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Social Media Marketing Assignment 3

Social Media Marketing Assignment 3

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  • 1. Wikis
    Social Media in Marketing
    Assignment 3
    Milla Kortesoja
  • 2. What is a wiki?
    “Wikipedia defines everything, including itself”
    A software that allows users to collaboratively create, edit, link and organize content of a Web site. (Strauss & Frost 2009)
    A collaborative Web site consisting of the collective work of many authors. (Webopedia 2011)
    A digital encyclopediamodified and updated by its users. (Juslén 2011)
     The reliability should be questioned as wikis can be modified by anyone.
  • 3. About wikis
    The first wiki was WikiWikiWeb, launched in 1995 by Ward Cunningham, designed to be an open and collaborative community website where anyone can contribute (Sitepoint 2011)
    The word "wiki" comes from the Hawaiian word “wiki wiki”, meaning fast. (Rationalwiki 2011)
    Wikis can be used for various tasks from personal note-taking to collaborating online, creating an internal knowledge base, assembling an online community, and managing a traditional website. (Sitepoint 2011)
    The largest and most popular wiki is Wikipedia.
  • 4. Wikipedia – Leader of wikis
    Launched January 15, 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger
    Slogan: “The Free Encyclopedia”
    Accessible through web sites, mobile devices, search engines and other wikis
    Available in 270 languages
    365 million readers
    19.7 million articles
    90 000 regularly active contributors
    2.7 billion monthly page views from the United States alone
    Wikipedia ranks 7th on most-popular-website worldwide (September 2011)
    (Wikipedia 2011a)
  • 5. Other notable wikis
    Worldwide travel guide with over 25 000 destination guides and other articles
    The first wiki launched at 1995
    Internet directory that lists websites along with information about their content
    Satirical website that parodies Wikipedia
    Ad-supported wiki where users can submit and answer questions
    International non-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private, secret and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks
    (Wikipedia 2011a)
  • 6. Elements and ways to use
    How does it work?
    Wikis allow users to create Web pages on the fly and access large amounts of information through one site
    View, Edit and Save – it’s simple
    Enter the wiki site and hit the subject you wish to know more about to the Search field
    All wiki pages have edit buttons, most accessible without registration but for some articles registration is required
    Click on the Edit tab, modify text and…
    Click save and the new information will be saved and the wiki page now displays the changes
  • 7. When to use a wiki
    Groups that already know each other
    87% of organizations report using wikis for internal purposes
    When a clear nucleus is provided
    Users are more likely to “edit” than “create”
     providing a framework with examples is helpful
    Project requiring different individuals to contribute different pieces
    When a clear final product is in mind
    When e.g. building a user manual or a conference web site
    Short deadlines
    Wikis are easy to set up and build upon
    (Online Community Report 2007)
  • 8. Average user of Wikipedia is..
    “Wikipedians are people who write and edit the pages of Wikipedia.”
    Age - 4 approximately equal sized groups
    Under 18, 18-22, 22-30 and 30-85 year olds
    23% have completed a degree-level educations, 26% are undergraduates and 45% have a secondary education or less
    87% male and 13% female
    Motivations for contributing
    Most contribute to the site for pleasure, some because of an internal drive to feel efficacious and self-confident
    Wikipedians are not primarily motivated by recognition or reputation
    (Wikipedia 2011b)
  • 9. How to: Wikipedia
    The nature of Wikipedia
    People use Wikipedia to find out basic information about a company, NOT to read massive articles written by salesmen
    Wikipedia is mostly edited by volunteers
    People are discouraged from creating articles about themselves or their organisations as Wikipedia strives for neutrality
    ”Candidate for Speedy Deletion”
    Putting up excessive pages about your company will only result in ending up to the black list of Wikipedians
    (Inc. 2010)
  • 10. How to use Wikipedia as a marketing tool
    Begin with a PR campaign
    The more visibility you have in media, the more legitimate you seem
    Make sure your website is up-to-date!
    Volunteer for Wikipedia
    Most volunteers write on many subjects, so spend a little time adding information on subjects that you have expertise in. This will give you a valuable inside view of how Wikipedia works.
    Search your company name on Wikipedia
    Your company might already be mentioned in an article. Add information to the existing article rather than creating a new one.
    In-house expertise
    Check if you already have a Wikipedia volunteer working at your company. He/she can be a valuable resource in helping to find the best strategy.
    (Inc. 2010)
  • 11. How to use Wikipedia as a marketing tool
    Learn from Wikipedia itself
    There is various articles in Wikipedia telling users how to create articles and what the rules for creating one are.
    Getting started – Keep it short
    Writing 1,000 word article will most likely end up being removed almost instantly, instead you should start with a stub.
    Wikipediands see a stub as a challenge and start to seek out information or images to add  the best approach.
    Include links to third-party sites
    Remember that your article should include proper references as Wikipedians look for other references beyond your own company site.
    Use the discussion page
    Every Wikipedia article comes with a discussion page. Use it – for an example to explain that you will be adding more information or links later, as well as asking for advice.
    (Inc. 2010)
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