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  1. 1. NEXT
  2. 2. Click on a box for each section! *(For first time users-follow the numerical order) 1. 3. MMC Online Student Web Link to Portal: Portal Walkthrough Online.millermotte.edu 2. 4. Moodle Online Web Link to Moodle:Classroom Walkthrough Classes.millermotte.edu HELP
  3. 3. HOME What is the Student Portal?• The Miller-Motte College Online Student Portal is a gateway to the information you the student will need for:  Academics  Finances  Online Classes  Student Email  Student Support Services (HELP).BACK NEXT
  4. 4. Student Portal Walkthrough Home Page HOME (Click on a title to begin that section) 1. 3. 5. Login and Home/Profile My FinancePassword Reset Page 2. 4. 6.MOODLE Online My Academics My Career Class Access 8. 7. Student Email Student Support Account
  5. 5. HOME Portal Login & Password Reset SP• Go to: Home• Look for this screen:BACK NEXT
  6. 6. HOME Portal Login & Password Reset SP• Look for the words Login Here Home• To start with the username, type your first name.student number For example: Jamie.12345 (capitalize first letter of first name)• Your password will be your student number again.• Click Log In when you are finished typing.BACK NEXT
  7. 7. HOME Portal Login & Password Reset SP Home• Once logged in you will see your name appear.• Click on the round Reset Password Icon:BACK NEXT
  8. 8. HOME Portal Password Reset SP• Next to Domain User Name, you need to provide your login of Home FirstName.studentID# here.• Keep the Domain Name under Academic.• Click the Continue button.BACK NEXT
  9. 9. HOME Portal Password Reset SP• You need to answer the requested questions. Home• Remember this page is timed, you only have 5 minutes to reset your new password!BACK NEXT
  10. 10. HOME Portal Password Reset SP• You need to enter your student ID# as your old password. Home• Next enter a new password only YOU will know then click OK.BACK NEXT
  11. 11. HOME SIGN OUT! SP Home• Sign out of your student portal and then sign back in again with your new password.• Doing this will ensure your new password works!BACK NEXT
  12. 12. HOME Portal Access to Online Classes SP Home• You have access to your Online classes through the student portal.• Click Online Classes in the upper right hand corner.• A new web page will open for your online classes in Moodle 2.1BACK NEXT
  13. 13. HOME Portal Access to Online Classes SP• You need to login to your Moodle Online Classroom with the same Home username and new password. Same login as the student portal • Moodle is further explained in the Moodle walkthrough.BACK NEXT
  15. 15. HOME Portal Home Tab: “My Profile” SP• Under the Home tab in the Student Portal, you can change and Home update your profile information.• If you change any information, a request will be sent to the school to update the new information.BACK NEXT
  16. 16. HOME Portal: “My Profile” SP• This is what your profile section will look like. Home• To edit it, click the words ‘Edit Profile’ then change your information and click ‘Update Request.’BACK NEXT
  18. 18. Portal Academics Tab: HOME “My Academic Account” SP Home• When you click on My Academic Account, a ledger of your academic information will populate.BACK NEXT
  19. 19. HOME Portal: “My Academic Account” SP• Your Academic ledger will show: Degree Program, GPA, Pre-requisites, Home General Education classes, Major classes, Course Title, Credit Value, Grades, Terms (Fall, Spring, etc.). Here is an example: BACK NEXT
  20. 20. HOME Portal: “My Schedule/Grades” SP• Next Click on My Schedule/Grades under My Academics: HomeBACK NEXT
  21. 21. HOME Portal: “My Schedule/Grades” SP• Under the My Schedule/Grades section you will see future, current, Home completed, and scheduled classes. The expected end date versus the actual end date and your final grade.BACK NEXT
  23. 23. Portal: My Finance HOME “My Financial Account” SP Home• Click on My Financial Account under My Finance to populate a ledger for your educational finances.BACK NEXT
  24. 24. HOME Portal: “My Financial Account” SP• Notice- you will see your finance officer and your balance when you Home see the finance account:BACK NEXT
  25. 25. HOME Portal: “My Financial Account”• Your financial ledger will show what type of expense you had and the $$ amount of the expense. SP• It will also show your balance. Remember to contact your listed finance Home officer with ANY questions about your finance account.•BACK NEXT
  26. 26. Portal: My Finance HOME “My Financial Aid” SP Home• In the My Financial Aid ledger, you will see all of the details about any financial aid you are using to pay for your education.BACK NEXT
  27. 27. HOME Portal: “My Financial Aid” SP Home• Here is an example (please contact your finance officer with anyquestions about your personal account):BACK NEXT
  29. 29. Portal: “My Career” HOME• In the Job Search, Resume, and Job History/Apply History sections, a SP student can do the following: Home 1. Review Job postings by Career Services 2. Work on their resume 3. Review previous Job’s they have applied for.BACK NEXT
  30. 30. HOME SP Home NEXT PORTAL SECTION: “Student Support”BACK NEXT
  31. 31. HOME Portal: “Student Support”• Your Student Support option allows you the student to contact a selected department. SP  For example: if you have a question about your grades, you can choose “Academic Home Records,” for financial questions, you can choose “Financial Aid” and so on.  General is for the IT department.BACK NEXT
  33. 33. HOME Portal: Email Inbox SP• You can access your student Outlook Web App/Live account through Home your student portal.• To do this, you must be logged in to the portal. When you are logged in, click on the icon for Email Inbox (it looks like an envelope).• Your email is automatically set up for you once you are enrolled in MMCO BACK NEXT
  34. 34. Portal: Email HOME• Once your email opens in a new window or tab, you will see a page SP Homesimilar to this one:BACK NEXT
  35. 35. HOME Portal: Email• If you logout of Outlook Web App, you will see this page with your email address in it. You can login again at http://login.live.com/ (<-Click) SP• Your student email is first.last@online.millermotte.edu Home• Password is the student ID#BACK NEXT
  36. 36. HOME Moodle Online Classes SP HomeBACK NEXT
  37. 37. HOME What is MOODLE?? SP Home• Moodle is an Online Learning System – OLS• Moodle is used as a platform for showcasing education related materials such as: • Your classes • Your grades • Online Libraries • Links for other websites• It is like a well organized file cabinet.BACK NEXT
  38. 38. HOME Moodle Walkthrough Home Page SP Home 1. 2. 3. Logging in to Homepage MMC Library Moodle Layout Walkthrough 4. 5. 6. Moodle Online Courses! Student Support MessagingBACK
  39. 39. HOME Moodle: Logging In Moodle• Logging into Moodle for your online classes is easy! Home• First, go to SP HomeBACK NEXT
  40. 40. HOME Moodle: Logging In Moodle• Locate the Login section at the top right hand corner. Home• Click Login SP HomeBACK NEXT
  41. 41. HOME Moodle: Logging In Moodle• Your username and password are the same as your login for the Home portal, so just enter the same username and password you used earlier. SP• Remember if you changed your username/password in the portal then Home the new un/pw will be the same for Moodle.BACK NEXT
  42. 42. HOME Moodle Home SP Home NEXT MOODLE SECTION: “Home Page Layout”BACK NEXT
  43. 43. HOME Moodle: Home Page Layout• There is a lot of information just on the home page, so lets start with the “First Time Users” section on the RIGHT side of your screen. Moodle Home SP Home Click OK if you see this screen. Notice the two items at the bottom: Logging into the Site & Navigating Moodle PDF. The explanations for both tools is located above them. Click on Logging in & Navigating Moodle to view each section.BACK NEXT
  44. 44. HOME Moodle: Home Page Layout Moodle• IT-Delta Help Desk. Home• This option is located on the right hand side of the page. SP HomeBACK NEXT
  45. 45. HOME Moodle: Home Page Layout Moodle Home• Under Resource Files: – Two important sections SP  MMC Catalog Home  Online Library  Click: ONLINE LIBRARY to enter a library walkthroughBACK NEXT
  46. 46. HOME Moodle Home SP Home Moodle:“MMC Library Walkthrough” NEXT
  47. 47. HOME Moodle: Library Walkthrough Moodle• The Moodle Library is called LIRN Home• Library & Information Resources Network SP• When you click on Online Library, you will see this page appear: Home Back to Moodle Page LayoutBACK NEXT
  48. 48. HOME Moodle: Library Walkthrough Moodle • Once you see LIRN: Home – Look at the lower left side of the main page and locate the LIRN ACESS link, click it. SP – A new page will open in font of the main page, click Training: Home Back to Moodle Page Layout #2#1. BACK NEXT
  49. 49. HOME Moodle: Library Walkthrough Moodle• The LIRN Training section will take you through mini-trainings that are Home developed to teach you how to use the library. SP Home Back to Moodle Page LayoutBACK NEXT
  50. 50. HOME Moodle: Library Walkthrough Moodle• Also available for you to use is the PDF paper walkthrough. Home• Locate this PDF directly under the LIRN ACESS link. SP Home Back to Moodle Page LayoutBACK NEXT
  51. 51. HOME Moodle: Library Walkthrough Moodle• Also found in the MMC Library is the Resources section. Home• This section lists all resources you need to be a success in class. SP Home• Easy to click links are used for each resource. Many of them will open Back to up in Adobe PDF format as read-only. Moodle Page Layout• You MUST be logged into Moodle to use these resource links!BACK NEXT
  52. 52. Moodle: Library Walkthrough HOME SP• You will also see the HELP with Moodle section in the MMC Library. Home• This section will assist you with better understanding how Moodle Moodle works and all links are PDF Read-Only paper! Home • Remember: You must be logged into Moodle to use these links. Back to Moodle – Help with Moodle is located under the Resources section. Page LayoutBACK
  53. 53. HOME Moodle: Home Page Layout Moodle• You now want to focus on the LEFT hand side of your homepage. Home• Locate ‘SETTINGS’ at the top. In Settings, you can: SP – Edit your profile Home – Edit your school blogBACK NEXT
  54. 54. HOME Moodle: Home Page Layout Moodle• Here is an example of what editing a profile would look like. Home• First click Edit SP Home• Adjust the information requested by red asterisks *and any other information you want to add.BACK NEXT
  55. 55. Moodle: Home Page Layout HOME• Navigation is on the LEFT side of the page under settings. Moodle  Navigation takes you through the different pages/sections in Moodle. Home  A description of each section is given in the picture below: SP HomeBACK NEXT
  56. 56. Moodle: Home Page Layout HOME Moodle• The Helpful Hints section is under Navigation. Home• Helpful Hints are links that will open up tools for improving SP your skills in computer usage and writing. Home• Additional tools for using Moodle as well as free computer program links are provided.BACK NEXT
  57. 57. HOME Moodle: Home Page Layout Moodle• My Courses is located on the left side of the page under Helpful Hints. Home• When you click on the blue course number and title, you will be taken SP to your class. Home• All courses will show you a list of all the classes you are currently enrolled in. You can also find your courses at the very bottom of the homepage!!BACK NEXT
  58. 58. Moodle: Home Page Layout HOME Moodle• The Online Users section is under my courses and will display all the Home students who have been online within a given amount of time. SP• The envelopes next to the student name are icons used for messages. Home ***Remember- You must be logged into Moodle to see this!BACK NEXT
  59. 59. HOME Moodle: Home Page Layout Moodle• Short cut buttons are on the homepage for you to quickly jump to a Home section of the Moodle website. SP  Library will take you to the LIRN library. Home  Career Corner will take you to our Career Services page.  Financial Aid provides reading about financial aid and additional links to visit.  Tutoring takes the student to a request tutoring online page.  Lesson Due Dates /Calendar show when lessons end and new lessons begin per quarter.  Contact Us is a list of the departments with phone numbers.  Click to view one: Career Corner, Tutoring, Lesson Due Dates/Quarterly CalendarBACK NEXT
  60. 60. HOME **Career Corner** Moodle Our Career specialists! Home SP HomeBACK
  61. 61. HOME **Tutoring** Moodle Home #1 SP Home #2BACK
  62. 62. **Lesson Due Dates/Calendar** HOME Moodle• The Lesson Due Dates/Quarterly Calendar will show you the dates Home your lessons are due, mid-terms, and breaks between quarters. SP HomeBACK
  63. 63. HOME Moodle Home Page Layout Moodle• The remainder of the Moodle Home page is announcements posted Home the different departments of MMCO and our director of education. SP Example: HomeBACK NEXT
  64. 64. HOME Moodle Home SP HomeNext Moodle Section:“Moodle Messaging” NEXT
  65. 65. Moodle: Messaging HOME• Sending Messages to fellow classmates or your teacher in Moodle is Moodle Home EASY!! Follow these directions: 1. Locate the Online Users on the left side of your homepage: SP Home 2. Click on the envelope next to the person’s name who you want to message: 3. Type your message and click Send Message: 4. ** When the person replies it will appear in your Messages box on the RIGHT side of the home page! Keep in mind, this is NOT email.BACK NEXT
  66. 66. HOME Moodle Home SP HomeNext Moodle Section: “Online Courses!” NEXT
  67. 67. Moodle: Online Courses HOME Moodle• Remember- to access your online classes, click My Courses on the left Home side of your homepage or at the very bottom of the homepage! SP Home – Once you are on your class page, look for your course title and number to appear in white in the dark blue bar near the top of the page: – Latest News will appear on your RIGHT side, posts from your teacher.BACK NEXT
  68. 68. Moodle: Online Courses HOME Moodle• Settings and Navigation are on the LEFT hand side of the page Home• Remember that under Settings, you can locate your GRADES. SP HomeBACK NEXT
  69. 69. Moodle: Online Courses HOME Moodle• NOW for your actual class-STOP- Look at this main class page. Home• Notice you have 6 lessons. Above the lessons section you see: SP – Announcements Home – Syllabus – Rubric• CHECK the Announcements every time you login for class!• Let’s start by clicking on Announcements… Go ahead and click on it.BACK
  70. 70. Moodle: Online Courses HOME Moodle• This is the layout of the Announcements section. Home• Click on the Announcement titled: Reminder SP HomeBACK
  71. 71. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• Keep in mind that most instructors do not want students to reply to Moodle Home the announcements section of the class. – Always check with your instructor before replying in Announcements. SP Home  To return to Announcements or your Classes main page you can click on the section you want from the dark blue bar, it looks like this:BACK NEXT
  72. 72. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• The Syllabus is always posted to your class page. Moodle Home• Lets look at a Rubric, this is the criteria by which you are graded. SP• YOU NEED TO READ BOTH the SYLLABUS & RUBRIC! Home• Click on Rubrics below: BACK
  73. 73. HOME Moodle: Online Courses Moodle• Your Rubric will explain the criteria by which you are graded on your Home assignments, discussions, assessments, and course projects. SP• You can save and/or print out your rubric by clicking the indicative icon. HomeBACK NEXT
  74. 74. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• Lets take a look at the next section of links above your Lessons. SP Home Moodle Home• The PrimoPDF allows you to convert word documents into Adobe PDF format and the software is free.1. Online Resources-Textbook –Click it above to find out more!2. Next Click: Course Introductions above- This is where you post a brief intro about yourself before you start class.3. Last, click: Are You Feeling Partly Cloudy?? - This is where you can ‘vent’ in class (remember your netiquette ).BACK
  75. 75. HOME Moodle: Online Courses Moodle• Textbook Companion allows you to choose chapter quizzes on the web. Home• Each chapter will have about a five question quiz for you to test your SP Home knowledge. See below:  When you finish the quiz, you can email yourself the answers BACK
  76. 76. HOME Moodle: Online Courses SP• Course Introductions- Before you start posting in class and begin your Home schoolwork, you want to ensure you acquaint yourself with your Moodle classmates and teacher, here is where you will do just that. HomeBACK
  77. 77. HOME Moodle: Online Courses SP• The example below shows an introduction by Tara and a reply by Home Annie. Moodle HomeBACK
  78. 78. HOME Moodle: Online Courses SP Home• Are You Feeling Partly Cloudy provides an area for student’s to in text verbalize how they feel or ask questions about something they don’t Moodle understand. So speak up! …Just remember to be courteous  HomeBACK NEXT
  79. 79. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• You have 6 Course Lessons. Each Lesson has the following sections: SP 1. A Course Presentation that you will view Home 2. Two Class Discussion Questions Moodle 3. Textbook Assignments Home 4. Course Project Assignment that you will work on throughout all six lessons 5. A lesson assessment• Every class will have the 6 lessons and each lesson will have the same type of assignments, but with different materials for each class.• Take a look at the layout of Lessons 1-3 on the next page and notice how the layouts of assignments are the same for each lesson…BACK NEXT
  80. 80. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• Lessons 1-6 will follow the same flow of requirements in every class: SP – Presentation, Class Discussion, Textbook Assignment, Course Project, & Assessment Home Moodle Home• Now you will look at each section under Lesson 1 on the next few pages.BACK NEXT
  81. 81. Moodle: Online Courses HOME SP• Presentation is where the instructor will post a reading about the Home materials you will cover in the chapters for that Lesson. Moodle• Click on Presentation outlined in red to view it on another page: HomeBACK NEXT
  82. 82. Moodle: Online Courses HOME SP• Below is an example of a presentation. Presentations are read-only. Home Moodle HomeBACK NEXT
  83. 83. HOME Moodle: Online Courses SP• The next link you will click on under your Lesson is Class Discussions. Home• You will have two discussion questions per lesson. Moodle• Click Class Discussions below: HomeBACK NEXT
  84. 84. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• There are several things you want to pay attention to on the discussion SP Home page: Click 4 times-slowly- on this page to see what they are Moodle HomeBACK NEXT
  85. 85. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• To start look at discussion display- a drop down menu is provided to SP Home accommodate what format you want the discussions displayed in: Moodle HomeBACK NEXT
  86. 86. Moodle: Online Courses HOME SP• Next section- make sure you know what discussion question you are Home answering! Moodle• Discussion Questions are denoted as “DQ’s.” HomeBACK NEXT
  87. 87. HOME Moodle: Online Courses SP Home Moodle• Pay attention to how many points each DQ is worth!! HomeBACK NEXT
  88. 88. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• Here is a snapshot of discussions, look at the names underlined in red SP – Tara replied to DQ 1, Terry replied to Tara, and Tara replied back to Terry. Home Moodle HomeBACK NEXT
  89. 89. HOME Moodle: Online Courses SP• Now it is time to take a look at a Text Book assignment, to do this from Home course discussions, follow these steps: Moodle 1. Locate your course on the dark blue navigation bar and click on it: Home 2. Locate the link Textbook Assignments under Lesson 1 and click on it (you can click it):BACK
  90. 90. Moodle: Online Courses HOME SP• Here is an example of what a textbook assignment looks like: Home – NOTICE THE DUE DATE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE ASSIGNMENT Moodle HomeBACK NEXT
  91. 91. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• Now you will need to navigate back to Lesson 1. SP – click on the Course Project Assignment. To see an example,view the sample below: Home Moodle HomeBACK NEXT
  92. 92. Moodle: Online Courses HOME SP• At the end of every Lesson, you will have an Assessment. Home – To view the Assessment, you have to click on the link for it. Below is an example: Moodle HomeBACK NEXT
  93. 93. Moodle: Online Courses HOME• There is a second way of navigating through the different sections of your lessons.• If you look at the example below, notice each section of lesson one is listed under the Navigation toolbar on the LEFT side of the page: SP Home Moodle In order to view Home these options, you just have to click on the word ‘Topic.’ For example, Topic 1 is for Lesson 1. ------->BACK NEXT
  94. 94. HOME Moodle: CONGRATS SP Home Moodle• You made it through your walkthrough!!! Home• You can view this walkthrough as many times as you need to and remember…• You can call, email, Facebook, or mail us when you need HELP!! (you can click on Help too…  )BACK
  95. 95. HOME HELP!! SP Home• Delta IT- 855. 335. 8248 Moodle Home – Hours of Operation M-F 7AM-10PM, Saturday 9AM-3PM EST • Online Admissions- 855.666.6546 • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/millermotteonlineBACK