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Mac basics Mac basics Presentation Transcript

  • Mac Basics
    “I’m sure there is cool stuff I would use and love about my MAC, but I feel really stupid when I have to call to ask how to get a CD out”
    - Anonymous (Melissa Tidmore about a year ago)
  • Features of a Mac
    Ease of use
    Text clipping
    Picture taking
    Speech Commands
    System preferences
  • Fundamentals
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  • Ways to find stuff
    Mac HD
    Sometimes trash, oops
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  • Finder
    Most similar to “My Computer” on PC
    Blue Smiling Face
    No more rummaging
  • Mac HD
    Allows you access to everything on your computer, including programs. Great place to look if something magically disappears (never happens to me…right)
  • Spotlight
    Top right corner of your screen
    Allows you to search your entire Mac easily for any matches
    A quicker way to find something if you know the name or certain parts of the name
  • Trash
    Can throw items away and retrieve them later
    Great for student computers
    Can check for them later IF you have not emptied the trash
  • Creating and Editing Folders
    Can easily create folders on a Mac
    Drag and drop app to add to a folder
    Can color code for importance
  • Dock
    Quick access to all applications
    Open or running files have a glowing dot below them
    Size adjuster
    Can add and remove items or folders (stacks) to your dock
    Stack-gives you fast access to a folder
  • Expose’
    Allows you to view all windows at one time, without toggling
    Shift will maximize windows without having to click on them
    Command-F3 hides all windows
    Cool feature- when in Expose’ you can set things to automatically open as you log in
    First Class
  • Applications
    Can add an application to the Dock through the HD or the Spotlight feature.
    Great when you or a student accidentally poofs something!
    If you want to remove an application from your doc without poofing, hold command
    Anything that runs a program
    Word, PowerPoint, First Class, etc.
  • Dashboard
    Coolest thing ever
    Widget manager
    provides widgets
    Little mini-apps that let you do simple tasks
    Adding widgets
  • iCal
    An interactive calendar that you can use to create appointments, upload to your phone, and even send to others.
    Negative, no document upload at this time.
  • Shortcuts Favorites
    Shift Command 3
    Picture of whole screen
    Shift Command 4
    Take a picture
    Hold down shift for a cool trick
  • Shortcut favorites
    Control Command d
    Dictionary, usable on any application
  • Favorite Shortcuts
    Command Tab
    Toggle between applications and windows
  • Favorite Shortcuts
    Zoom in
    Zoom out
  • Favorite Shortcuts
    Command Option Escape
    Force quit, like control alt delete
  • More Shortcuts
    Control Alt Command Eject shuts down the computer
    Control Command Eject restarts
    Holding Shift alt while changing volume
    Changes it in ¼ ths
    Command Tilde
    Multiple applications toggling
  • Handy Tools
    Lining up icons
    Hold command
    Sticky Notes
    Command Shift Y
    Does not work in firefox
    Text Clipping
    Select text and drag it to desktop
    no copy and paste
  • Things your kids will like to do…
    Invert the screen
    Control option command 8
  • Things your kids will like to do…
    Slow motion
    Hold down shift when you minimize or maximize a screen