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Innovative gadgets
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Innovative gadgets


Published on

Global Entrepreneurship Summit'2012

Global Entrepreneurship Summit'2012

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Innovative Gadgets
  • 2. LG Google TVRemoving the concept of channels
  • 3. LG Google TVFull Live TVIntegration
  • 4. LG Google TV• On Demand episodes or entire seasons• Find Limitless Movies• Search Intuitively for programmes, live concerts etc• Access online videos, websites and specialized apps• Passive 3D technology, “Magic Motion” remote• Your phone too can be remote
  • 5. Honda EV-Ster
  • 6. Honda EV-Ster• Electric motor for rear wheel drive• 0-100 kmph in 5 seconds• Covers 160 km in a single charge
  • 7. Bionic Contact LensProjects emails and pictures before our eyes usingcontact lens
  • 8. Bionic ContactLensSome of the coolapplication of the contactlens are:1)Drivers or pilots couldsee a vehicles speedprojected onto thewindshield.2)Video-game companiescould use the contactlenses to completelyimmerse players in avirtual world withoutrestricting their range ofmotion.
  • 9. Invisible Mouse -Multitouch Glass Made Mouse
  • 10. Invisible MouseWhyInvisible????can u see anywires???
  • 11. Self Learning ROBOTA bot which solves problems based onpast experience. If the situation is new itsearches for instructions in the internet orask other robots
  • 12. SELF LEARNINGROBOTIT’s a robot which canlearn and think on itsown.Based on Technologycalled SOINN(SelfOrganizingIncremental NeuralNetwork)
  • 13. Aerotel GeoSKeeper A wrist watch which also acts as a cellphone and GPS
  • 14. Canon Snap Ring Camera
  • 15. Da Vinci Surgical System • The surgeon operates at a console while viewing a high definition, 3D image inside the patient’s body.
  • 16. Athena Sofa
  • 17. Athena’s SofaIt incorporates an integratedcomputer, an iPod/iPhonedock, MP3 player connectivityvia a wireless connection overthe 2.4GHz radio signal, an 8″subwoofer and a quartet ofloudspeakers.A 100-watt digital amplifierfurther helps you feel everybone-crushing blow in amovie scene, and to top it alloff, the whole wireless soundsystem is weatherproof,allowing you to place theAthena sofa indoors oroutdoors with peace of mind
  • 18. iRobot Scooba floor washer
  • 19. iRobot ScoobaFloor WasherScooba gently andefficiently removes up to98% of commonhousehold bacteria fromsealed hardwood, tile andlinoleum floors. Using onlyfresh solution from start tofinish, Scooba robots washa homes most high-trafficareas, getting under andaround furniture and alongwall and cabinet edges.The best thing isthatNO SWEEPING isREQUIRED
  • 20. Sifteo Cubes
  • 21. Sifteo CubesSifteo’s Intelligent PlayPlatform is a fresh,tactile take oninteractive play. Useyour hands to move,shake, flip, rotate andneighbor your Sifteocubes – you’ll beentertained andinspired by Sifteo’sunique gameplay.
  • 22. Celluon evoMouse
  • 23. CelluonevoMouseWith the evoMouse,your finger is yourpointer and there is nomore pushing arounda physical mouse.The evoMouse is easyand convenient to setup and use withalmost any desktop orlaptop computer.It connects viaBluetooth or astandard USB port.
  • 24. Touchscreen Braille Writer
  • 25. TouchscreenBraille WriterLets theBlindType ona Tablet
  • 26. Simple Yet Effective Products
  • 27. Union Folding Cycle -A foldable cycle
  • 28. Light Bulb CandleA simple yet innovative product.Its illumination power is same as a normal lightbulb!!!
  • 29. Pedalled Washing MachineOne of the simple ideas which turned out quiteuseful.Exercising and Washing combined together
  • 30. And Now for Some products from IndianInnovators
  • 31. SAUSR
  • 32. SAUSRRemoves Mossand Dirtwithoutremovingwater from aWater Tank
  • 33. Mitti Cool Refrigerator - An ecofriendly product
  • 34. Solar Mosquito Destroyer
  • 35. Solar MosquitoDestroyerThe solar mosquitodestroyer offers acost-effective andenvironment-friendly solution todestroymosquitoes.Made by a ruralentrepreneur
  • 36. Ikea SolarPoweredLampRequires no electric alconnections,adjustable arms, andprovides 4 hours ofcontinuous light whenfully charged.Solar lamps which aregrowing popular in therural India
  • 37. Sixth Sense Technology - the Next Big Geek Revolution
  • 38. Sixth SenseTechnologySixthSense is awearable gesturalinterface thataugments thephysical worldaround us withdigital informationand lets us usenatural handgestures to interactwith thatinformation.
  • 39. MOUSELESSOne of theproductsof SixthSenseTechnology
  • 40. Tele-TouchMake your phone the remotecontrol of your life!!!
  • 41. SPARSH
  • 42. SPARSHTouch whateveryou want tocopy. Now it issavedconceptually inyou. Next, touchthe device youwant topaste/pass thesaved content.