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description of my project

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Project 2

  1. 1. Presentation of my final project Michela Menghini
  2. 3. Definition of remix culture Remix culture is a term employed by Lawrence Lessig and other copyright activists to describe a society which allows and encourages derivative works. It can be defined as the global activity consisting on the creative and efficient exchange of information made possible by digital technologies that is supported by the practice of cut/copy and paste.
  4. 5. The political remix is a process of cutting and pasting video, images and words together, trying to create something new, that expresses which is your point of view
  5. 6. Through the political remix, people can say important things in a playful way
  6. 7. Many people speak about Political Remix, but I decided to focus my research on:
  7. 8. Henry Jenkins <ul><li>Jonathan McIntosh </li></ul>Political Remix is the art of making do, a poached culture. It is the recontextualization of borrowed images. It is an art of quotation that anchors its images to a referent, either drawn from the fan’s meta-textual understanding of the series characters and their universe or assigned them within the construction of a new narrative. Political Remix Video is a process of Do It Yourself cultural creation by transforming mass media fragments through re-cutting, recycling and re-framing messages. It has the potential to help us imagine a better more just society and help illuminate corruption, hypocrisy and injustice in our world.
  8. 9. I think that the worst enemy of the remix video is copyright.
  9. 12. Many people need to scream and give talks to the streets to be heard…
  10. 13. … others decide to write books…
  11. 14. … but with the advent of the Internet Era appeared several new ways to say our opinions!
  12. 15. is one of those new ways The
  13. 16. But i think that Political Remix is one of the most important!
  14. 17. Some people decide to work in the shadows and you’ll never know who is the author of the political remix video…
  15. 18. … others are willing to infringe the copyrights to express their ideas…
  16. 19. … they do all these things to create ART!
  17. 20. To create something that will stay etched in time, something you can not control the movement…the circulation…
  18. 21. Words emphasize the pictures and pictures emphasize the words…
  19. 22. The beauty of these videos is that different artists assign their own meanings to the raw materials they share
  20. 23. Because they want to share their feelings…
  21. 24. Political videos are a kind of memory palace, encapsulating a complex narrative within a smaller number of highly iconogrphic shots
  22. 25. Political remix video can help society to create a critical political consciousness!
  23. 26. In your life you can do whatever you want…
  24. 27. … you can stay in your little shell and learn everything that the others passively tell to you...
  25. 28. … or you can get up, wake up from the slumber of your monotonous life and start doing something concrete!
  26. 29. Every person in his small can do something to change the world and try to create a more critical society…
  27. 30. … and we decided to start from the political remix!
  28. 32. The end