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Unlock the Power of Machine Translation
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Unlock the Power of Machine Translation


In this webinar we’ll show you how Customized Machine Translation with human post editing can replace a standard translation workflow for documentation projects, saving you both time and money. …

In this webinar we’ll show you how Customized Machine Translation with human post editing can replace a standard translation workflow for documentation projects, saving you both time and money.
We will be joined by Kazuo Suzuki from Interactive Intelligence, a world leader in Contact Center software solutions, who we recently worked with to deploy a customized MT and post editing workflow, saving both time and translation costs.
In this 45 minute session you'll learn:
• How to identify areas where MT can make a dramatic impact
• The process of planning, training, testing and deploying MT engine
• The post editing process and how this affects output quality
• The benefits Interactive Intelligence gained through using MT
• How your business could benefit
To find out how MT is being used in real world applications by leading international businesses, register for our webinar today.

Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Unlocking the Power of Machine Translation Deepan Patel, Kazuo Suzuki, Rob
  • 2. Welcome to the WebinarIntroduction •  Webinar  is  being  recorded  and  will  be   made  available   •  Slides  will  be  available  with  the  recording   •  Details  of  how  to  access  the  recording  and   Rob Davies Marketing the  slides  will  be  emailed  a7er  the  webinar   Manager •  Q&A  at  the  end;  use  the  chat  box  to  submit   ques?ons  during  the  presenta?on
  • 3. PollQuestion 1 Do you currently managedocumentation localization?
  • 4. Machine TranslationWebinar Overview•  Background   •  Interac?ve  Intelligence   •  Milengo  •  MT  Pilot  Project  •  MT  in  Produc?on  •  Conclusion   •  Milengo   •  Interac?ve  Intelligence
  • 5. Interactive Intelligence Company Overview Interactive Intelligence Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ININ) is a global provider of contact center automation, unified communications, and business process automation software and services for mid-size to large organizations. Headquarters – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Our Numbers Founded in 1994 and now backed by more than 4,500 customers worldwide (more than 100 countries), Interactive Intelligence is profitable and debt free with annual 2011 revenues of $209.5 million. Our Customers Interactive Intelligence customers represent a wide range of brand-name companies, including Abbott Labs, AIG, Amway, ASPCA, BMW, Bosch Group, Ceridian, Citrix Online Division, Computershare, Eli Lilly and Company, Finish Line, Harrah’s Entertainment, Harvard University, Honda, Hydro-Québec, John Deere, Kohl’s Department Stores, Microsoft, Motorola, Nautilus, Random House Group, Rolex, Sony, Unum, US Airways, Volvo, and Walgreens.Innovation • Experience • Value ©2011 Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
  • 6. Solutions Contact Center Cloud based, or on-premise, get everything your contact center needs to offer consistent, world-class service in a single pre-integrated application suite. Unified Communications Support your users with a single all-software, SIP-based IP PBX application suite that easily integrates with your existing business applications. Business Process Automation A unique and cost-effective solution for process automation and management running on a single platform.Innovation • Experience • Value ©2011 Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
  • 7. ClC 4.0 Language Packs (to be released) •  English (United Kingdom) •  Arabic •  English (Australia) •  Chinese (Simplified) •  English (New Zealand) •  Chinese (Traditional) •  Dutch •  Hebrew •  French •  Italian •  French (Canada) •  Korean •  German •  Norwegian •  Japanese •  Russian •  Polish •  Serbian (Latin) •  Portuguese (Brazil) •  Swedish •  Spanish (Latin America) •  Turkish •  Spanish (Spain) •  (Planning to add some more like Danish, Finnish, Czech, Hungarian, and Slovak!)Innovation • Experience • Value ©2011 Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
  • 8. PollQuestion 2 Have you used MT for translation and localization projects before?
  • 9. Deepan PatelMT Lead Project Manager Milengo  Global  Project  Manager   Evalua?on  and  implementa?on  of  MT  workflow   Background  –  Milengo’s  Ini?a?ve   •  Find  a  solu?on  for  the  majority  of   localiza?on  buyers   •  Annual  budget  of  200  K  –  2  Mill  USD.
  • 10. Machine TranslationThe challenge Interac(ve  Intelligence  inves(ga(ng  MT  :   •  Cost  effec?ve  solu?on  for  documenta?on     •  Maintain  high  transla?on  quality   Build  MT  system   •  InIn  provide  legacy  language  data   •  Milengo  provides  sample  post-­‐edited  content  for
  • 11. Machine TranslationBuilding the MT engine InIn  TM  –  38K  transla?on  units  (TUs)   Milengo  bilingual  corpus  –  160K  TUs   Data  Prepara?on  –  quality  over  quan?ty   Evalua?ng  quality  –  BLEU  Scores
  • 12. The Milengo MT & post-editingTwo  levels  of  post-­‐edi?ng  service:    • Full  post-­‐edi(ng  • Light  post-­‐edi(ng  Pilot  project  to  test  produc?on  –  Help  file  -­‐  11K  words  Issues  raised  enabled  development  of  workflow  best  prac?ces
  • 13. The main event!OverviewHelp  file  localiza?on  –  184K  words:  EN>DE  25  days  turnaround  –  over  Xmas  period  Deliverables    -­‐  HTML,  HHK,  HHC,  bilingual  TagEditor  files,  project  TMX  Post-­‐edi?ng  resources
  • 14. The main event!Technical environment SmartMATE   The  MT  process   • 85-­‐100%  matches  from  client  TM   • Rest  of  content  translated  with  MT   The  joy  of  defined  terminology   •  Used  in  both  MT  and  edi?ng  phases
  • 15. The main event!Challenges and Delivery Engineering  considera?ons  vs  project  efficiency.   memoQ  vs  TRADOS   •  Collabora?ve  online  environment   •  Speeds  up  produc?on
  • 16. The main event!Challenges and Delivery Editors  and  language  lead  working  in  parallel   Two  separate  QA  checks   •  One  before  post-­‐pro   •  One  before  delivery   Had  enough  ?me  for  a  cup  of  tea   Delivered  ahead  of  schedule!
  • 17. Localization @ Interactive Intelligence Internally we have: •  2 Project Managers •  3 Localization Engineers •  6 Localization Test Engineers •  1 Internationalization Test Engineer Why MT? Had been focused on practical user experiences like User Interface, Audio Prompts for IVR, Reports. Didn’t put much effort and budget for help files. Priority was lower and not many users have been actually using the help files. At the same time, we understand that there are some needs for translated help files. Looking for a way to provide localized help files without using a lot of money. In short, the cost saving was the biggest driver for using MT. Why Milengo? Looking for a practical experience with MT. Milengo approached with an idea of mutual trials. Through the projects, we could learn about MT in a practical way and they could learn the needs of clients.Innovation • Experience • Value ©2011 Interactive Intelligence, Inc.
  • 18. PollQuestion 3 When are you considering implementing MT?
  • 19. MT + Post EditingThe Service Milengo  hosted  or  self  hosted   Standard  or  full  post  edi?ng   Free  MT  setup  and  training   • Companies  within  the  IT  domain.   • Annual  spend  of  $50,000  per  language  pair   • Documenta?on  projects  in  the  IT  domain   • Project  sizes  of  10,000  words  and  above
  • 20. Thank you! The end