Professional social networks - for researchers, Milan Zdravković


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EURAXESS Conference in Dubrovnik, April 2013: Workshop Marketing Strategies and Social Media

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  • All presentations from the workshop:

    1. Introduction to WS Marketing Strategies & Social Media

    2. Group work

    3. Social Broadcasting vs. Traditional Online Advertising

    4. The Facebook ABC

    5. Meet the 'social' researchers

    6. 'Social EURAXESS' Guidelines for Facebook

    7. Post lunch challenge exercise

    8. Case study: EURAXESS - Research in Estonia
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  • It was very interesting to find out that business plan for making this venture profitable is based on “charging companies and universities for using it to advertise jobs”, and to operate a marketplace for laboratory materials.
  • Professional social networks - for researchers, Milan Zdravković

    1. 1. Professional social networks –for researchersMilan Zdravković
    2. 2. Facebooks in (France) (Germany)LinkedIn – the best fit
    3. 3. LinkedIn – the best fit◦ Launched on May, 2003◦ More than 200 M users (11 Mfrom Europe, 100 M from USA)◦ No. 2 social network in USA◦ Revenues are coming fromtalent solutions, marketingsolutions and premiumsubscriptions◦ LinkedIn was the 14th mostvisited website in the world inNov 2012 (Alexa traffic rank)◦ Will it open the arena ofproducts for Social Enterprises?Features
    4. 4. Features◦ Create and maintain list of professional contacts◦ Get introduced to 2ndand 3rdlevel of contacts◦ Design and advertise the professional profile– Find jobs, people and business opportunities by search or by“following” companies◦ Advertise companies– Create company pages, list products and services– List jobs and search for potential candidates◦ Ask questions for the community (LinkedIn Answers)◦ Groups– Forum discussion, polls◦ Embedded applications– Amazon reading list, TripIt, WordPress, SlideShareGated-access approach
    5. 5. Gated-access approach◦ contact with anyprofessional requireseither an existingrelationship, or theintervention of a contactof theirsSocial job search
    6. 6. “Social” job search◦ Consult your contactsabout the jobs◦ Get introduced todecision makers in yournetworkSocial job search
    7. 7. “Social” job search◦ Find companieswho are hiring andhave employeesfrom your networkResearchGate
    8. 8. ResearchGate◦ If LinkedIn isFacebook forprofessionals, thanResearchGate isLinkedIn forresearchers◦ Over 2.6 M users◦ approx. 35 M papersFeatures
    9. 9. Features◦ Self-archiving– Publishing papers, datasets◦ Find potential collaborators◦ Collaboration– Ask questions, participate in discussions on specific topics– Setup projects, exchange data files, manage tasks◦ Build reputation through a reputation score and IF– Personal– Institutional◦ Post jobs, search job listingsResearcher on ResearchGate
    10. 10. Researcher on ResearchGateGoin viral with your papers
    11. 11. Goin’ viral with your papers on ResearchGateTypical problems
    12. 12. Typical problems◦ The redundancy– Publications cannot be removed or evensometimes – cannot be edited (when imported)◦ Background noise– High-number of non-informed, sometimes evenabsurd questions◦ Lack of original service– All features are already offered by other websites
    13. 13. Enjoy your coffee !