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Palm 2 Participants Profile

  1. 1. Participants Profile
  2. 2. Average 41 years
  3. 3. Total Years of Experience 1,225 years Average 16 years
  4. 4. Owner/ Equity Partner 3 Investor 1 Chairman 2 Executive Board Member 1 CEO / Managing Director 10 C-Level Executives 13 Advisor / Professor 13 Head of BU / Department 22Middle Management Executives 7 MBA student 3 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
  5. 5. Participants List
  6. 6. Saudi Arabia Asaad Hamzah Aljomoai Senior Manager, Corporate Applications National Water Company
  7. 7. Saudi Arabia Abdulrahman Mohammad Alrefaie Director of Human Resources Azizia Panda United
  8. 8. South Africa Aslam Suleman Kalla General Manager Export Division Amka Products (Pvt) Ltd.
  9. 9. Saudi Arabia Adel Mohamed Al Zaid Senior Vice President Taiba Holding Company
  10. 10. Saudi Arabia Ahmad Yaseen Alkhiary Assistant DG Yesser – Saudi E-Government
  11. 11. Saudi Arabia Badr Abdullah Alsoumly Purchasing Manager Alsoumly Est
  12. 12. United States Chris Frentzel Deputy General Manager M.A. Abudawood and Partners (CLOROX)
  13. 13. Saudi Arabia Dr. Ahmed Abdullah Bakarman Chief Strategic Officer & Acting Chief Operator Officer Al- Akraia Saudi Real Estate Company
  14. 14. Saudi Arabia Esmat Ahmed Fauzi Head, Network Operations Center National Commercial Bank
  15. 15. Saudi Arabia Ghazi Mahmoud Alireza Values Consultant Dar Alfikr Schools
  16. 16. Saudi Arabia Hani Salah Noori Vice President, Senior Financial Controller National Commercial Bank
  17. 17. Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Bushnak Vice President & Founder MOYA Bushnak
  18. 18. Qatar Ihsan Alkhiyami CEO/Managing Director Qatar National Import & Export Co.
  19. 19. Lebanon Imad Yousef Abbas Financial Analysis Manager Abudawood Group
  20. 20. Pakistan Imran Yousuf Director Executive Search Professionals
  21. 21. Pakistan Izhar Hussain Qazilbash General Manager Al-Sharq Plastic Savola Plastic DIV
  22. 22. Saudi Arabia Kamal Shaban Al Qurash Vice president Operation Binzagr Company
  23. 23. Sudan Kamal Abdalla Hidaytalla HR board member strategic work force planning DAL GROUP
  24. 24. Saudi Arabia Khalid Tariq Naytah Blow Molding supervisor M.A. National Cleaning Products (CLOROX)
  25. 25. Saudi Arabia Khalid Mohammed Bashniny Western Region Manager, Corporate Banking Group National Commercial Bank
  26. 26. United Kingdom Mirza Muhammad Hasan Pooya Managing Director Ayedan Global
  27. 27. Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ameer Said Chief Executive Officer SOOJ INTERNATIONAL
  28. 28. Saudi Arabia Mohammed Nasser Al Jasser General Manager, Enterprise Key Account Sales Saudi Telecom Company (STC)
  29. 29. Saudi Arabia Marwan Mohammed Al-Gannas Training & Development Senior Manager National Water Company
  30. 30. Syria Mouhamad Assad Abdul Rahim Richeh Business Development Manager Al Mayssan Technical Services Co. Ltd.
  31. 31. Saudi Arabia Mobarak Moshabab Al Saad Director , Talent Acquisition & Employee Affairs MA’ADEM
  32. 32. Pakistan Mohammad Ahmed Juddi Controller Corporate Finance Azizia Panda United
  33. 33. Syria Mohammad Alwan Fahad AlAlwani Director of stores Development & Opening Azizia Panda United
  34. 34. Saudi Arabia Mamdouh Mohammed Tarabishi Senior Projects Manager Knowledge Economic City
  35. 35. Kazakhstan Nadir Burnashev Director of Structured Finance Eurasian Development Bank
  36. 36. Saudi Arabia Nayef Mohammed Hassan Al Jishi Consultant Managing Partner Oriel Stat a Matrix Middle East
  37. 37. Saudi Arabia Osama Abdulaziz Alessa President Hamad A. Alessa & Sons Co.
  38. 38. Pakistan Osman Aurakzai Head of Research & Development Center Bank Al Jazira
  39. 39. Saudi Arabia Raed Ibrahim Almudaiheem Managing Director AlMuhaidib Building Materials
  40. 40. India Syed Basharath Ali Chief Executive Officer TAMEER Consulting Associates
  41. 41. Saudi Arabia Sheriff Muwaffak Mashour Al Harith Chairman Al Harithy Group
  42. 42. United States Tariq H. Cheema Chief Executive Officer World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists
  43. 43. Egypt Tamer Khedr Financial Adviser to the Chairman & Managing Director Barwa Real Estate
  44. 44. Saudi Arabia Tariq Fareed Maimani Planning Engineer Maimani Holding Group
  45. 45. Egypt Tarek Sherif Galal Project Manager Abudawood Group
  46. 46. Saudi Arabia Waleed AlWafi Technical Director Rabigh Arabian Water & Electricity Company
  47. 47. Saudi Arabia Wael Wasif Kabli General Manager Al Kabli Trading Co
  48. 48. Saudi Arabia Waiel Saad Al Rashid Managing Director A. Alsayed for contracting, trade and industry group
  49. 49. Malaysia Wan Haslan Bin Wan Hassan Vice President Finance Knowledge Economic City
  50. 50. Young Executive Scholarships (YES) Participants
  51. 51. Saudi Arabia Ayman Yousef Mansi Senior Manager, Business Development King Abdullah Economic City
  52. 52. Egypt Ahmed Magdy Elkady Business Development Manager Can Well
  53. 53. FRANCE Babacar Niang Seck Head of IT & Business Analysis - EMEA & Asia France Telecom Mobiles Satellites communications (Vizada)
  54. 54. United States Dawud (David) Wesley Mitchell Faculty Member King Abdul Aziz University
  55. 55. Egypt Hesham Ahmed Foad Mahmoud Diab Strategic Account Technical Manager Mentor Graphics
  56. 56. Indonesia Imam Buchari Lecturer for Islamic Banking and Finance University College of Bahrain
  57. 57. China Kevin Zhen Cheng MBA Cornell University
  58. 58. Saudi Arabia Omar Hamad A. Al-Madhi Vice President, Energy Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA)
  59. 59. India Salman Siddeeque Ali Phd Student – Business Policy Indian Institute of Management
  60. 60. Pakistan Syed Waqas Burney MBA student Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan
  61. 61. Guests
  62. 62. Saudi Arabia Abdulrahman Saeed Atwa General Manager Leelas Saudi
  63. 63. United States Bassam Alwarith COO Knowledge Economic City
  64. 64. United States Basheer Khumawala John & Rebecca Moores Professor University of Houston
  65. 65. Egypt Bahaa HusseinCorporate Learning & Development Officer & GM Iraq operation Abudawood Group
  66. 66. FRANCE Dr. Husam Abu Amara Sr. Consultant & Director, Strategy Development Directorate International Islamic Relief Organization
  67. 67. Dr. Azzam Al WaliAssociate Professor Taibah University
  68. 68. Egypt Dr. Amr Elsayed Mohmaed Eldardear Assistant Professor Taibah University
  69. 69. United Kingdom Dr. Abubaker Ramadan Mahamed Associate Professor Taibah University
  70. 70. Sudan Dr. Mohammed Ali Yahia Othman Assistant Professor of Marketing Taibah University
  71. 71. Egypt Dr. Mohammed Fathy ElShahat Assistant Professor Taibah University
  72. 72. Saudi Arabia Ezzat Sendi Six Sigma Expert Raytheon Middle East Systems Co.
  73. 73. South Africa Ismail Ebrahim Mohamed Vice President Finance Petromin Corporation
  74. 74. Saudi Arabia Ibrahim Al Ahmadi General coordinator of development projects Madinah Princedom
  75. 75. Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ibraheem Abbas Madinah Princedom
  76. 76. United States Mohamed Abdel Rahman Salih Assistant Professorof Finance & Economics Taibah University
  77. 77. Malaysia Mohd Hakim Bin Mohd Ismail Abdul Latif Jameel Co. Ltd
  78. 78. Saudi Arabia Rayan Qoutb Head of Business Development & Economic Cities Authority Relations EMAAR Co.
  79. 79. Canada Zubair Ahmed Sobani Executive Vice President Nissan Saudi Arabia
  80. 80. Syria Zakaria Ibrahim Ogail Executive representative GlaxoSmithKline