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Shows how you need to work in the 21st Century

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  • Does anyone remember this?Mac – introduced in January 1984This computer changed everything….the way we worked and interfaced with technology Changed how execs thought about computers…
  • Add to that the Internet, Broadband, unlocking digital content, social networking and mobility…28 years later, we are yet again at an inflection pointThe experience that began with the Mac has been taken to a new level…But, what does this have to do with why I am here today?
  • Which is going to cause us to stop and RETHINK the business fundamentals. Let’s take a look at how we’ve been looking at things….the way we worked…and the devices we used…innovation cycles…we’ve built everything from the perspective of a PC..
  • For at least the past two decades – most of us have been firmly rooted in the PC era: and done a lot of great things during that time. Within enterprises of all size, that meant that the predominant operating system on the desktop – and often in the data center was Windows.Today, we are living in a Post-PC era. Today, we re access to more information on more devices from more applications than ever before.What do we mean by “Post-PC Era” at Cisco? It’s not as if PCs are going away… but we are clearly moving from a predominantly client-server world w/PC at the center to an “and” of devices – anchored by persistent services that enable device portability and mobility.
  • Developed: ANZ, US, GermanyEmerging: India, Brazil, Turkey
  • How you work depends on the cloud..How you work depends on a lot of things…Let’s talk about this in the context of a workspaceHow do you create space, a place where you get your work done in a productive way
  • All of this comes together in a workspace…the workspace provides context…WHO you are defines the workspace…
  • The workspace is in transition towards mobility and freedom of device and location. In the past, work was is a fixed place, a fixed computer/desktop and a fixed phone attached to a fixed network. Mobility was limited. Typically, the employee would need to travel to a fixed place to do work, thereby limiting profitability. Then corporate mobile devices, such as laptops and cell phones, started giving workers more location freedom. We no longer had to be at work all the time to be productive. That said, the choice of devices was still limited and our experience dependent on fixed networks.As consumers have brought smart phones, tablets, social applications, and video into their personal lives, they are increasingly expecting these new capabilities in the workplace as well. This trend has sparked the adoption of smartphones and tablets like the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as business tools. Unlike other cutting-edge technology products and gadgets had slower adoption rates outside serious “techies,” smartphones are as popular in the executive suite as they are at the shopping mall… It’s not that people simply want a device to play games or connect with friends, they want to be able to access their business information from anywhere.Meanwhile the range of devices brings challenges to IT with respect to security and manageability. The future workspace provides BOTH.
  • The industry is in transition and mobility has changed from work being in a fixed place and the employee travelling to the place, to being about having dictated mobile devices with a limited experience in limited places to having a tailored workspace on any device anywhere – your workspace now follows you Device-based accessConnection centricDifferent experience depending on app. /devicePolicy / security defined per devicesIdentity-based accessConnection agnosticSeamless experience across apps. / deviceConsistent policy across devices
  • Cloud is *the* key enabler of the Post-PC Era. In this world of workspace mobility, applications reside in the datacenter or in the cloud. The applications are delivered SECURELY through the network and onto the appropriate device. The network is a critical element in making sure the right person accesses the right information in the right place, and hence can be more productive.The future workspace can be delivered through the network in multiple ways, depending on the needs of the worker type: virtually, natively or a hybrid combination of both virtual and native. This is the future workspace, which delivers a WIN WIN solution for both workers and IT departments, spanning all work types and workspace delivery mechanisms.What else do we love about cloud as a delivery model? It:Provides access from any locationDelivers consistency of service across devicesEnsures access to an always-current versionSupports a self-serve model of procurementEnables rapid deployment at scaleIs inherently “B2B ready” for connecting with customers, partners, suppliersShifts IT spend from CapEx to OpExAllows organizations to focus on “core” vs. “context” as appropriateThat’s why innovating in cloud services and investing in the Cisco Collaboration Platform are important parts of our aggressive growth strategy.To grow our Collaboration business in this area, we are working to bring a full portfolio of cloud services to an expanding set of customers.We will do that by enabling service providers and channel partners to extend collaboration services to their customers based on the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, and by building out our own Cisco Collaboration Cloud where we offer WebEx, Quad, Jabber, and Video services today.
  • Work Your Way Oct 2012

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    9. 9. Virtual | Visual | Social | Mobile And Always Secure Who What Where WhoWIE SIE ARBEITENLÄUFT AUF IHREM ARBEITSPLATZZUSAMMEN
    10. 10. Die Evolution des Arbeitsplatzes LOCATION / DEVICE LOCATION DEPENDENT INDEPENDENT DEVICE DEPENDENT Productivity Productivity Flexibilit Flexibilit y y
    11. 11. Der Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft ermöglichtFreiheiten LOCATION / DEVICE / APPLICATION INDEPENDENT Productivity Flexibilit y
    12. 12. Das Intelligente Netzwork ermöglicht denArbeitsplatz der Zukunft Unified WebEx Unified Compute 2.0 Communication VDI/VXI Unified s Unified Access Unified Jabber Any Connect Policy Experience ISE Medianet HCS INTELLIGENT NETWORK CloudVerse
    13. 13. Das ist Work Your Way Virtual | Visual | Social | Mobile And Always Secure BYO Virtual Desktop plus D CorporateEnterprise Collaborative Native or Web–Based Applications Applications, Securely VXI BYOD INTELLIGENT NETWORK