ProposalFor this assignment I must create an ident for the Grid. The Grid is a channel which show comedysitcom and other t...
the ident that I am creating, it will not be added in though until it gets up to the girl running acrossthe field. Also th...
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Unit 32 proposal


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Unit 32 proposal

  1. 1. ProposalFor this assignment I must create an ident for the Grid. The Grid is a channel which show comedysitcom and other types of programmes aimed and a young audience the way that I am going to dothis is by taking that sitcom element out and putting into the ident, as all ident are based on whatthe channel is about and the types of programmes that they show on their channel and they base atheme around and aim it at their audience. Ident are created in order to show of the channel andalso there to remind people of what channel they are on because sometimes people are watching afilm and they sometimes just forget what channel it is on and in-between the film the ident pop up.And doing it in their own style. But there is stage that I must do in order to bring my indent alive firstI will research into ident so I can get a better understanding of them and go more into depths withwhy they have done it that way. Once that this is done I can then start coming up with mystoryboards as I will feel more comfortable with doing this.Then I came up with three different ideas for the ident and what can happen in them making themdifferent form other and also sicking to that theme of the channel while I was thinking of theseideas. I storyboard them all and then looked at them and then chosen the one I thought would workthe best with the audience it’s aimed at and sticking to the theme of the channel and what it’sabout. The idea I then went with was the one in which a romantic couple are walking down a pathon a nice green field on an sunny day, they are holding hands as they are in love, the continuedwalking until they get to a point where they see a bench they both head over to the bench and thensit down, they sit quite close to each other, they then turn their heads and look at each other, theylook at each other for a few seconds and then they both smile at each other as they start gettingclose and going in for a kiss. The boy then closes his eyes as they get closer and then the girl thenlooks over the shoulders of the boy as her eye get a bit more wider, the boy then kiss fine air andthen opens his eyes as he see that she is not there he looks round and then he see her runningacross the field, he stay on the bench upset that she had gone while she is running crazy across thefield towards a power grid and then as she runs under it or past it the camera will the pan upwardslooking at the lines at the top of the power grids and then electric will come from the lines and thenit will spell out “The Grid”. This is the final idea that I have decided to do as I think it’s fit all purposeof what the Grid brief is looking for it meets audience which is from 18 – 30 as teenagers will be thestar of the ident and also most adult may be able to relate the situation as they may have hadsomething wired and funny like that happen to them before, also it sticks to the style and theme ofwhat the channel is as you could relate the situation in the ident to a sitcom such as Friends wheresomething silly happen in a moment of being serious. And I think that this idea dose it really well.The ident will be filmed and it’s has got it’s cast for it and a date of filming has been set as well , Ichosen to do a filming style because it would look a lot better this way than it would if I was doing itin animation format. Also the location of the filming has been found. I will be using different types ofshots to show this ident off such as wide shot, close up and panning to make it look a lot better andall of this has been put into the story. There will be music and sound which will be put in, in theediting stage. The types of sounds which will be used for this ident will be the sound of birds and thewind blowing this is to add a real life affect and make it a bit more real than it is this will be adiegetic, and there will be music on the ident which will be a punk rock type of music, no sing justbackground music playing, I have seen this type of music used on another comedy channel and itworked really well it was the same concept where something silly was happening and it will work on
  2. 2. the ident that I am creating, it will not be added in though until it gets up to the girl running acrossthe field. Also there will be special effect added in as well, the effect will be electric spelling out thechannel name “The Grid” when it show the power grids, I will be using a software to create this andI’ll be spending all my time making sure that I can make it look as good as I can. The time scale it willtake me to do all of this will be split into three stages, the first will be the filming which will only takea day to do as it will be about 20 seconds or less , then the editing will take about another day as Isaid it’s only a 20 seconds or less ident and then adding the music will be on the same day as theediting then I’ll have to wait a week before I can make a start on the special effect which should takeme a week to get done so by the 9th of November the ident will be completed and ready to be shownto people.The way that I am going to be showing my ident to people will be on the internet as most stuff goeson there, the ident will be uploaded onto YouTube where people will be able to view the identwhenever they want and comment on it as well, once it has been uploaded on to YouTube I will thenupload it on to Facebook as more people use that one a days and it would be a really good idea toput it onto that so people can view the ident and also comment on it then saying what they like, whythey think it’s good or bad etc. this will help for future projects as I will take in what people have saidand then use or take their advice in order to make the next one better. I could also put it on Twitterand any other social networking as the more people that view the better and the better thefeedback that I will be great form the target audience.Copyright issues must be check and what I mean is not putting logos of different companies in myident and also not copying with the music and the sounds from another ident or creation, andmaking sure that my idea for the ident is my own idea and everything that is create within the identsuch as, music, style, logo etc. are all my own design and not taking out of one thing and put into myident. Everything that has and will be talked about between me and my client will be keptconfidential which would mean I would not give out the name or the contact or address of the clientto anyone else or the product that I am creating for the website which will also be kept secret untiltill the website is realised on the internet or giving the designs to any other company, buy keep it alla secret and not be shared with anyone else. Also I will be making that the ident is not offences inanyway and the ident is not meant to upset people orany types of religion.