (bedroom)
  • Predicate
    Definition: A predicate noun is also called a predicate nominative. A predicate noun has a dual function in a sentence
  • 22. Sentence examples Predicate Nouns
    Mr. Smith is a doctor.
    My son became a professional soccer player.
    Mary Smith may be our next president.
    The children seemed excited about Christmas.