Volvo vida diagnostic tool--volvo vida software install tips


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For Volvo DiCE (Diagnostic Communication Equipment) is a tool that is used together with Volvo VIDA All-in-one software to diagnose and troubleshoot for Volvo vehicles from and including model year 1999. This is a newest Volvo tool replacing well-known VCT2000 device.DiCE is connected to the vehicle's OBD diagnostic socket.

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Volvo vida diagnostic tool--volvo vida software install tips

  1. 1. volvo vida diagnostic tool -- volvo vida software install tips     1.     Insert the Volvo vida dice disk, automatically show the install screen .Please click 【vida all_in one】 start install. If this screen  have not  show up when you insert  the             disk ,please do  as step two show                                                    2. Find install file[setup.exe] under the file as the pic show, double click to open it, then you will  see the install screen as the step 1 show.                  VtoolShop Tel:+86-0755-27823977 Website:
  2. 2.      3. click [ vida all‐in‐one] start install, click[next].                 4. if show the pic as below show, please do as step 5 show change the computer system   time and then restart computer and finish install.          VtoolShop            Tel:+86-0755-27823977 Website:
  3. 3.     5. Change computer system time back to 2008.11.1 then restart computer. Do again step 1 to 3.    6. install processing…..               VtoolShop   Website:
  4. 4.      7. Click[next]           8. choose [yes]             VtoolShop    Website:
  5. 5.      9. install processing continue           10. Copy system file now.                       VtoolShop Website:
  6. 6.               11. Set working environment, choose[Internet], click [save]              12. click[enter]                   VtoolShop Tel:+86-0755-27823977
  7. 7.     13. install finish, restart the computer.    14. unblock                       VtoolShop Tel:+86-0755-27823977
  8. 8.     15. unblock        16. open software [vida‐all‐in‐one]              VtoolShop   Website:
  9. 9.     17. input user name:info‐pc                18. click [cancel] to cancel dialog box.          VtoolShop   Website:
  10. 10.                      19. Choose the menu as the pic show enter                      20. Input the 16pin connector of Volvo vida dice into the car, USB connect to the computer. System will install the drive automatically.         VtoolShop   Website:
  11. 11.      21. Drive install finish    22. Click the menu into setup choice.                          VtoolShop   Website:
  12. 12.     23. Click [add] to add device.                 24. After find the device, click [ok] quit the  setup choice.                              VtoolShop   Website:
  13. 13.     25. Click[vehicle profile] menu, input the car VIN code that you ready to test.                                 26. According to the car condition choose every form then click[ok]                     VtoolShop Tel:+86-0755-27823977
  14. 14.      27. choose[diagnostics] menu, begin diagnose the car.       28. Automatically scan and then show the car information, then choose [network].                            VtoolShop   Website:
  15. 15.     29. choose the model you want to test, do detail test. Thank you!                                                VtoolShop Website: