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Twitter Seminar Resources

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Twitter Seminar Resources

  1. 1. • Twitter grew 343% from Sept. 2007 to Sept. 2008, making it the fastest-growing US online social networking site in September -- Nielsen Online, Oct. 2008 “Growing Your Business With Twitter” • Twitter passed its one billionth Tweet last week Lyn Mettler—President Simon Ashton—Vice President of Technology Twitter Basics Twitter Basics 1. What is Twitter? 1. Going Viral •Something goes viral when each person tells at least two other people about it. By the 20th telling, if Lyn’s definition • each person tells exactly two others, more than half – Public instant messaging/conversation in 140 a million people will have heard the news. – Secrets characters or less of Social Media Marketing by Paul Gillin Chris Brogan’s definition • 2. Setting up Twitter • Your handle – Twitter, unfiltered, is like someone with mind reading powers walking down 38th Street in Manhattan • Your profile • The ‘look’ The official Twitter definition • • Who to follow – Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? Twitter Basics Twitter Basics 4. Twitter Commands 3. Twitter Lingo • @reply • Twitterer - a person who uses Twitter • Direct message • Tweet - the actual post • #Hashtags • Twittering - posting a Tweet • #GYB for our seminar • DM - direct message 5. Twitter Applications • Tweetdeck • Retweet - sharing someone else's tweet with your • Twhirl followers • Twitterrhea - The act of sending too many Twitter messages. 1
  2. 2. Using Twitter for Business Using Twitter for Business 1. Chris Brogan’s Goals 3. Tone • Be helpful, be informative, be human, and be as • Conversational responsive as I can • Transparent/open 2. Ways you can use it for business • Funny • Position yourself as an expert • Informative • Promote your company • Engaging • Networking • Friendly • Generate new business • Provide useful information • Stay informed on industry topics • Media coverage • Customer service • Crisis communications Using Twitter for Business Monitoring 4. What to post? 1. Why Monitor Twitter? • Business vs. personal •See what people are saying about you and your • Compliment others • Brag on yourself company • Share interesting information from other sources • Customer service • Share your news/videos/blog posts • Answer people • New business • Ask questions 2. How to Monitor Twitter? • Comment on topical news • • Give the inside scoop • Respond to people who may need your services • RSS • Retweet • Tweetdeck • Don’t post “yes” “no” “I agree” “thanks” • Keep one-on-one personal conversations off Twitter • Spread out your tweets 5 Things You Can Do Immediately To Maximizing Twitter Engage Twitter For Your Business • Link to social networks • Start adding your blog posts or news releases to expand their reach/readership • Cross promote • Set up monitoring for mentions of your company or • Badge/feed on your Web site/blog related phrases • Add to your email signature or in any list of ways to • Find 10 people a day for the next week to follow that contact you relate to your business • Tweeple • Add Twitter to your email signature and contact us page • Use Twitter to seek media coverage by following @skydiver and @profnet 2
  3. 3. How to contact us: •Lyn Mettler, President (843) 388-8376 AIM: LynMettler Twitter: @webprgirl OR Check us out on MySpace or Facebook Blog: •Simon Ashton, VP Technology (843) 298-2116 Twitter: @simonashton 3