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Project Management with Mikola Andrejeu #1
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Project Management with Mikola Andrejeu #1


3 June 2010 PM. …

3 June 2010 PM.
Project Management. Course Overview.
III Semester, Alesco Business School, Indore campus.

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  • 1. Project Management Introduction by Mikola Andrejeu
  • 2. Literature
  • 3. Literature
  • 4. Course Overview
    • Introduction
    • Unit 1. Project Planning and Phases
    • Unit 2. Project Analysis
    • Unit 3. Project Selection
    • Unit 4. Project Management and Control
    • Unit 5. Network Techniques for PM
    • Unit 6. Project Review
  • 5. Introduction
    • What Is Project
    • What Is Project Management
    • Why Study Project Management
    • Who is Project Manager
  • 6. Meaning of Project
    • A project is a combination of inter-related activities with well defined objectives to be completed in a specific time period. The activities are to be performed in a specific sequence or order and require resources such as money, materials, facilities and space.
  • 7. Examples of Project
    • Introducing a new product in the market
  • 8.
    • Developing new models of ships or shoes
    Examples of Project
  • 9.
    • Construction of a new bridge over a river
    Examples of Project
  • 10.
    • Construction of a multistoried building
    Examples of Project
  • 11.
    • Organizing a seminar
    Examples of Project
  • 12.
    • A student undertaking a professional course of study
    Examples of Project
  • 13.
    • A politician contesting an election
    Examples of Project
  • 14.
    • A social welfare organization undertaking a program for creating awareness against social evils
    Examples of Project
  • 15. Examples of Project
    • Heavy advertising campaigns
  • 16. Examples of Project
    • Mergers of Global competitors
  • 17. Common features
    • All of them have a desired outcome at the end
    • They need a sufficient amount of resources, time and money
    • The availability of resources is limited
    • They are not undertaken frequently
    • They are well-defined activities with a clear-cut start and end
  • 18. Project vs Regular operation
    • One time
    • Wide variety of technology
    • Use of wide variety of skills and high caliber
    • Use of special purpose equipment for short duration
    • No revenue during project stage
    • Tools like PERT/CPM Gantt Charts etc. are vital for scheduling
    • Repetitive
    • Limited variety
    • Limited skills-learning effect is higher
    • Equipments are in continuous use
    • Revenues and profits / loses
    • Simple time sheets, daily diaries and calendars are used as the primary tools to check the progress and monitoring operations
  • 19. What Is Project?
    • “ A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to create a unique product or service.”
    • Institute of Project Management
  • 20. What Is Project?
    • “ A project is a specific, finite task to be accomplished. Whether it is large or small scale and whether it is long or short run is not particularly relevant.”
    • Meredith and Camuel
  • 21. What Is Project?
    • “ A project is a one time job that has defined starting and ending dates, a clearly specified objective or scope of work to be performed, a pre-defined budget and usually a temporary organization that is dismantled once the project is completed.”
    • Lewis
  • 22. What Is Project?
    • “ Any undertaking that has definite, final objectives representing specified values to be used in the satisfaction of some need or desire.”
    • Davis
  • 23. What Is Project?
    • “ A project typically has a distinct mission and a clear termination point.”
    • William H. Newmann
  • 24. What Is Project?
    • “ A project is a proposal for an investment to create and/or develop certain facilities in order to increase the production of goods and/or services in a community during a certain period of time.”
    • Unido
  • 25. Characteristics of Projects
    • Well-defined Objectives
    • Large and Complex
    • Non-recurring
    • Duration of Activities Uncertain
    • Completion Dead Line
    • Project Life Cycle
    • Uniqueness
    • Conflict for Resources
    • A separate Disposable Team
    • Inter-dependencies.
  • 26. What is …?
    • … management?
    • … project management?
  • 27. Why Project Management?
    • ‘ The basic purpose of initiating a project is to achieve some specific goals.’
    • The need for a separate project management division is due to the following factors:
    • Interdependency and complexity.
    • Sharing of resources.
    • Size of the project.
    • Importance of the project.
    • Changes in the market.
  • 28. Project Management in India
    • Reasons of lacking behind:
    • Poor technology
    • Non availability of skilled people
    • Lack of proper planning
    • Non availability of the equipments of required quality
    • Labour disputes
    • Absence of proper co-ordination between different departments
    • Political instability and lack of political will to implement projects
  • 29. Project Manager
    • Functions
    • PM vs Line Managers
    • Essentials
  • 30. Functions of Project Manager Assure Satisfaction to Clients and Superiors Direction to Team and Controlling Activities of the Project Take initiatives to Harmonize the Team Efforts Recognize the Ability of People Negotiate Commitments Prompt Payments and Receipts Other Duties F
  • 31. “ Other Duties” of PM
    • Monitor and report the progress and problems
    • Get ready and be responsible for execution of plan
    • Train the team members as required
    • Intimate the management about problems which are beyond control
    • Organize and present reports and reviews
  • 32. Conflict
  • 33. Successful Project Manager
    • Be able to make decisions.
    • Be able to learn from past mistakes.
    • Know what is going on in project in detail.
    • Communicate effectively with managers.
    • Be open to new methods.
    • Understand the team members.
    • Know how to use project tools and methods effectively.
    • Understand the trade-offs between the project needs and the needs of the organization.
    • Be able to take long-term perspective.
    • Have patience and sense of humour.
  • 34. Successful Project Manager
    • My interpretation:
    • Be professional.
    • Monitor evrth-n-evrywhr-n-evr1.
    • Be certified: PMP.
  • 35. Homework
    • IPM. PM in India.
    • PMP.
    • PMBOK.