Socialization research methodology in language teaching-final paper criteria-2012-2

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  • 1. RESEARCH PAPER TITLE 1 Research paper title Student’s NameUniversidad Santo Tomás
  • 2. RESEARCH PAPER TITLE 2 AbstractWrite your research project
  • 3. RESEARCH PAPER TITLE 3 Introduction here The introduction involves information about the topic(s) of your proposal, your researchinterests, the ideas that motivate you to investigate and a general overview of the researchcomponents described in your project. Research Rationale The justification of the proposal involves aspects related to the relevance of the project, thecontributions you expect to make through the project and the impact of the investigation on theresearch participants and the educational context where the proposal is going to be developed. You may also include information related to the theoretical support, aspects of the foreignlanguage and the analysis of findings based on existing research projects to demonstrate therelevance of doing this research project. Problem statement and Research questions The problem statement implies the needs analysis underpinning your research interests andyour proposal. It is expected that you include aspects framed based on the analysis of theeducational context, the characteristics of the participants you have decided to focus on and theideas that sustain your problem description and research questions formulation. The research
  • 4. RESEARCH PAPER TITLE 4questions must describe implications, inquiries and problems you consider relevant and meaningfulfor doing a research proposal. Theoretical conceptualization and findings taken from existing research projects can beincluded as part of the arguments which support the research problem and the formulation of theresearch questions. Research Procedure General objective and specific objectives The objectives are connected with the research procedure and can be established based onthe analysis of the problem statement and the research questions. The general objective involves thewhole research development and the specific objectives describe what you plan to do through theproposal; these objectives refer to the explicit actions or activities you plan to do for carrying outthe general objective. Theoretical support (It includes references and main concepts underpinning the proposal) Since theory is needed to support your research proposal, it is required to write (minimum 1page -maximum 3 pages) to summarize the concepts implied in your investigation. It is precise toinclude authors and analyze how concepts, approaches and theories are related to your proposal andsupport your project development Instructional Design or Pedagogical Design If you are going to intervene as a teacher in the context of the project, you must describethe pedagogical actions that sustain your research project. Research Methodology and Data Collection Techniques Describe the type of methodology that you expect to follow for the development of yourresearch proposal. It is necessary to provide the why of your choice and the techniques for datacollection linked to the research methodology of your proposal.
  • 5. RESEARCH PAPER TITLE 5 You may complete the chart below to be clear enough when organizing the researchmethodology characteristics and data collection techniques.Table 1Research Methodologies and Data Collection TechniquesRESEARCH METHODOLOGY(IES) DATA COLLECTION TECHNIQUES References Aldridge, D. (1991). Spirituality, healing and medicine. British Journal of General Practice,41, 425-427. Retrieved from Byrd, R. C. (1988). Positive therapeutic effects of intercessory prayer in a coronary care unitpopulation. Southern Medical Journal, 81, 826-829.**You might include appendices to include evidences (if you got them) of the needs analysis, datacollection instruments or evidences that support observation carried out in the educational context.