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  • 1. unique insights in executive recruitingCompany Overviewand Methodology 911 busse highway, ste 201 park ridge, illinois 60068 847 685 2040 unique insights in executive recruiting | 1 | milewalk
  • 2. Who We AreOur Company. milewalk is an executive Our History & Philosophy. In 2004, Our Founder. In 2004, after a successfulsearch and human capital consulting milewalk was created as an executive seventeen-year technology consultingorganization that specializes in matching search and consulting organization to career, Andrew LaCivita created milewalktop quality information technology and help rapidly growing information to help companies like those he worked technology & management consultingstrategic professionals with high-caliber for find the caliber of resources as organizations and software companiescompanies. qualified as the ones he worked with. find key managerial and executive-level resources.Our team is comprised of former As a nationally recognized recruiting andinformation technology and strategic To date, milewalk has supported over 80 business consulting expert, he hasconsulting professionals who held companies with successful results shown become a trusted media resourcepositions similar to those our clients and through the value our candidates have featured in over 50 national TV, radio,candidates seek to fill. brought to these organizations and the newspaper, magazine, and website improvements our clients have made to appearances. Throughout his consultingThis industry-specific knowledge helps us and recruiting professions, he has helped their recruiting processes. Our clientsrecognize those resources that become over 150 companies improve their have spoken with repeat business.most valuable to organizations. Our business processes, technology infra-vantage point coupled with a far-reaching We operate with our clients’ best interests structure, and employment resources. Henetwork of candidates enables us to as our guide and work with them to ensure also serves as an advisory board memberquickly match the right people to the right we both understand who we seek before of 7Summits, an agency that helps itsopportunities. we begin a search. These critical upfront clients create and implement social steps help ensure they benefit from business strategies.We emphasize our unique perspective in reduced time to fulfill their needs.our name – milewalk – we have walked in He is the author of Interview Intervention:your shoes before. This distinct point of You are welcome to inquire about our Communication That Gets You Hired, theview helps us more effectively navigate our search evaluation process. Many of our first of four planned milewalk Businessclients and candidates through the search clients comment they love it! Books designed to help individuals secureprocess to ensure everyone succeeds. the right job and help organizations makeEven more than our experience, our smart hiring decisions.dedication and commitment to our clientsand candidates set us apart. Our highquality, timely results help us build long-term relationships that benefit all of us. unique insights in executive recruiting | 2 | milewalk
  • 3. Predictive TechniquesIn order to show how a machine works, you take it apart.To see how a living entity functions, you must see it in unity in its naturalsurroundings. The milewalk methodology helps companies and individuals simulate these surroundings to ensure a successful match. Factoring in the outer influences, as well as the internal needs, is the key to making this happen. We believe, and have built our methodology on, the premise that organizations need to broaden their approach in evaluating recruits. Most employers include typical criteria of skills and experience, but omit the most critical factors such as the candidates cultural fit and reasoning and decision-making processes. Our research indicates that organizations need to evaluate cultural fit first, capabilities and achievements second, and specific experience third. The order is vital in ensuring not only a successful recruiting campaign, but also in establishing a long- term relationship with the employee. While we consider the cultural, capability, and experience components to be core to the process, we feel the candidates emotional factors as well as external influences such as current employer, family, andconfidants are equally important. This follows the theory that peoplebuy with emotion and justify with logic. Without a clear understandingof the candidates emotional decision points, companies often findthemselves merely hoping for success rather than building the highestprobability of achieving it. unique insights in executive recruiting | 3 | milewalk
  • 4. Expressive Capital A major differentiator and primary reason for our success is that we spend considerable time helping clients and candidates improve their communication intelligence. We define communication intelligence as an individual’s level of proficiency in accurately exchanging thoughts using verbal and nonverbal cues to achieve a mutual understanding.We define communication intelligence as an It is our belief that good communication leadsindividual’s level of proficiency in accurately to good judgment, whether you’re choosing toexchanging thoughts using verbal and nonverbal join a company or hiring an employee. Thiscues to achieve a mutual understanding. holds true because when you have accurate information and a mutual understanding, you are at a minimum making an informed decision. As our clients and candidates engage in the recruitment process, we work with both parties to improve their communication by elevating awareness to potential ambiguity and providing coaching and insight into effective interpersonal communication techniques. These techniques are outlined in detail in Andrew LaCivita’s first milewalk Business Book Interview Intervention: Communication That Gets You Hired. unique insights in executive recruiting | 4 | milewalk
  • 5. Primary FocusOur “FILL” approach illustrates our primary focus:FUNCTIONS | We support functions across the entire organization.Some of the key positions are identified below.INDUSTRY | Organizations that rely heavily on InformationTechnology for success. Some industries include but are not limited toInformation Technology & Management Consulting and Software.LEVEL | All levels.LOCATION | We have supported national roles, but primarily serveChicago, Illinois.Examples of positions we fulfill: C-Levels | CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CFO, CMO, CPO Business Development | VP of Sales, Business Development Executives Operational Leadership | Business Unit Leaders, Practice Directors, Managing Directors, Account Partners, Six Sigma Resources Client Services | Senior-Level Program and Project Managers, Managing Consultants Technologists | Enterprise Architects, Solution Architects, Software Engineers, Various Infrastructure Solutions Resources Marketing | VP of Marketing, Marketing Program Managers Finance | VP of Finance, Controller Human Resources | VP of HR, VP of Recruiting, Recruiting Managers, Internal and External Communications Resources unique insights in executive recruiting | 5 | milewalk
  • 6. DifferentiatorsOur nation is crowded with search firms, which makes it difficult to find the best companies to partner with. We feelstrongly there are key differences related to experience, networking, screening, relationship building, and deliveredresults that separate us. Ultimately, however, it’s not what we do that makes us unique… it’s how we do it.Predictive Techniques. We’ve developed an analytics model to Complete screening process. Any recruiting firm can present amonitor employer and employee relationships to identify candidate to her client. Finding the candidate that really fits anwhich criteria best predicted a successful relationship. This organization takes an understanding not only of generalmodel, seven years evolved, includes over 6,400 data points requirements, but of office culture, personal character, and muchsupplemented by over 100 interviews with individuals in more. Our experience as practitioners helps us provide an extraRecruitment, Human Resources, and other hiring capacities. It layer of screening most recruiting firms used to screen and match the candidates with companies. Relationship builders. We don’t ask our clients to trust us at firstExperienced practitioners. Our team is comprised of former meeting. Instead, we create a high-trust, low-risk relationshipinformation technology and management consulting profes- that is proven through our actions. By focusing on cultural andsionals who held positions similar to those our clients and performance metrics – meant to impact organizations andcandidates seek to fill. This industry-specific knowledge helps individuals long-term – we build lasting relationships. Weus recognize those resources that become most valuable to demonstrate this through the 100% client satisfaction and repeatorganizations. business goals we achieve.Endorsement-based recruiting from a strong network. Strong track record. Our upfront analysis and process handlingAlthough an increasingly popular resource, Internet want ads skills ensure we are successful. Historically, we have maintainedwill not help you find the best talent. Often times, they help you an interview to acceptance ratio of one for three. This means thatfind the best of the unhappy, unqualified, and unemployed. for every three candidates interviewed, one actually accepts theBecause of our experience as practitioners, we have worked job. In addition, 70% of new clients have hired the first candidatedirectly with some of the greatest talent. They serve as a strong we’ve presented! Our clients benefit by not only securing thenucleus for referrals to hidden gems not looking for their next best talent, but also from saving a tremendous amount of time.job. These truly qualified and talented resources are thepeople you want in your organization. unique insights in executive recruiting | 6 | milewalk
  • 7. Recruitment OfferingsWe understand each organization’s needs are unique. To mosteffectively respond to those needs, we customize our services to bestaccommodate the situation.ContingencyBased on your request, we evaluate the need, locate the best candidates,and qualify them to ensure we present the most ideal candidates. Wework with you throughout the entire process through offer acceptance.You pay an agreed amount only if you hire the candidate.RetingencyIf there is a greater sense of urgency or an unusually difficult position tofill, this is an attractive option because it ensures the highest level ofdedication to your search. We establish a fee structure upfront andcollect portions of the fee throughout the search based on schedule,progress, and final results.RetainedSome clients like us to be fully integrated because their needs areconstant and dynamic. In such situations, we offer a type of “retained”arrangement which includes monthly operating costs and reducedongoing contingent fees. This is popular with smaller to mid-sizeorganizations who are growing rapidly. unique insights in executive recruiting | 7 | milewalk
  • 8. Recruiting ProcessOur recruiting process provides our clients the highest degree of value and helps our candidates find theplace where they belong. It centers not only on helping organizations hire the best candidates, but alsoensuring that it is done in a smooth and expedient manner. evaluate find present coordinate gather negotiate hiring best candidates interview feedback and accept needs candidates processAlthough many search We pride ourselves on Presenting candidates As our clients We stress the Our involvement in thefirms simply take our ability to find the is not bombarding our determine that a importance of client negotiation processorders at this stage, we best candidates. The clients with resumes to candidate is a potential satisfaction and supports both ourfeel this is one of the Internet has certainly sift through. We fit, we help coordinate continuous clients and candidatesmost critical steps in presented the provide value through the interview process improvement. significantly. Wethe process. During Executive Search our background checks with the hiring official. Gathering insight mediate to ensure boththis step, there is often industry with a as well as highlighting We feel both parties related to the parties have thesignificant opportunity multitude of willing jobour candidates are best served as we candidates throughout necessary informationfor miscommunication applicants, however, accomplishments and help through the entire the interviewing to prepare and acceptand a host of issues we feel the optimal achievements as they process through offer process allows us to the offer. This helpsthat waste time during way to find the best apply to the job acceptance. ensure two critical our clients reduce thethe remaining stages. quality candidates is requirements. Our things. First, we use possibility of a through our vast clients have found this that feedback to make candidate rejecting theWe help our clients network of contacts. saves time and evaluations of the offer and ensure ournarrow their search by significantly reduces current candidates to candidates receive fairunderstanding their Our experience the number of resumes confirm proper fit with offers.specific needs. These actually working in they review and the company. Second,needs include more industry along with our candidates they we channel thatthan general proprietary interview before they feedback as werequirements about methodology for find the right person. evaluate and screenthe job opening (years candidate screening additional candidatesof experience, area of and interviewing, to ensure we areexpertise). They which includes a blend presenting individualsinclude more detailed of critical behavior who best align to theinformation such as interviewing organization.secondary techniques andresponsibilities, keys business process andcharacteristics about technical assessments,employees, enables us to gauge"personality of the how well eachorganization", and candidate will performseveral other factors for our clients. Thesethat help further refine practices help qualifythe search. the candidates that best fit our clientsOur value to our needs.customers is reducingthe time to hire bygathering informationthat allows us topresent not just acandidate but thecandidate as soon aspossible. Clarity withthe searchrequirements helps dothis effectively. unique insights in executive recruiting | 8 | milewalk
  • 9. ConsultingAn emerging part of our business focuses on helping organizations with their Human Capital Management.As a complement to our recruiting services, we also provide insight in the following areas...Employee Performance Management helps Workforce Development helps align anorganizations establish models, procedures, and organizations recruiting strategy to its growthtools that aid employees in achieving individual as strategy. This not only establishes recruitingwell as corporate goals. The most effective way to metrics and goals that support the companysensure employee growth and success includes business goals, but also ensures that new hires aredeveloping a career development model that includes effectively oriented and assimilated into theGoal & Objective Management, Advancement corporate environment.Criteria, Performance Appraisals, FeedbackAssessments, Coaching, and Career Planning.Compensation and Rewards helps improve overall Communication includes developing vehicles suchcompany performance by linking employees pay to as company newsletters, monthly updates,their contributions. Organizations achieve Intranet announcements, and town hall meetingsmaximum success only when the employees goals to keep employees informed of current events. Alland objectives are completely in line with the techniques are aimed at encouraging teamworkcorporate goals. This relationship drives the most and unity. The ultimate environment includes two-positive employee behavior. way communication mechanisms where employees can provide feedback to management. unique insights in executive recruiting | 9 | milewalk
  • 10. Market InsightComplimentary consulting servicessuch as recruiting process assess-ments and compensation reviews.Ask to see case studies!Complimentary newsletters thataddress critical employeemanagement and recruitingtopics. Previous editions canbe found on the milewalkwebsite.Our annual employmentsurvey and data whichincludes informationrelated to hiring andemployer and employeeviewpoints on themarket. unique insights in executive recruiting | 10 | milewalk
  • 11. milewalk Business BooksOVERVIEW INTERVIEW INTERVENTION UP NEXTOur CEO, Andrew LaCivita, created this book If you are interviewing with a company, you are How can you recruit and retain the bestseries aimed at helping employers and likely qualified for the job. Through the mere employees? By evaluating the leadingemployees become successful in their action of conducting the predictors of recruiting and retention success!businesses and careers. The series, which interview, the employer In 2006, milewalk developed an analyticsstarted in March 2012 with the inaugural essentially implies this. So model to monitor employer and employeeInterview Intervention: Communication That why is it difficult to secure relationships to identify which criteria bestGets You Hired, spawned months of media the job you love? Because predicted a successful relationship. Thispublicity surrounding its goal of restoring there are three reasons you model, seven years evolved, includes overbalance to the employment market. actually get the job — none 6,400 data points. The model’s results seemed of which are your qualifica-Although the book is currently being sold in obvious in many respects, however, a large- tions—and, unfortunately,over 50 countries, LaCivita is more interested in scale review of various companies, including you can only control one ofhelping people make better, more informed over 100 interviews with individuals in them.decisions regarding their careers. He demon- Recruitment, Human Resources, and otherstrates this through his willingness to give the Interview Intervention: Communication That hiring capacities, indicated organizationsbook gratis to anyone who wants it. See the Gets You Hired creates awareness of these rarely pursued the criteria that predicted theInterview Intervention menu on the website to undetected reasons that pose difficulty for the best outcome.receive your free copy. job-seeker and permeate to the interviewer, Our results showed a successful relationship handicapping the employer’s ability to secureThe second book, with an expected 2013 was predicated on four major factors in this the best talent. It teaches interview partici-release, will focus on helping employers make order: pants to use effective interpersonal communi-smart hiring decisions through not only cation techniques aimed at overcoming these 1. Cultural Fit | Alignment to the corporateunderstanding the key predictors of recruiting obstacles. It guides job-seekers through the value structure and personality of theand retention success, but also by incorporat- entire interview process to ensure they get them into their recruitment processes. hired. It teaches interviewers to extract theThese unique milewalk techniques have 2. Capabilities | Demonstrated capacity to most relevant information to make soundreceived accolades from the Human Resources effectively perform an activity without hiring decisions.and Recruiting community and are now sought previously experiencing various HR bodies such as The Institute for Interview Intervention is your indispensable 3. Achievement Record | Rising slope inHuman Resources, which in 2013 will being guide to: career development in congruence withincluding the milewalk techniques as part of · Create self-awareness to ensure you smart career decisions.their Quality of Hire certification credits. understand the job you want before— not after—the fact. 4. Skills & Experience | Practiced perfor-Future installments of the series will focus on · Conduct research to surface critical mance and working knowledge of adeveloping strong employer and employee employer information. specific activity.relationships, managing your career, and job-search techniques for first time applicants such · Improve interpersonal communication The upcoming untitled book shows how toas recent college graduates. Stay tuned! techniques. design your recruiting processes to evaluate · Develop a connection with the interviewer to these predictors to make the smartest hiring gain benefit of the doubt. decisions! · Share compelling stories that include six key qualities that make them believable and memorable. · Respond successfully to the fourteen most effective interview questions. · Sell yourself and gather intelligence through effective question asking. · Close interviews to ensure the interviewer wants to hire you. · Ensure success with accepting the employ- ment offer. unique insights in executive recruiting | 11 | milewalk
  • 12. Commitments & Success Factors We are successful because of our commitment level to our clients and we clarify our expectations of our clients’ commitments before we begin. Success requires strong levels of dedication…Count on us We need from you1. Will work with you to ensure we understand exactly who we 1. Financial commitment (and exclusivity where appropriate) seek before we begin a search 2. Share all information in a timely manner relevant to search2. Will dedicate sufficient time to generate quality candidates (changes, new people, timeframes, etc.); honesty is critical in a timely manner to success3. Will pre-qualify all candidates by phone and in person 3. Timeliness of response to calls and emails (24-48 hours before presentation to you and less when needed)4. Will provide detailed information on skills, background, and 4. Know interview availability a few weeks in advance and needs as well as motive for considering change have access to someone who can schedule your time5. Will share accountability for interview, coordinate visit, and 5. Willingness to continue interviewing even when you find make you aware of candidate’s perspective and any time one candidate you like constraints 6. Immediate decision on interview after presentation (at least6. Will prepare you thoroughly for each interview with within 24 hours) additional specifics on each candidate and cover any issues 7. Detailed feedback after candidate’s interviews; this7. Will provide detailed feedback from candidate and act as communication helps not only with the candidate but also your agent to navigate you through the process allows us to recalibrate the search if necessary8. Will give regular status updates with detailed progress and 8. Access to all decision makers market feedback 9. Set time for preparation and post-interview debrief calls9. Will answer calls and emails within 24 to 48 hours or sooner if in crunch time; you will also have our cell phone 10. Help sell yourself and your organization to the candidate numbers should you need to reach us outside of normal 11. Preliminary estimate of offer and dialog to ensure we act business hours with all parties’ best interests in mind10. Will act as your agent to secure a candidate you want to 12. Decision on go/no go and offer within 48 hours (or hire appropriate based on candidate’s level) after final interview11. Will work extensively with you and the candidate through the offer, acceptance, resignation, possible counter offer, and transition12. Will maintain strict confidentiality with any information shared in confidence; will sign an NDA as appropriate unique insights in executive recruiting | 12 | milewalk
  • 13. Sample ClientsSince milewalk’s inception in 2004, we have consulted for over 80organizations. Below is a small sample of those companies. unique insights in executive recruiting | 13 | milewalk
  • 14. Client TestimonialsOur clients view us as a strategic partner. They have spoken not onlywith kind references, but also with repeat business...As we continue to expand in multiple markets, “Andy LaCivita has always been a pleasure to domilewalk is able to help us find the type of rare business with. He truly understands ourtalent that we are looking for. We’ve developed a business and what we are looking to achieve aspartnership that goes well beyond recruiting our our company evolves. It is great to work withtop talent. milewalk has been able to help not someone who understands the role and theonly us, but also our clients identify the key business, and has worked as a practitioner on theresources needed to make their social initiatives client side. Andy has been instrumental insuccessful. We’ve also engaged milewalk to help helping us build our world class Professionalus refine a social recruiting solution. They are Services organization.”true partners in every sense. — Mary Godee, Director Worldwide Recruiting— Paul Stillmank, CEO, National Social Global Software CompanyBusiness Agency “milewalk has been an incredible partner andI have full confidence is milewalk’s ability to find Andy LaCivita’s ability to find the right talentus the best talent. They have proven to us time has amazed me. He has taken the time toand time again that they truly understand our understand our company culture and is able tobusiness and our culture and have found us find candidates that will fit seamlessly into thatseveral candidates that have been perfect fits. I culture. Our executive and recruiting teamslook forward to continuing our relationship with consider milewalk one of our strongest partners.Andy and entire milewalk team for years to come! We openly solicit and value Andy’s feedback as he helps bring us the best in class talent. We— Beth Cabrera, Human Resources Manager, look forward to continuing our partnership withNational Consulting Company him and milewalk.” — Vito Fiore, Director of Recruitment Global“milewalk has been an instrumental partner in Consulting Companyhelping us expand our global services  organization. They not only help secureexceptional talent, but also provide outstanding “As we began our search to find a VP of Sales, wecustomer service and act as a strategic partner. I turned to milewalk. From the beginning, it wasrecall a memorable experience… shortly after we clear that milewalk’s approach was different. Bydetermined we needed a Vice President-level engaging in an open dialog to understand ouremployee to develop and execute our global company, culture, and position requirements,sourcing strategy, we called Andy LaCivita the milewalk was able to quickly identify a fantasticday before a holiday weekend and he met with us candidate who we ultimately hired.”offsite the very next day to discuss the position. A — RJ Reimers, VP National Practices Globalhandful of weeks later, we secured a fantastic Consulting Companyemployee that is adding tremendous value. Thisis one of the many situations where milewalk hashelped us grow our global services organization.”— Kristin Hackney, VP Global Services &Solutions Global Software Compan unique insights in executive recruiting | 14 | milewalk
  • 15. Client Testimonials“We have used milewalk to source several senior “We have a high level of trust with milewalk that “When we engaged milewalk, I was extremelyconsulting leaders. milewalk has taken the time we have not found with the several other impressed with their search evaluation understand our business and our culture, and recruiting firms we have worked with during our It was aimed not only at eliciting the keythey have used this to recruit individuals who are company’s history. Their ability to help us secure information they needed to conduct a successfuloutstanding fits in the organization. Some of the candidates who truly fit both our business needs search, but also helped ensure we were inbest leaders in our company have joined as a and culture is an incredible value. We look complete alignment regarding the type ofresult of milewalk. From a candidate perspective, forward to a continued relationship with milewalk resources we needed.”I have heard from our hires that milewalk in the years to come.” — Aaron Howell, Product Consulting Directorprovided an outstanding candidate experience, — Liz Anderson, VP of Business Solutions Global Software Companywhich is important to us as a client. I will continue National Consulting Companyto use milewalk in my current company andbeyond.” “In my opinion, Andy is the most responsive and— Ted Goodman, VP & MD National Consulting “milewalk is the best search firm we’ve ever trustworthy professional I have met in theCompany engaged. We’ve normally interviewed 10 or so recruiting industry. He has come through for candidates from previous search firms before we Slalom Consulting on countless occasions and I would hire one. With milewalk, we hired two of attribute the positive growth we’ve experienced“After months of searching for a VP & Managing the first three candidates they presented. We will over the past few years to the key hires milewalkDirector to establish our Chicago office, we turned continue to turn to milewalk for our recruiting has made for our team in Chicago andto milewalk for help. I was very impressed that needs.” nationwide…milewalk to me means trust andAndy LaCivita took the time to truly understand speed. Andy quickly came up to speed on our —Sam Biardo, President & CEO Nationalwhat we needed and what our organization was business and hiring needs and executed with Consulting Companyabout before beginning the search. He did a great perfection. As the market gets morejob of listening. It was no surprise to me that we competitive, I trust milewalk to find the tophired the first candidate milewalk presented.” candidates. milewalk is the only team I can turn “We needed an assessment of our sales executive to who truly understands our business.”— Dave Rosevelt, CEO National Consulting compensation program. We turned to milewalkCompany for help. I felt Andy LaCivita had great subject — Steve Winchester, VP National Recruiting matter expertise and was most impressed with National Consulting Company his ability to get a lot of information in a very short“Andy LaCivita is truly amazing. One thing that period of time. I also very much enjoyed watchingmakes him different from other recruiters is that him handle some “strong” personalities withhe actually gets to know his clients and his aplomb and steering important conversations.candidates in order to make the perfect match. We very much appreciated his quick and highlyHe also consistently follows through, which professional response to our need.”makes the recruiting process much easier since — Jo Jackson, CFO National Consultinghe always ensures every detail is handled. I Companyhighly recommend him to any firm, particularlythose in the professional services arena insearch of top talent. He will find exactly whoyou need!”— Kerry Heiple, Managing Director NationalConsulting Company unique insights in executive recruiting | 15 | milewalk
  • 16. Candidate TestimonialsOur candidates appreciate the effort we spend to understand who theyare as well as our ability to match them with the right opportunity…“It has been a great pleasure working with you “What I appreciate most about Andy is his driveand the milewak team. With your assistance I to understand the hiring process for companieswas able to learn additional tools for my and prospective employees. He doesnt play theprofession and consider what truly is important odds but instead makes introductions that arewhen seeking a new career opportunity. Reading in the best interest of both parties which leadsyour book provided me a better understanding to an efficient use of time and successful hires.of what questions I should expect to be asked, In conjunction, I found Andy to be personablewhy these questions are asked and a much and believe he maintained a high level ofbetter perspective in seeing what is important professionalism and communication fromfor me and my family short term and long term. inception through employment. Lastly, I feel heThe coaching you provided added confidence in perpetually seeks to improve the success of hismy decision in choosing the right company that I clients and consider his drive to behave transitioned to recently. Ive joined a inspirational.”consulting firm that has a great culture, who — Jonathan Eckertappreciate my efforts and consider me as part oftheir professional team. Thank you very muchfor all your help and guidance. “After a detailed conversation about my past,— Maybelyn H. Plecic present, and future career experience, Andy helped me move outside my comfort zone, and facilitated one of my best career decisions.“Andy has developed an innovative, effective Andy is very organized, fast paced, andand refreshing approach to recruiting. His first extremely energetic. You would be wise to givefocus is understanding what is important to the him an opportunity to help you with your nextcandidate and only then working to find the career. He has “has your back,” and I wouldright career opportunity. In addition to his trust him with my next career move IF I everunique approach Andy is also dedicated to need one.ensuring candidates are confident and prepared — Garret Starketo succeed throughout the recruiting,interviewing and decision making process. Irecommend Andy to motivated job seekers and “I highly recommend Andy for your recruitmentalso to employers seeking quality candidates.” needs. He is unique not only because he is—Tim Mila extremely knowledgeable and insightful about the recruitment business. He is also more helpful and easier to work with than any other“From day one, Andy has been open, honest recruiters I’ve dealt with before. He makes myand direct with me while working tirelessly to job so easy! He has been a great resource forassess my desire for a career jumpstart. Andy me and hopefully he can do the same for you.”understands the underlying motivating factors — Patrick Manfor career growth and success and has been aninvaluable resource in current career path.”— Steven Tabak unique insights in executive recruiting | 16 | milewalk
  • 17. Candidate Testimonials“milewalk is nothing like what I have heard “I have had the pleasure of working with milewalk as “I have worked with Andrew on a few seniorabout recruiters and recruiting.  Their sincerity both a hiring manager and a job seeker. Put simply, leadership opportunities in the past few something that is rarely seen in today’s Andy LaCivita is a great recruiter. Many things Andrew is a business professional who brings acorporate world.  milewalk has a genuine care separate milewalk from the rest of the pack. thorough, balanced and pragmatic insight into thefor the people they represent and the However, I believe Andys greatest skill is his ability opportunity. He shares his well roundedorganizations they collaborate with for career to understand the importance of culture. On paper perspective and acts as a great advocate, coach for there may be multiple good matches for a position the candidate and is an effective mediator betweenplacement.” when you assess skills, experience, etc. Andy is a parties to come to an optimum mutually beneficial— John Berry  master at understanding which actual human being outcome for his clients and the candidates. For out of that group will be the right match for a clients, he provides top-tier access to exemplary particular organization. I believe this ability to dig candidates. For candidates, he helps maximize“Andy stands out in a class of his own. I have deeper and understand what makes an individual their value and perception of their value to thenever met a recruiter that is so personally tick is one of milewalks keys to success.” client. I would work with Andrew any day for any of my future leadership resource needs.”committed to helping his clients and building — Patrick Paynegenuine relationships. He is attentive and works — Sri Navalpakkamhard to deeply understand goals, prepare anddevelop you for career transition, and ensure you  “I worked with Andy before he opened milewalk.are matched with the right opportunity.” More recently, we re-engaged as he recruited me “Andy is the only recruiter I have ever engaged from my last employer. His level of professionalism with. His professionalism and passion for his work—Theresa Morelli has not diminished one bit, and his business acumen shows in the way he interacted with me and helped had increased exponentially. Andy was directly me find my current position. The job was exactly responsible for landing me in my current position, what I was looking for and then some. He was very“Andy has considerably shown more depth than which is the job of a lifetime, and I am forever grateful keen on ensuring that the job he helps me attain isany recruiter Ive worked with in understanding for his help and I truly consider him a trusted exactly what I am looking for, is right for me andwhat I was looking for and how my background advisor.  Andy has demonstrated to me time and that aligns with my career goals.”and experiences shaped my desires for a new time again that he truly “gets it” when it comes to — Nilay Doshirole. Also, his connections in Chicago are first- successfully conducting business in todays complex and global market place.”rate. Whether you are a candidate or anemployer, once skills are identified, you can be — Terrence Tyler “Andy provided excellent guidance and coaching as Isure that Andy will work hard to ensure that there prepared to seek new job opportunities. Andy foundis a good cultural match, which is key to long- and placed me at an organization that fit with myterm success. I highly recommend his services.”  “Andys expertise and guidance were invaluable career path and goals. It was a pleasure working with during my recent transition. Through the entire Andy and have recommended him to several— Dan Souk process, he remained focused on my career goals, colleagues.” kept me engaged in the process and maintained a — Brian Goonan high degree of enthusiasm. Andys coaching and“Andy is a creative and hard-working recruiter who guidance was spot on during the hiring process. Ireally has walked a mile in the consultants shoes. continue to recommend him to other colleagues that “Andy possesses a high level of professionalism. HeHis industry knowledge and contacts have been are considering a career move.” is a very dedicated and focused recruiter who will goinvaluable throughout my search. Andy has been — Shane Cook  the extra mile. He has a keen insight to the market-direct, honest, professional and someone who is place and offers sound business coaching andreally on the candidate’s side.” advice.”— Nick Camino  “My entire experience with milewalk was smooth — James Cho and structured. I knew exactly what is going to happen next.  Andys approach is very personal. I have never seen anything like it. I was very satisfied and amazed at the same time.” — Mikhail Kogan unique insights in executive recruiting | 17 | milewalk
  • 18. EXCLUSIVITYmilewalk recommends working on an exclusive arrangement only when it’s in our client’s best interest.We review this with you on a search-by-search basis. Many companies think that listing or distributing theiropportunities to multiple search firms will provide more coverage. We’d like to share our thoughts…It potentially devalues the job in the This is the law of scarcity. If four different recruiters contact the candidate regarding the samemarket and potentially devalues the position, the perception is that the job is of less value than if one recruiter has the job. Good jobs (orbrand of the employer jobs with good companies) don’t need a multitude of recruiters to fill them.Quantity becomes more important than If a recruiter knows they are competing, they are much more inclined to just “throw mud against afinding the best candidate wall” because they don’t want to risk a competitor putting forward a candidate that they also have in their database. As a result, recruiters in multi-list situations put forward any candidate who remotely fits the job specification. The outcome is many recruiters sending many resumes and you are lucky to find one candidate worth interviewing.You do more work and still pay the same You spend your own valuable time reviewing many resumes (and perhaps interviewing), thenfee fielding or making a multitude of calls to several recruiters to provide feedback, arrange interviews, etc. (not to mention the several separate conversations to brief each recruiter on the job). If you add up all this additional time (compared to working with one recruiter), you probably spend several extra hours in duplicated communication.You do more work and start to cut corners Because you’re likely duplicating communication, you may try to minimize the most effective communication channels (face-to-face and phone) and increase the least effective communication channel (email). These tactics may help you in the short term, but they frustrate the recruiter who needs consistent and up-to-date feedback to deliver the best candidate as quickly as possible.Exclusivity gives the recruiter time to do The most valuable gold nuggets are found by drilling down into a gold field. They are not founda thorough job to find the best candidate scattered on the surface where it is easy to locate them. It’s the same with the best-quality candidates. A recruiter needs time to “drill down” and will do so if he knows you are relying exclusively on him to deliver the best candidate as quickly as possible.The reality is that all recruiters give There are two reasons for this: you are relying on that recruiter to fill the job and the likelihood ofpriority to exclusive jobs receiving a fee for work done.The best candidates are put forward to In almost all cases, clients who multi-list a job are slower at responding to quality candidates.exclusive jobs Recruiters don’t want their hard-earned reputation with candidates damaged by unresponsive clients, so they forward the best candidates to quick-response clients.Other professions don’t do it What accountant would take on a client’s tax work if they knew that three other accountants also had the job and the first one finished would get the fee? Real estate agents rarely take on a multi-listed property from a vendor. Multi-listing is rare elsewhere because other professions know that it (mostly) leads to a vastly inferior client service. Recruitment is no different. unique insights in executive recruiting | 18 | milewalk