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Generate Cash on Demand From Your Website: A Bullet Proof Method for Turning Visitors Into Customers
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Generate Cash on Demand From Your Website: A Bullet Proof Method for Turning Visitors Into Customers

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Visit http://milaruiz4u.oneminute.track.clicksure.com/ for more info

Visit http://milaruiz4u.oneminute.track.clicksure.com/ for more info

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  • 1. What a typical day in your store looks like? If I am notmistaken there are people who buy from you and people who just come in to see what you offer.
  • 2. Unless you are a coffee shop there is no way in the worldthat you convert 100% of these browsers into buyers. Am I right?
  • 3. So what do you do with the non-buyers? I guess nothing.You just let them walk out of the door. Thats what 99% of all business owners do.
  • 4. The same is true for your website - consumers visit it,check it out and leave. Here it is even worse because you dont know who they are and what they look like.
  • 5. If you have an ecommerce website if you get 5% of allvisitors to buy you are doing great. So the question is what you do with the remaining 95%? Again, the answer is - nothing.
  • 6. It doesnt have to be that way and I want to share withyou how to change that and start making more money that you have ever thought possible.
  • 7. Here is what you need to do - start collecting the namesand email addresses of the visitors of your website and retail store for both b2b and b2c businesses.
  • 8. Here is why. If they walk into your store or visit your website it means that they are interested in what youoffer. They might not be ready to buy right now but they are interested in your products and services so thats a good first step.
  • 9. What do you do with all these names and email addresses? Glad you asked. You want to start building relationships with these people, start educating them on your products and services and why they should dobusiness with you. So you need to create a series of emails that do that and thats why you need their email addresses.
  • 10. Over time they will start thinking of you as a source of information and knowledge and not as a salesman and when they are finally ready to buy most likely they willbuy from you because you are the one that has taken the time to build a relationship with them.
  • 11. It sounds like a lot of work and because it is and there is no way around it but think about that - if it was easy everybody would have been doing it, right?
  • 12. I know what you are thinking right know - it sounds greatbut people are not willing to give up their email addresses so easily.
  • 13. Thats true and you need to give them a pretty good reason them to do so. You do it by offering them something of value in exchange for their contact information.
  • 14. In your retail store you ask them if they want to join your list to get deals that the general public does not get.
  • 15. On your website you can offer a free report or a book or a free sample of your product in exchange for their name, email address and sometimes their physical address.
  • 16. Once you have established trust with your list you canstart selling to them and believe me they will be buying from you time and time again.
  • 17. Say you know that February is a very slow month for youbusiness or if you are a pizza parlor its Tuesday and you want to change that.
  • 18. All you need to do is fire up an email to the people onyour list with a great offer and you will see a dramaticchange in your business, you will see orders coming in.
  • 19. Thats why I call this method a cash tap - you turn it on and off and you get money when you need it.
  • 20. http://milaruiz4u.oneminute.track.clicksure.com/