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The world’s first Mining Social Networking Site,, has now launched. Millcost includes a Microsite Directory, Forum, Article submission, and tools for the Mining Industry to Collaborate.


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Millcost brochure

  1. 1. Mining Social Network | Cost Estimates | Microsite Directory | Jobs
  2. 2.  New Social Networking site specifically for the mining industry Free membership Tools for Members: Forum, Instant equipment costs, Private/Public Groups, Networking, Directory search, News. Connect with Facebook or LinkedIn Global Reach
  3. 3.  Self Hosted Advertising Engine Microsite Directory Sponsored Article Submission Job Posting and RecruitingUnique Website: Because viral tools are ‘baked’ into the website and not an after thought, exposing your business rapidly and effectively is easier than ever.
  4. 4.  You create your own Advertisement instantly on our own self hosting Advertising Engine. Similar to Facebook and Google Ad creation. Weekly and Monthly packages. Targeted: Millcost is for the Mining Industry. Qualified buyers are already filtered. Further filtering is available by profession, region, country and even city. Realtime Stats: your own dashboard for each advertisement you create. With the ability to edit your ad anytime during the campaign. Affordable – we know we are a new site, and price it that way.
  5. 5. 1 Week Advertisement = $1001 Month Advertisement = $400Upload logo/photoClickable LinkArea for brief descriptionAds are shown on Mobile Version.
  6. 6. PREMIUM FEATURES BLOG ADD MULTIPLE USERS Utilize this full featured blog system Create a team of employees that will be for press releases, or detailed responsible for creation and updating the articles. Release major Company site. Always ensuring a fresh Microsite and updates and information. See engagement with potential customers metrics: Likes, Views, Comments INSTANT STATS RICH OVERVIEW Real time statistics available anytime You have the opportunity to create a page of day. Not once a year. See the amount inside your Microsite Directory using a of views, likes and engagements on your full featured WYSIWYG editor, inserting Microsite. A marketers dream! media, and include flash, HTML and code to enhance it. All forms of formatting included.!
  7. 7. PREMIUM FEATURES QUICK UPDATES DOCUMENTS Include Twitter/Facebook like status Upload and organize up to 24 different updates to provide quick updates to formats of documents including PDF, DOC, your followers and customers. Include XLS and more. Use it to display catalogs, Photos/Video and links. Keeps your brochures, and more. All documents get Microsite fresh! displayed in iPaper format – a unique flash based book style format with zoom. VIDEO PHOTO ALBUMS Utilize the power of Video and include Unlimited Photo Uploads! Display featured Youtube videos. Show off Company products or designs and organize into created videos or any other relevant albums for easy browsing. Your photos Videos to your business. will display in a light box to ensure best viewing.
  8. 8. PREMIUM FEATURES CUSTOMIZED FORM MAP Perfect to get the right information from Your Location will be displayed on the the customers who are contacting you! front page of the Microsite Directory Customize your forms and create fields, and on your own Microsite, making it selection boxes, drop downs and more. easy for customers to find and locate Not your ordinary form! you. REVIEWS LINK PAGES Reviews are fast becoming powerful More than one location worldwide? tools for Companies to earn trust Create 2 or more Microsites for each and recognition in all industries. location and you can link them together Encourage your clients to post a for easy management. review on your Microsite.
  9. 9. PREMIUM FEATURES PROMOTION CATEGORIES/FIELDS Customers can ‘Like’ your Microsite so We make searching businesses easy. With you can start to contact them directly relevant categories to your business, and and updates show in your News Feed. customized fields specifically to your area As well, customers can ‘like’ photos, in your mining industry. documents, videos and much more which shows in their own News Feed to display to their colleagues. INTERACTION MORE FEATURES TO COME! This is NOT a static directory. Your We already have plans to add new Microsite allows potential customers features and enhance current ones. We to interact with you, and you with your welcome any feedback and you will notice potential customers. A revolutionary that feedback actually gets acted upon way to list and promote your business. quickly due to the flexible way we have constructed our site.