Project time sheets & invoicing in sugar crm


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Project time sheets & invoicing in sugar crm

  1. 2. Project Creation: 1. Login to the Sugar CRM, using login ID and password. Home page of Sugar CRM is displayed.
  2. 3. 2. In extra menus list, Click on Projects
  3. 4. 3. List of projects that are already created are displayed. Click on Create Project option in the Actions menu list to create a Project.
  4. 5. 4. New Project form to create a new project.
  5. 6. 5. Enter the Name of the project and Description. Select the Start date, End date, Status, Priority, Assigned to fields and click on Save
  6. 7. 6. Project created gets Saved and displays sub-panels related to Project like Project Tasks, Time sheets, Activities, History, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases and Bugs.
  7. 8. Project Tasks Creation: 7 . In Project sub panel -> Project Tasks -> Click on Create button to create a task for the project.
  8. 9. 8. New Project task form appears on the screen.
  9. 10. 9. Enter the fields that are required like Task name, Start date, End Date, Priority, Assigned to, Estimated effort in Hours a nd Save.
  10. 11. 10. Create required number of tasks that are related to the project.
  11. 12. Creation of Accounts: 1. In Main menu bar, Click on Accounts. List of accounts that are existing are displayed on the screen.
  12. 13. 2. Click on Create Account in Actions Menu list.
  13. 14. 3. New form appears to create an Account.
  14. 15. 4. Enter required fields like Name, Office Phone, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Email address, Description.
  15. 16. 5. Enter More information if required and Save the account.
  16. 17. 6. Account gets saved and sub panels like contacts, invoices, History, Opportunities, Projects etc., related to the account are displayed on the screen.
  17. 18. Creation of Contacts: 1. In main menu bar, Click on Contacts. List of existing contacts appear on the screen.
  18. 19. 2. In Actions sub menu list, Click on Create Contact option to create a new Contact.
  19. 20. 3. New contact form to create a contact.
  20. 21. 4 . Enter all required fields like Contact name, Title, Department, Account name, Primary address, Email Address and Description .
  21. 22. 5. Enter more information if required and Save this contact.
  22. 23. 6 . Created contact gets saved and sub panels like Projects, Leads, Activities, Opportunities etc., related to the Contact are displayed on the screen.
  23. 24. Updating Project Related Time Sheet 1. In main menu bar, Click on Time Sheets. Time sheet for a Week in Fill Matrix form Appears on the screen.
  24. 25. 2. Enter the hours worked related to Project tasks and Save. How many hours worked on a task for a week are Calculated and displayed In Total column.
  25. 26. Invoice Creation: 1. In main menu list, click on Invoicing Option. Invoicing screen appears with the list of invoices that are already generated.
  26. 27. 2. Click on Create Invoice in Actions menu list to create a new invoice.
  27. 28. 3. Enter Internal ID, Invoice number. Select the Invoice type, Status, Currency, Billing Account and Contact , Enter Account Hour Rate, Tax Rate and Invoice Footer text.
  28. 29. 4. In Invoicing -> Time sheets Search Form , Select the Start date, End Date, Time sheet status, Employees , Search for Projects and Project Tasks Time sheets option and Click on Search for Time Sheets.
  29. 30. 5. To Invoice Case Time Sheets also, Select the option Search for cases Time Sheets and click on Search for time sheets button.
  30. 31. 6. List of Projects and Project Task Time Sheets, Cases Time sheets are displayed according to the Search Preferences.
  31. 32. 7. Select the Tasks for which invoicing to be done and click on Add selected items button
  32. 33. 8. Time Sheet Line items are displayed for tasks selected. Enter the description, Account Hour Rate and Click on Add to Time Sheets and Save Time Sheet Line items .
  33. 34. 9. Invoice gets saved and Gross, Net and Total Effort Values are calculated and displayed in the invoice.
  34. 35. 10. Click on Print as PDF option at the top of the saved invoice.
  35. 36. 11. A report is generated for the Invoice of the selected Project Tasks.