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All about frogs!.ppt All about frogs!.ppt Presentation Transcript

  • All About Frogs!
    By Mary Miller
  • My Favorite Animal is a Frog!
  • Frogs are Amphibians
    Amphibian means “on both sides of life”
  • What do amphibians have in common?
    They live on land and in water
    They breathe water when they are young and
    either grow gills OR breathe air when they are older
    They are cold-blooded
    Many lay their eggs in water
    Most live in fresh water
    About 88% of amphibians are frogs
  • What do Frogs Look Like?
    • Have a short body
    • Webbed fingers or toes
    • Protruding eyes
    • NO tail
    • Are excellent jumpers
    • Start out as tadpoles
  • Where Do Frogs Live?
    All over the world (see black on map)
    Most species live in the rainforest
    They do NOT live in Antarctica and some oceanic islands
  • Camouflage
    Is common in frogs
    Most with camoflage are nocturnal
    awake at night
    this helps them hide
    Some can change colors
    only two colors
  • Poison
    Many frogs have toxins so other animals will not eat them; they taste bad
    Some frogs are very poisonous
    They usually have bright colors
    Some frogs get their poison from the animals they eat (e.g., ants)
  • Eating
    Frogs have teeth used to grind food
    Frogs have a sticky tongue
    Use it to catch food
    Most eat flies and insects
    Some large frogs eat small mammals, fish, and smaller frogs
    Very few eat just plants
  • Life Cycle
    2. Tadpole (or Polliwog)
    1. Egg – most female frogs lay eggs in early spring
    4. Adult
    3. Metamorphosis
    Captive frogs and toads can live up to 40 years
  • Frog Calls and Croaks
    Some are so loud they can be heard a mile away
    Many have deep calls or croaks
    They call by passing air through their throat
    The main reason they call is so males can attract females
    Other reasons are to guard territory, to forecast rain, and when under stress (if a predator is near)
  • Famous Frogs
    Frogs are used a lot in books, movies, commercials and cartoons!
  • Questions?