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Apps Guide 2014


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Presented as part of the February 2014 Integrating iPads and Tablets into Library Services workshop series.

Presented as part of the February 2014 Integrating iPads and Tablets into Library Services workshop series.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. App  Guide   February  2014   GApps  covered  in  workshop   Most  descriptions  taken  from  product  websites,  Google  play  or  iTunes   Icon   Title       Read  books  purchased  from  Amazon   Free     Read  books  lent  from  libraries   Free     Free     iBooks     Free   Google  Play  Books   Read  books  purchased  from  Google  Books     Read  books  purchased  from  Barnes  and   Noble   Overdrive     For  both  IOS/Android   unless  listed   Kindle     Cost   Nook     Purpose   Read  books  purchased  from  iTunes   Free     Dropbox   Cloud  storage;  accessible  by  windows,  mac,   mobile  and  Linux   Free    
  • 2. App  Guide   February  2014   Google  Drive   Free     Sugar  Sync   Cloud  storage   free     Microsoft  office  for  mobile  devices   Syncs  with  Google  docs,  Dropbox   14.99     Numbers   Spreadsheet  program  for  Mac   $9.99   ios   Pages   Word  processor  for  Mac   9.99   ios   GoDocs     Cloud  storage   Ability  to  edit  Google  docs,  spreadsheets,   etc.  on  mobile  devices   $4.99     Slide  Shark   View  and  show  PowerPoint  slides  on  iPhone   free   and  iPad.    Preserves  the  transitions     Quick  Office  Pro             ios  
  • 3. App  Guide   February  2014   Mighty  Meeting     New  version  of  Google  slides   free     Slide  Share     free   Google   Presentation     Presentation  and  whiteboard  sharing   Mobile  website   free     Haiku  Deck       ios   Apple  presentation  app  –  part  of  iWork   9.99   ios   Mirror  op  sender     free   Keynote     Slide  creation  and  presentation  app   Allows  for  wireless  connection  from  android   Free   device  to  monitor  or  lcd  projector       Flipboard     Popular  magazine  and  social  media  app  –   you  pick  the  topics  and  it  builds  the  news   magazine     Free  
  • 4. App  Guide   February  2014   NetVibes           free     Social  news  reader       Brings  blogs,  magazines,  social  networks   and  newspapers  into  one  place   free     Evernote     News  reader   Pulse       NewsBlur     free   Feedly     Monitors  social  media   “Captures  everything”  note  clipper,  web   clipper,  voice,  texts   Free.   More  storage  for  a   price       Ziti     Personalized  magazine  learns  what  you  like   to  read  and  delivers  new  material  all  the   time.     Free       Google  Maps   Mapping  app,  shows  locations  street  view,   can  search  for  attractions  nearby     free    
  • 5. App  Guide   February  2014   Waze       Community  based  navigation  and  traffic  app   free     Trip  It   Trip  organizer  –  itineraries,  directions,  car   rentals,  airline  tickets  etc  all  in  same  place   .99  without  ads       IFTTT   If  this  then  that   Creates  recipes  to  automate  tasks   free   Android  coming     CamScanner           Turns  your  tablet  or  phone  into  a  document   free   scanner     Lumosity   Brain  games  to  keep  your  brain  moving  and   sharp   Must  buy   subscription     7  little  words   Word  game     Create  words  from  syllables  using  clues   Free  –  new  game     daily,  can  buy  sets  of   puzzles   Quiz  up   World’s  biggest  trivia  game   free   Android  due  this  year  
  • 6. App  Guide   February  2014   Touchcast           Everyone  shoots  an  event  –  upload  to   vyclone  and  it  puts  everyone’s  film  into  one   Free     Measures  your  room  and  creates  a  floor   plan,  emails  in  a  variety  of  forms  –  jpg,  pdf,   html  and  dxf,  can  be  opened  in  CAD   free     Ted     Available  for  pc   Magic  Plan     Free   Vyclone     Video  authoring  system  allowing  you  to   easily  add  interactive  piece  to  your  video  ,   twitter,  images,  text,  polls?   Mobile  version  of  the  Ted  Talks  website   Free     SnapSeed   Photo  editing  app   Free     Instagram   Photo  sharing   Free     Songza   Play  music  for  your  mood-­‐  gym,  relaxing,   work  etc.   Free    
  • 7. App  Guide   February  2014   Slacker  Radio         Customized  music  along  with  talk  and   sports  from  ABC,  ESPN  and  more   Shazam   Recognizes  music  and  media,  allows  it  to  be   free   shared  or  purchased     Pandora   Choose  music  and  radio  by  genre  or  create   your  own     Umano   Listen  to  articles  from  publishers  and   free   bloggers.  Users  curate  to  find  best  content,   can  create  playlists  and  download  for  off  air   listening   Use  your  commute  and  gym  time  wisely  –   subscription   listen  to  a  book.    The  only  way  my  kids  got   through  Shakespeare     Handwriting  app  uses  gel  ink  colors.  Can   create  different  notebooks  for  different   topics,  allows  for  pages  to  be  inserted,   deleted,  duplicated  or  moved  to  another   notebook   PenSupremacy  for  Tablets   $1.49     Audible     Penultimate     Free,  but  more   options  with   subscriptions   free   .99      
  • 8. App  Guide   February  2014   Paper  by  Fifty   Three   Makes  sketching  so  much  easier!  Variety  of   pen  styles  and  colors,  color  wash  from  light   to  dark,  ability  to  share  through  email,   tumblir,  facebook,  and  twitter   Free  but  can   purchase  different   pens     NSF  funded  access  to  science  and   engineering  images  and  videos,  newsfeed   from  NDF-­‐funded  institutions   Free   History  Maps  of   the  world   Nice  collection  of  historical  maps  –  several   companion  maps  apps  –  History  of  Europe,   Asia,  Americas    -­‐  these  cost  7.99   free   Science  360  radio  app   available,  does  not  seem   to  be  same  as  robust  as   one  for  iPad   ios   LeafSnap   1st  in  a  series  of  electronic  field  guides.     Free   Developed  by  Columbia,  University  of   Maryland  and  the  Smithsonian.    Uses  visual   recognition  software  to  help  identify  trees   from  photos  of  their  leaves   Came  from  the  dendrology  class  at  Virginia   Free   Tech.  Used  to  be  CDs  .  It  contains  fact   sheets  for  969  woody  plants  from  all  over   North  America  with  an  in  depth  description,   range  map  and  thousands  of  color  images  of   leaves,  flowers,  fruit,  twigs,  bark  and  form.   Lost  in  the  museum?    Use  the  GPS  locater  in   Free   this  app  to  help  you  find  your  way    -­‐  will   give  turn  by  turn  directions  to  exhibits  along   with  visuals  of  what’s  in  the  museum     Science  360         vTree       Explorer:   American   Museum  of   Natural  History   Android  app  under   development   Only  Android   Considering  android  app  
  • 9. App  Guide   February  2014   Edmodo     Free           Assignment   Planner  Pro   For  the  student  to  keep  track  of  schedule,   assignments,  projects  etc.     $1.49  or  add   supported  free   version   Android  only   iStudiez  Pro   Student  planner,  cloud  sync,  interactive   calendar,  grades,  assignments  etc.     9.99   Ios  only   Anatomy  4D   Augmented  reality  interactive  anatomy  app   free     Khan  Academy             Teacher  portal  allowing  students  and   teachers  to  stay  connected,  check  grades   assignments  etc.     Allows  for  viewing  of  Khan  academy  videos   Khan  Academy  viewer  for  android   free    
  • 10. App  Guide   February  2014   HMH  Fuse   Core  Algebra               1  chapter  free  $20   per  subject     Particles     Based  on  USA  core  curriculum  standards,   Rave  reviews  from  everyone   Particle  physics    -­‐  named  one  of  the  best   educational  apps  of  the  year   $9.99   IOS  only  Particle  Physics   Simulator  for  Android   Oxford  Picture   Dictionary   English  Spanish  dictionary     9.99     Duolingo   Apple  2013  app  of  the  year     free   Helps  ESL  speakers  learn  English   Helps  others  learn  to  speak  Spanish,  French,   German,  Portuguese  and  Italian     iAnnotate   PDF  reader  annotator     IEEE  Xplore   These  are  not  apps  per  se  but  websites  built   Free  with   for  mobile  devices.       subscription   JStor   Digitized  print  journals,  reference  source   $.9.99   Available  in  mobile   website   App  free  but  full  text   Available  in  mobile   available  with   website   subscription  
  • 11. App  Guide   February  2014   Medline   App,  citations,   abstracts  and  some   full  text  available   free  but  more  full   text  available  with   subscription   Search  title  to  find  libraries  near  you  owning   Free     the  title   Available  in  mobile   website   Ebscohost   Academic  reference  database   Free  with   subscription   Available  in  mobile   website   Gale  –  Access  my   library  college   edition   App  from  Gale  –  Access  my  public  library,   Access  my  school  library   Free  with   subscription   Android  app  available     WorldCat             Provides  citations  and  abstracts  to   biomedical  literature.    Full  text  available   when  possible   Available  in  mobile   website