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  1. 1. Hi bez! U know bez I’m so very happy that u’re in my’re a big part of it..u should also know thatu’re too special in my heart..i used to sound like the rain..i’m so weak u know..i’m a cry baby..but when Icall out ur name and feel that u’re around me..i feel so safe..i’m in relief..together we will pray to theLord that everything will be fine..yes, u really helped me a lot..u always knew whenever I needed u themost..through thick and thin..through ups and downs..even it’s always never leave mehanging..all u do was to be there and comfort me..i’ve longed for a little light but u gave me sunshine..ualways brighten my day..u always do things that will make me happy..they’ve touched me through myfeelings..i appreciate it all..thank u bez…I miss u bez..i also want you to know that I’m missing the old times..from the time I have befriendedwith you..the first time you told me that u have a little crush on me..haha! you really do..and u havestayed for a long while and as it grows deeper, u have loved me. you never misses to take those chancesto show and make me feel that u really do..u have given a lot of stuff to me..and I would like u to knowI’m keeping it safe and value everything.. I treasure what u have given..even the love that I couldn’t givein return like the way u do to me..i’m so blessed that u have loved me that way..even when we’reapart..u’ve never forgotten to text, call and write a letter on express how u really feel and I wish I could feel the same way “para tayo na lang” but I know, di ka nag-expect to have me asur girlfriend..sabi mo nga, makasama mo lang ako..(suntok sa buwan)eh very happy ka true..nungnagkasama na tayo, walang kasing-saya di ba?..i don’t mean to imply that I only needed a company..uknow that’s not true..u are more than a friend to me..have u felt that I have taken u for granted? Itwould make me worry if u do..kasi ansaya ko pag magkasama tayo..we talk, share things and views inlife, we walk along the street, we travel and roam around-taking me to places I have never been..thenbringing me home safe and happy, we ate a lot, u sing to me and tinutugtugan ako-remember ung pianosa illustration board..hehe.., u even gave me the lyrics of the songs that I want, u even see me na bagongligo na naka-robe pa, bagong gising at di pa nagtutoothbrush, pagod, pawisan, mukhang tanga, when Iwas sick and very payat, u ‘re the one who saw it through it all..that it came to the point na hindi na’konahihiya humarap sau kahit ano pang itsura ko..hehe..and one time when we watched a movie(that wealways do), kahit nakakatulog na’ko sa sinehan dahil di ko maintindihan ung palabas..hayy, inintindi moun para ikwento lang sa akin, madami pang moments, di ko na mabilang.. and from there, we felt thatwe are the only persons inside in this world..everything seems to be fine..u manage it quite well..handleme with so much love and care..especially whenever I’m not in my mood, or with my unwantedattitude..when I go insane with my boyfriend..u were there to support and brave the storm for me..uwere the mightiest man beside me..u played like a hero to me..i remember how u leads me to my oldself again when I’m breaking into pieces..u have always found me even if it’s too far for u to find me..ittook me by can you do that? You knew when I’m about to lose myself..I used to live my life alone before, I was trapped from a love that I couldn’t move on..u always heard mecry..nakikibalita ka pa sa mga barkada mo sa engineering..pero ang ibabalita lang sau..puro sad and badthings.. nalulungkot ka..u wanted to take me from that terrible guy who have hurt me a lot..gave me somuch pain..everytime I heard those songs played again..the pain remains but when u were there..hindina..pinapalitan mo na ng magagandang kanta ang mga un! U wiped all my tears..hold my hand and I’mbetter..It has always been me..the one u love..the one u’ve been wishing for..the one u’re helping with..the oneu’re worrying about..samantalang ako? Ano ba nagawa ko for my bestfriend??..but u know I’m morethan willing to help you..gusto ko bumawi for u..kaya when I got the chance to see and be with youagain..i’d never think twice to spend a little more time with you..i never thought I could see uagain..can’t believe u’re right here with me..telling me things that u’ve done all these years..suddenly I
  2. 2. felt good inside again..kahit ang bad bad ng nangyari sa’kin this past few years..nalunkot ako for notseein you for such a long life had turned so was ruined..Then my days begin to shine again..with so much changes in my life..with dreams to pursue na kasamaka..i’m so glad u have fallen in love with another woman..but I know u still love me as u alwaysdo..hehe..confident..hehe..xiempre bestfriend mo ko kaya love mo ko di ba? ..i love you din bez..(uy firsttime..) u don’t know how much u mean to me..though I never say this to u..i really love u..kaya now, ifeverything will go wrong into ur life, I’ll come running be there for u..i don’t want to see u cryand hurt..i wanna put all the hurt behind..lalo na’t pag galing sa taong mahal mo..gusto ko na nga xasabunutan!! Di nya kasi narerealize how lucky she is to have you.. didn’t she know that I love u somuch..tapos sasaktan ka lang niya! Pinipigilan mo lang ako kasi gusto mo pa ma-save ang relationshipnyo..u don’t deserve that girl if ganon xa bez..para namang di ka natuto sa mga pinagdaanan ko..sana cvona na ka pa nun at sweet ung batang un!! Kahit galit xa sa akin dahil sobra nya qpinagseselosan..oh di ba? Nagseselos? Eh di ibig sabihin love ka nya tlga!! I wish u could really find theone who will really love you..the one who will be your happiness..(ako kaya un?!! Hehe..)Bez remember mo lang dat I’m always here for you..when the roads get rough or without knowing itsdirection or when the least u can’t find the road..or when u feel that ur world will stumble don’t give upha..i’m just ryt here..kahit ako na ung last option mo..i’ll reach out..i’ll be there to understand..i’ll bethere to comfort you..i may not give you a good advice or taliwas man sa gusto mong sabihin ko..i will bethere, deadsure!I don’t know what really keeps me in ur heart..and why do u still have the same feelings for me..basta inmy own way, little ways i know, sana ma-feel mo na u’ve got a friend in me..i’m not only a friend..i’mmore than ur friend..because I’m ur bestfriend..for all those times u stood by me..magiging ganon dinako sa’yo..thank you bez for being my world is a better place now nang dahil sa’yo..i’ll beforever thankful to the Lord for I was blessed because I was not only taken care of..but for I was loved byyou..Bez I’m so proud of u..for all the achievements u have now..for all the blessings..and u know foreverything u have driven hard for..sana lagi kang gabayan ni Lord, give u strength para mas magawa mopa ung dapat mong gawin, more life..a healthy one..time to reflect and serve him..time for urownself..the pain and hurt that were overtaking us..i wish it won’t hurt us anymore.. basta I have somany wishes for you..especially our dreams to come true..our school..may GOD be with us all!! Snamaging strong ang relationship nyo ng girlfriend mo..sna ikaw tlga mahal nya..sana mahal ka nyatlga..sna marealize nya un!! Wish u all the best in life bez..wag ka magbabago sa’kin ah?Bez u will always be a special part of me too..u will stay here in my heart.. thank you for being so nice tome..very very nice..that’s why I’m entrusting my whole life with you.. feels like I never needed anyonelike the way I always needed u..thank you thank you. Love you.