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Darlyn rose villarosa_2013_5

  1. 1. Poetry SeriesDarlyn Rose Villarosa- 34 poems -Publication Date:May 2013Publisher:PoemHunter.Com - The Worlds Poetry ArchivePoems are the property of their respective owners. This e-book was created by Darlyn Rose Villarosa onwww.poemhunter.com. For the procedures of publishing, duplicating, distributing and listing of the poemspublished on PoemHunter.Com in any other media, US copyright laws, international copyright agreements andother relevant legislation are applicable. Such procedures may require the permission of the individuals holdingthe legal publishing rights of the poems.
  2. 2. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 2Afraid to Love You CompletelyI can’t control myselfI can’t regret all the painWhy should I?It all happens in a reasonI have no right to ask questionsNor feel miserablyThis is me, and I choose to be this wayAnd I choose to be with youHere I am full of love around meBut still emptiness lingersWhen will I be contented?When can I say your love is enough to go through this pain?Maybe I don’t love you enoughOr I don’t really love you at allI don’t knowMaybe this is me, afraid to love you completelyDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  3. 3. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 3AloneThe blood flows as tears in my eyesNo one knows what’s tearin’ me apartHow I wish someone will hold my handAnd smile at me without saying a wordComforting me without questionsI know that I’m never be alone in this journeyBut it makes me feel more aloneCoz’ I know they don’t care about meI try to look back to feel their presenceBut still I’m all aloneDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  4. 4. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 4Can I Have You For Keeps?Honey, I’m missing you tonightWhat are you doing right now?Are you sleeping already?Or half awake thinking of me?I can’t sleep thinking of youExcited to receive a message from youI just look at the stars aboveWishing I can be your star tonightI want to be with youHoping to be close to youBe the air that you breatheAnd be the breeze that touching your lipsHow I wish I can have you for keeps…Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  5. 5. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 5DistanceI was miserable coz I’m not with youImmeasurable distance that comes between usMakes me feel more desperate for longingThat someday it will be just me and youYou are hunger for the love that I could have givenAnd yet it was destined to be kept foreverLock and sealed with feelingsThat could never be felt againDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  6. 6. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 6For Ate SetteFor a dear friend that I have learned to care aboutHere’s a simple poem that I hope could warmth your heart.Before you take your vows and make some promises to the altarI hope this will serve as a simple remembrance of you being singleLove will bring you in different roadsIt may sometimes be easy but most of the times are hard to bearNow you will learn that life is not as easy as when you’re singleWhen you’re single go for your dream manImpressed him as if he will not accept you for who you areBe mad even if he’s not wrongAnd do crazy things when you’re in-loveBut now life will turn differentlyPatience and love must always meetEvery weakness of each other should be conquer by your strengthAnd trust must be stronger and faith must be powerful than anything else.You will learn to love more your better half but don’t forget to love yourself even moreCoz’ you can’t love completely if you don’t love yourselfIt is in your hands to make the bond even strongerIt is in your will to make it all happenBe beautiful always inside and out for your better half will not even think of findinganother lovePhysical appearance is important for any guy to see for the first time but beauty in theinside will make a man stay forever in your sideLearn not to cry for little thingsLearn how to be patient and sincereLearn to enjoy each moment as if it was the lastCoz you will soon forget when it startsDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  7. 7. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 7For Ate Sette SpeechTime is not enough to show how much I’m thankful that God gave you to meIt’s a wonderful gift that I don’t wanna let go even in a single momentIt’s in your love that my heart only trustAnd it is only in your arms that made me feel secured enoughAll this time I never dream that this day will come trueA never ending fairy tale that every woman envy tooI have a prince that would guide me through and throughAnd I will cherish for a lifetime until forever is throughThis is our fairy tale that finally comes trueAnd I thank God that He never fails to surprise me moreThis is our biggest dayThis is the truthThis is usSaying our vows and promisesTo the altar and the AboveThis is our storyThis is our loveHope to be remembered and to be true in our heartsI will be youAnd you will be me until eternityDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  8. 8. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 8FOR JOAN’S DAUGTHERIt’s hard for me to go on separate waysBut what can I do?I want to give all I have just for youEven though I have to make some broken promises and sacrificesIt’s you and our future together is what’s bothers meI want to stay with you and spent most of my time just to be with youBut my priorities lead us in different waysI know how much you are hurting right nowBut don’t forget how pain kills me just knowing you’re not in my sideIf only I could make myself two at a timeI could give all the best for you and yet I have my time spending it with youWatch you grow by my side and hear your laughs and criesI hope that somehow I could stop the clock from tickingSo I could be there where you are and makes you feel my presenceCoz’ I’m dying here just missing your laughsSo worried if you’re just alrightI’m miserably when remembering the way you call my nameAnd the sound of your heartbeat as you sleepsI just want you to remember my voiceRemember the shape of my faceRemember how much I love youSo you would not feel all aloneCoz’ my love for you will bring us together once moreDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  9. 9. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 9For Walter SpeechLove has shown its way for us to hold on to foreverIt was a gift that I found forever in youYou’re an angel that saves my drifted heartAnd makes me believe that I can also find true loveHere I am holding my breatheListening to the music of my heart as we walk to the altarReminiscin’ the days that we sharedAnd trying to capture this moment until the endI will stand by your sideNo promises to keepBut a will to stay togetherA faith that will make our bond much strongerAnd a love that will make us believe in magicThis is our storyThis is our loveHope to be remembered and to be true in our heartsI will be youAnd you will be me until eternityDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  10. 10. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 10Forever is in YouYou’re the one who makes me smileEven there’s no reasonEvery little thing you doIt makes me love you even moreBefore you came into my lifeI don’t know what is foreverBut I found forever in youCoz’ I believe in you and meAnd I believe in forever tooI love the way you rock my worldMy whole life turns up side downI n you I found eternallyAnd I promise you you’ll be happyJust ask the question honeyThat I’m longing to hear from youYou will never regret it honeyCoz’ what I feel for you is trueDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  11. 11. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 11ForgottenI bring tears for someone who is dear to meI let them live in life with agonyI let them suffer than let them liveBut I love them very dearlyI tried so hard so they can notice meDo things that would make them proudAnd make them say I’m worthyBut all I can do is break their heartsI’m just full of misfortunes and mishapsI only full down the people that I loveI’m just a maggot in this worldMust be forgotten and untoldDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  12. 12. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 12FriendI hope I could do something to ease the pain in your heartI wish I could wash away all the tears in your eyesHug you tight so you can feel that I’m always here in your sideWanting to make it all easier to bearI’m not a good friendCoz I don’t know how to show you how much I careDon’t even know how to say the right wordsOr even do the right thing as a friendI’m just uselessWanting so eagerly to helpBut don’t know how it will beginDon’t even know how to make it all happenDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  13. 13. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 13FrustrationsI can build a fence to keep you in my sideI can build a wall around you to keep you safe anytimeBut it’s just a wall and it’s still breakableEven the hardest metal would melt in a fireLike your love will fade in a matter of timeI know there’s so many ways to say goodbyeBut there’s no easy way to forget someoneSpecially if that someone made a wound in your heartThat even time can’t heal the pain and erase the scarThat made you fall apart without the courage to start a new lifeLife beyond words and beyond timeIs not a matter of chance but a choice to leave it behindThe past that cause you so much pain and heartachesThat how much you have wanted to walk awayYou always end up bending on your knees and crawlWhen someone is goneAll your strength and will to live is gone at the same timeYou trust no one but you always fooled yourselfYou kept on believing and yet you always get frustratedNo matter how much you wait it will never came backCoz it’s already goneDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  14. 14. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 14GirlShe’s like an angelWith a shining aura that captivates my heartAnd lifts my soul through the cloudsIt’s an instant feeling that never fades in the darkA heavenly melody that carries me through the nightA sweet lullaby that makes me sleeps and dream of you tonightA magical moment that I want to hold on tightAnd be remembered foreverIf this is loveI want to feel it again and againEven I stumble and fallI won’t regret that I learn how to fall.Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  15. 15. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 15Here I AmHere I am waiting for a true love to comeHoping that someone will bump my heartAnd make me soar into the cloudsWith you I would face all the risk just to be with youAnd you came into my lifeLike a thief in the nightHere I am praying softly to God that you’ll be arrestedAnd locked forever in each other’s heartBut if your love is not trueJust walk awayAnd I let you goCoz I don’t wanna break my heart into twoDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  16. 16. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 16If OnlyAll my lifeI search for an answerWhether you love meOr am I the only one caresWhy do you have to be good to me?If you can just ignore meWhy can’t you make it easy for me?To erase you in my life completelyCoz’ I don’t know how long can I hideThis feeling I kept inside my heartIf only I have the guts to say how I feelIf only I have you in my life completelyIf only I have…Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  17. 17. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 17LostI was bound to love you from the startI can’t do anything to make it stopIt was your love that my heart only knowsIt was your face that my mind only remembersAnd it was your name that I can only utterWe start as if our sweetness can never be torn apartOur love is too powerful to have something to hold on backWe filled the day with memories that will live through the endThat it’s was too impossible for us to live on separate waysBut look where we are nowWe are both strangers in somebody’s eyesOur love is not enough to conquer the hatred in our heartsAnd continue the love where we have left behindBut the essence of the love itself was lostTurns into ashes when we’re apartIt was not easy to imagine that with just one slipOur love has comes to an endNow I’m still hunger for your touchStill longing for your loveBut what can I do to teach my stubborn heartWith a pride that keep us apartFor a long time we’re lost in the darkI want to set things rightStart all over again from scratchBring the broken pieces whole once moreAnd fill my days with magical moments with youDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  18. 18. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 18Love and HurtYou differentiate the difference of love and hurtYou said when you love you never bear the hurt even you are hurting insideBut when you are hurt you learn how to love deeplyDo you have to feel the hurt before you learn how to love?Or do I have to feel the love and be hurt at the same time?I was hurt so many times but I ignore the painI learn to love but the pain is growingDo I have to kill the love that I felt?Or let the love heal the pain?Which is easier a love that hurts or you are hurt because you just learn how to love?Love sometimes is unexplainableBut hurt can answer all the questionsI know what I wrote is a puzzle which is hard to understandA true heart can relateA heart that is broken can understandA heart that is learning can inspireI guess it’s a matter of a question if you really have found true love?Or have you ever bear the pain because you just want to say that you’re in love?Or say you are in love but not felt like it?Or say that you found the right one even if you think he is the worst?Or stay with a man to save you from being single forever?Or be with someone because you are forced to do so?So what is love to you?Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  19. 19. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 19Love that can never be mine…I was on the edge of the roadOn the cliff of a mountainSuffered from the pain that you broughtFor a love that wasn’t meant for meYou love someone who’s better than meAnd someone loves me much better than youBut what is love without youI’m completely lost and gone insaneMy heart is totally damaged and brokenI can’t even think right for the first timeMy mind is blurred and blankI’m so lost just thinking you’re not mineDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  20. 20. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 20Marites PaglikawanWith her you don’t feel being dull and lonelyShe’s full of craziness and energyShe shows life to its simplicityAnd never run out of jokes and comedyEveryone see that Life for her is so easyShe always smiles, make some jokes and laughBut is she really happy?Does anyone hear when her heart cries?Does anyone dare to ask if she’s alright?Nobody try to see the different side of herThat behind her smiles is a wounded heart that afraid to be hurt againSo afraid to be drown in the ocean of lonelinessAnd never be save againBut you will be amazed on how she face her demons just to see her angelsCause you will surely believe in her never ending courageThis battle of life made her even strongerBecause she sees life’s imperfection perfectThis is my cuzAnd this is meTrying to make a poem for herAnd I was hoping she will like itDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  21. 21. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 21My InsanityIt’s hard for me to let you goImprisoned by my pastHunted by my own fearsAnd drowned from my own emptinessI was shattered into piecesMy emotions conquered my soulI was trapped in my own delusionsPampered by my own liesSuffered from my own qualmsI can’t stop my heart from cryingCan’t stop it from deterioratingI was weakened from endless painI was so insaneDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  22. 22. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 22PretendingYour love is what’s keeping me in unfathomable confusionNever limit to an endless illusionSo infinite that I’m still in deeper painAnd yet it still lingersToo busy for useless thoughtsToo busy for searching one true selfNeglecting to see the truthAnd restricting the heart from painMy heart bleeds as if it will never mendStill looking for that love that will never be foundAnd yet it was already laid in my handsReady to take and yet taken for grantedI hide everything in a mask without a faceSorrowful eyes behind a lovely smileNow everything about me is a lieI’m living with a wounded heart that groans for loathingHere I am stuck in a world full of pretendingNo one cares and dares to stayAn empty soul without a heartDon’t know how to grief and laughAn empty lifeAn empty soulA fall without a hopeA defeat without a chanceThis is all of me… useless and emptyDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  23. 23. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 23Special FriendWe never knew each otherWe never have the chance to meetI guess you’ll always be a special person so dear to meThat no matter how far I goI know someone will never get tired to listen in my thoughtsThrough my poemsI can reach youThrough my poemsI know I’m not far from youI know I’m not a fine writerI can only write down the thoughts of my heartThe words I couldn’t speak nor the feelings I can’t expressI wish somehow I could inspire youTo write your own thoughts into wordsAnd express your feelings freelyDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  24. 24. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 24StayI have my heart broken once… twice… many times….But I never feel afraid to trust and fall in love all over againBut why I feel so afraid to fall in love with you?Why do I feel uncertainty towards you…Is it because I know that you love more the one before me?That you build your dreams around her and promise eternityWhen she breaks your heart you also lost yourselfAnd you’re still yearning to take her backCoz I can see that you’re still hurting insideI know when you’re with me you miss her muchI know when you’re with me you wish I was her you’re holding tightAm I making you more alone and lonely?Or am I not enough for you to forget her completelyI know that love is risking all you’ve gotLike in a game you have to bet all your money on your cardsWishing you can win and take it allThat’s why I choose to stay and never let you go…Coz I know you’ve tried to open up yourself to love once more and found meI have accepted and love you unconditionallyI was happy just knowing you and make me feel loved…And make me loved you…But I can never replaced her nor be her for youI can’t take away from you all the memories and heartachesI can never make you mine if a part of you still wanting herI don’t know if my love is enough to erase all the painAnd heal your wounded heart to make you find your home again…For now… I’ll just stay here beside you…Hold on and love you…Until the day you finally knowIf you’re gonna stay or let me go…Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  25. 25. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 25The Tears in My HeartI want to get mad and get furiousI want to release the pain that’s drowning meI want to put on God all the blameI want to ask Him why them and why not me?But who am I to ask the Lord AlmightyRight now I’m loosing hope as I see them weakened everydayI feel so helpless seeing them that they can’t bear alone the painI want to cry out loud so anyone could feel the burden inside my heartBut no one will ever know the sorrow I’ve been dealing aboutTheir sympathy will only make it worst and will start to loosen my faithI want to take the pain away from them and the burden they carrying all dayBut how can I do such a thing I’m just human so weak and vulnerableNothing to do but to cry helplessly and ask someone to save meI want to extend their life even I have to fight their own destinyCoz’ I cannot hide anymore the loneliness in my eyesI can’t even bear the sorrow in my heartDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  26. 26. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 26WastedAll my days were wasted for the things I’ve done foolishlySome little things that degrade me little by littleAn unbearable pain that my heart cries mournfullyMy mind scream as loud as it moans for the ache inside my heartI’m in the ocean of sadness that drowns me into much deeper lonelinessIt roars like a thunder and strike like a lightningAs if my soul suffer for emptinessBit by bit a part of me dies and buried in the groundHow can I mend this emptiness without messing it up again?How can I make my life so simple if things were too complicated?When will my dreams be realized if I don’t have time to fulfill it?When will I be happy if everyone doesn’t care?Life is full of complexitiesPeople have different prioritiesBecause of unsatisfied hunger for power and fameThey forgot their purpose and loosen its senseDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  27. 27. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 27WeakenedStranded on this land of miseryNever ending sufferings around meEveryone now is helplessI’m the only source of their strengthWhat if I can’t give strength for them to hold on?What if I my mind is ready to give up and my heart is weak to conquer my mind to goon?I was weaker every time I carry their burdenI was dying inside in order to see them livingHow can my love conquer all the pain?How can I fight if everyone is giving up?I want to be their hero so badSo they can trust me with their livesBe their strength and give them courage to fight with meTo save them from distress and agonyBut who am I to do thatI’m just me who wants them to see life’s beautyConvince them that it’s easy to live and fightThan to die without knowing how to liveDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  28. 28. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 28Weaker Part of MeI can’t stop my mind thinkingIt’s like exploding for the thoughts I tried to hide insideI tried to ignore itBut it felt like it was raging through my nervesWhat can I do?I am weak and felt so much aloneNo one to hold on or turn toIt was me all alone in this battlefield of lifeThinking there’s a night and shining armorAs I cried for help out loudThis burden that I kept insideMakes me fall harder on the groundMakes me even weaker as time goes byThis loneliness is already ruling over my mindAnd there’s nothing I can do but to release all the thoughtsThat I long to be heard once moreDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  29. 29. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 29WHAT IF TIME IS YOUR ENEMYHow could I let you know?That I care so much for youThat even though we have fightsI will stand beside youI can’t even look at you right nowI might not stop the tears to fall from my eyesI can’t even show you that I can smileCoz’ my heart just can’t bear losing you this timeI just wish I could exchange my life for youCoz’ I know there’s a bright future waiting for youI want people see you smile againSo they can smile with youCoz if you’ll be goneYou will take away our smilesSorrow will be in our heartsTears will be in our eyesPls. fightDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  30. 30. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 30What My Heart Can’t SeeI can’t control my destinyNor face the truth that I’m lonelyIt isn’t easy for me to give up my lifeJust to see you happyLook what you’ve been doingYou hurt me more than made it easyCan’t you see I loose the essence of my life?When I started giving you upI’m shattered into piecesI was surprised that one day you came up to meYou said things that my heart can’t seeBut there’s one thing I can’t forgetYou said and it hits me…“You let me go because you want me to be happy… but then why am I still lonely? ”Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  31. 31. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 31Whats WrongI never thought I could finally love someoneWhen I’m with him I just can be myselfI love the feeling that his arms wrapped around meWhile he kiss me passionatelyAnd softly whisper the words I long for everydayI never showed anyone the real meHe has the power to convince me to be meSomehow I feel he loves me deeplyBut why I feel some uncertainty that the love I found is not for meDo I love him?And yet my answer will always be “YES”He’s everything I need and dream to be withI just love the way he changed my lifeAnd I’m in heaven just thinking of him right now…Is it me?Why don’t I trust myself when he’s around?Why can’t I surrender everything to him?Why can’t I open myself completely to him?What’s wrong with me?Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  32. 32. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 32When Tomorrow Is GoneI was building our bridge of lifeBut you’re still not moving forward in my pathI keep on calling youAnd still you just smile at meI will look for your cure in every nationKneel in every saintPray all my novenasDo everything what it takesCoz’ I was dyingKnowing that I have to learn how to let you goBut still looking for possibilitiesThat somehow I can save youI can’t stand the thought of loosing youNor live a life without youMy heart can’t bear it anymoreI loose my grounds and controlYour eyes is loosing its glowBut you still managed to smileAnd it made me cryCoz’ I don’t know how can I save youDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  33. 33. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 33YouAll I think is youAll I wanna do is to be with youSpent each time do nothing just stares at youI want to stay forever in your arms and hold on till I canTime is killing meDistance is my enemyI want to be perfect in your eyesBut you were blinded by all liesHow can I compete to all the girls around you?If all I can do is wait for youYour face is slowly fadingAnd all I can do is watch you leaveIs my love enough to conquer all the hurts inside my heart?Is my love enough for you to stay here by my side?Or is your love strong enough to stand still after a gale?Or is your love enough for me to finally say I’m completely happyI guess we both don’t knowOur love is in the end of a cliffNever know what step we should make for us to hang onBefore we both drifted to the darkest and deepest ground of lonelinessAh! Love what can I do?You’re killing me and still I don’t know what to doYou let me bear alone the pain without knowing what’s on the endIs it happiness or loneliness?Darlyn Rose Villarosa
  34. 34. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 34You’re my worldTonight my whole world stopsAs I see you walking towards in my pathI can’t describe the happiness inside my heartAs if my knees trembles in a shockBut what I have felt ended soonAs I see your woman at your backWaiting faithfully in your returnAnd secure your safety as you go homeI have felt the love in your eyesAnd the way you look in her eyesIt’s hurting me deep insideBut what can I do I’m not your woman to be lovedDarlyn Rose Villarosa
  35. 35. www.PoemHunter.com - The Worlds Poetry Archive 35ZaiYou were just an ordinary friend that I knowBut the deeper I know youAnd being with youMakes me proud that I have a friend like youYou’re such a darlingSo honest and trueI just love being with youHaving funny moments and little chatsMakes me feel that life is just a simple pathI was amazed on how you bring out the best in meI’m so lucky having you aroundAnd having you in my lifeYou just make my days so brightThanks for being a friend……….Darlyn Rose Villarosa