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MathBio at Truman, at SMB 2004
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MathBio at Truman, at SMB 2004


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A talk on Truman's Mathematical Biology Program at the 2004 meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology

A talk on Truman's Mathematical Biology Program at the 2004 meeting of the Society for Mathematical Biology

Published in: Technology, Education
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  • First, let me thank you all for attending my talk. I was invited to report on activities at Truman state that are supported by an NSF UBM grant, Interdisciplinary Training for Undergraduates in Biological and Mathematical Sciences. So I am going to describe Truman's Mathematical Biology Initiative.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mathematical Biology at Truman
      • Jason Miller, Ph.D.
      • Division of Mathematics & Computer Science
      • Truman State University
      • 26 July 2004
      • [email_address]
      Society for Mathematical Biology, 2004
    • 2. Outline
      • State two goals of Truman’s Mathematical Biology Initiative
      • Describe Truman’s Mathematical Biology Initiative
      • Detail our grant supported activities
      • Speculate on our future
    • 3. Goal 2. Better prepare our undergraduates to seek careers and advanced degrees in this interdisciplinary area. 1. Create at Truman a self-sustaining community of faculty and students who are interested in “mathematical biology” Mathematics Statistics Computer Science Biology
    • 4. Truman’s Mathematical Biology Initiative
    • 5. Professional Societies
    • 6.
      • biweekly
      • presentations by Truman faculty & some visiting speakers
      • opened lines of communication
      • revealed Capstone projects and opportunities for research collaboration
      • began building a community
      MathBio Seminar
    • 7. Professional Societies
    • 8.  
    • 9.
      • mini-grant competition for summer interdisciplinary team research experiences
      • course devel
      • field trips (one per year)
      • symposium in Summer ‘05
      NSF UBM Supplement Generates excitement! + Mathbio Seminar
    • 10.
      • grant competition
      • for interdisciplinary projects
      • cross-disciplinary pair of mentors, cross-disciplinary pair of students
      • project has potential for long-term cross-disciplinary collaboration
      • submit substantial written proposal
      • anonymous reviewers (local and external)
      • summer funding (stipends, travel, supplies)
      Mini-grant Competition
    • 11.
      • Development of habitat suitability models to test how spatial scale influences predictions of occurrence patterns of the federally threatened, rare plant species, Missouri bladder-pod Lesquerella filiformis ( mini-grant )
      • Applications of Image Analysis to Cell Cycle Data Acquisition ( mini-grant )
      • Quantitative Identification of Bat Species via Acoustic Surveys
      • Aerodynamic features of saccate pollen: Evolutionary implications for wind–pollinated plants
      Current Research Projects
    • 12.
      • Introduction to Modeling in Biology (Spring 2005)
      • Bioinformatics (TBA)
      • Research Practicum (Spring 2005)
      • Programming for Scientists (TBA)
      Courses That following courses are under development:
    • 13.
      • 9 undergrads + 4 faculty
      • Kirksville to St. Louis, overnight
      • Monsanto
      • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
      • group discussions before and after
      Field Trip Next trip : Kansas City metro area
    • 14.
      • to share best practice in undergraduate mathematical biology (interdisciplinary) education
      • to share and assess Truman’s efforts
      • to sketch strategic plan for future
      Symposium (Summer ‘05) You’re invited!
    • 15.
      • MathBio Seminar: 100+ undergrads, 20+ faculty
      • 9 faculty, 12 students engaged in mathbio research
      • 8 faculty developing courses together
      • stronger relationships with industry
      • lots of faculty & student enthusiasm and “buy in”
    • 16.
      • geographic isolation
      • faculty are retooling
      • “gentle” course reform & research based math courses (cf. Bio 2010 ; modules)
      • sustainability
    • 17.
      • use Truman’s new interdisciplinary major
      • new biology faculty member (bioinformatics)
      • support faculty to seek external funding for their own projects
      • create a summer research community & program in the sciences
    • 18.
      • extended research experiences
      • research projects generate course modules
      • coordinated research community program (seminars & workshops)
      • trips
      NSF UBM 2004 (Submitted last Spring.)
    • 19.
      • attract students to STEM fields through mathbio
      • deeper curriculum reform (interdisciplinary)
      • more serious assessment of undergraduate research program
      • community colleges
      • mathbio as a route to increase retention rate of women in CS
      NSF STEP 2004
    • 20. Summary
      • Truman is very actively pursuing the goal of preparing its students to work at the intersection of mathematics and biology
      • using undergraduate research as a vehicle to get faculty to cross disciplinary boundaries works!
      • the UBM program has provided resources and generated excitement
      You Can Do This!
    • 21. Thank you