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  1. 1. In a world full of different people, I saw you.. you were with sfc group. I was given a flyer for clpprogram, there were 3 contact persons there, I’ve chosen you. Ewan ko kung bakit. Then I wasasking about some information regarding the clp program. I’ve been waiting for that chance cozI really wanted to be a part of it. Not because I am single. I knew to myself I am needing of thatkind of out-reach where I can open myself to God, embraced Him again and to share otherswhat I’m here for.I am totally ruined and broken. I came from a wasted life. I’ve lost my way. I am so far fromGod. Now, I know where to turn to. Thank you bipee, I am so blessed you have found me. Kahitnagtatago ako sa dilim, you’ve found me. You were the first instrument who took me out fromthe dark..from the hell I used to enjoy before I came to know you. Kung dati, series light angbuhay ko.. Now, I can see a big bright light. Steady na sya..and it’s getting brighter and brightereach day. And I found God in my heart too. Thank you SFC. I love my SFC family. I can say I reallybelong here.The funny thing, I don’t intentionally want to have a GG.. like the others want to meet inside ourcommunity. Pakialam ko sa GG na ‘yan. It’s not my purpose why I came here for. I was neverbeen in-love since 5 long years.. Yet I was not into love. I always thought of loving someone butlam kong di pa sya dumarating. Lam ko kasi, iniintay pa din nya ko. I’m not in a hurry, but kahitano gawin ko, pinagtagpo na tayo. I don’t know if I was meant for you, or I never thought youwill love me too. Thanks for accepting me the way I am. I never thought I could be loved like this.100% you have completed me. You are a certified engineer! I was reformed. I am a new me.Thanks for fixing and constructing me. You did a great job!Bipee I don’t know what promises of words will make you stay. I can’t promise not to hurt you,coz I’m not baka di ko matupad, masaktan lang kita. But trust me, you own my heartnow. I am entrusting you my heart, take the best care of it. Umasa kang mamahalin ko din mgataong mahal mo. I won’t expect and demand sa mga things na di mo kayang ibigay. Simple langgusto ko. Mahalin ka, alagaan at pasayahin. I will always remember that our love begunthrough the works of the Lord.Ang galing talaga ni Lord. He knew what’s best for everyone. We might not be the perfectmatch, but we’ll create a life full of happy you always told me. Di kagaya nungmga stories ko before.. Malungkot at engraved with so much pain. I know this time, I’ve had thebest love I will ever have.Bipee thank you sa pag welcome sa ‘kin sa buhay mo. you will always be my BELOVEDPARTNER.My beloved partner, thank you for choosing me to love you. You don’t know how happy I am tohave you in my life. I believe, love is a choice. I’ve chosen you because I know you’re the ONE..You’re the person I’ve ever desire from God. From this day on, you’ll have me forever.. You’rethe greatest gift God have given me. Let’s make God the center of our relationship. I LOVE YOUBIPEE.