Unit 32 assignment 2


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Unit 32 assignment 2

  1. 1. Unit 32 assignment 2I am looking at different idents that I like so it can give me some ideas on the ident that I will becreating, I’ll look at a few different types of ident that different channels use and look at what theyare like, the music, logo etc. which will help me with creating one. this is the first Ident that I will look at, it’s from Comedy Central, in this ident the train goes across the bridge with the logo on top of the train, then when it goes under a red tunnel the logo jumps of the train and rolls over the red tunnel only to end up back on the train at the end of the tunnel. It uses a voice over to introduce the next show on and also there is music playing in the background of this ident. The ident was shot from the sky and then later added in the CGI logo which is on top of the train once theyhad put in the logo they then put in the music, which is a sort of rock punk like music, and then theyget the voice over person to ready out the next show and then add it into the ident. When filmedthe training going across the bridge, you can see that it’s a wide shot showing the bridge and thetrain and also giving enough room to show the logo. But there are number of different types of shotin this ident, there are close up on the train then it cuts to the close up on the logo as it’s rollingacross the bridge there are also mid shot of the train and the logo, this is showing that the logo isracing the end so it can jump back on the train at the right time. Also when watching the ident youcan see the bit that where filmed, where filmed in a helicopter as it speeds across the field at thestart and then follows the train and logo and also the height that the shot was filmed at. ComedyCentral is a comedy channel so there ident are based around being funny and the indents doingstupid things as the voice over person introduce the next show, so in this one it’s a big logo ofcomedy central on a train and then following it across the bridge and then jumping back on it. It’snot just the video which fit in with the channel but the choice of music that they have chosen to doalso fits in with the ident as it sound a bit comedy as the music is a bit punk rocky but it does soundlike a comedy sort of tune, as they way they have done it. Also they have use sound affects as well asa soundtrack, they have used the sound of a train running to fit in with the train and also the soundof metal clanging as the logo is jumping all over it, and they also use the sound of birds tweeting tofit in with the start of the ident, which the camera is flying across a field with flowers, they usedthese types of sound affects to fit in with the ident and make it sound like it’s real and what you areseeing can be heard this is called diegetic which mean those sound affects fit in with what you areseeing in the ident, as the music does not fit because when you walk you don’t randomly starthearing music.I like what this ident has done with both film and computer animated logo because it shows that thechannel is fun, and the show which are shown on this channel will be a comedy, because not everychannel has the massive logo bouncing around on a train and a bridge so it really does show off itscomedy side also, with what I think help this ident a lot more is that punk rock music it uses, it usesthis music for every ident so as soon as you hear it you think comedy central, and it also fits in with
  2. 2. the ident very nicely and the sound affect are heard nice and load which makes it a bit more real.Also the ident is quick which idents need to be otherwise people will get board of them and end upturning the channel over or off so it’s also important that they get the timing right which is way allident are quick and also it’s reminding people of what channel they are on. Channels also uses identsto fit in with what the show they are showing is or the time of day, e.g. round time it may show thesky at tea time which I think it brilliant that they do that and also I like that comedy central doesn’tjust have no but they have many different types of idents so people don’t get bored with seeing thesame ident time and time again and each ident has their own funny side to it as well.The other ident that I looked at is one from BBC, this ident was done around Christmas 2009, thisident was also done in a theme of one of their show which is on Saturdays, it was the last in the 4thseries and the episode was board casted in Christmas day and I was show the channel and one oftheir famous shows at the same time. This I ident starts off with the doctor walking through snow, then he finds his TARDIS covered and buried in snow, then he looks upset that his TARDIS then the doctor see reindeers and then he gives off a little smile and he’s flying the TARDIS using the reindeers. Then the BBC one appears the in sky and the Doctor flies around it making a circle.This ident has a few different shots within the 30 second, this ident has wide shot and close upshots, the ident starts with a wide shot of the doctor walking and then a close up on him and thenafter that it mixes the shots to show this amazing ident that they created, at the end it’s a wide shotshowing the whole sky with a few tree and mountains in the background also the sun rise can beseen in the background as well, but the main thing that people will notice in this shot is the BBC onelogo in the sky and the doctor flying around it creating a circle. This ident really has the Christmasfeel to it, with the snow and even the sky it just gives people the good Christmas mood, and that’swhat they were trying to do, by using snow and even its iconic show which is being shown in theident as well. The sound affect in the indent are well done as well and they are parallel to whatyou’re seeing in the ident as you can hear the snow crunching as the doctor is walking and the soundof the reindeers flying with the TARDISand it feels real as what you can see you can hear as well, themusic and the voice over which comes on towards the end of the ident isn’t as there is nowhere thatthe music and the voice is coming from it just appears which the other say is the voice of god as youcan hear the music and the voice over but you can’t see where it’s coming from and this isn’t parallelto the video. The video uses from real footage which was shot on a day and the other Is CGI which isdone on computers and they have been put together very good and this ident looks amazing and it’severy creative with what they done and also making it themed with the Christmas season and one oftheir greatest shows was a brilliant idea because fans of the show will love and will keep watchingthis over and over again. The sound affects work and fit in really well with the ident. The soundaffects are the snow crunching when the doctor is walking on it and it all fits in perfect. Also thesound of the TARDIS as it flying all sound really good and it makes it more real, also there is also aChristmas jingles as a sort of soundtrack this is non-diegetic and the same for the voice over.
  3. 3. I like the comedy behind, which is the Doctor is Santa as he uses his TARDIS, and the Christmastheme behind giving it more of the Christmas feel to their audience. The CGI is mixed in very wellwith this ident; it’s funny, clever and brilliant in who is ident was created. This is my next ident that I am going to look at this this one, this is one of the idents for the channel Nickelodeon, this channel is for young children, this is so they can watch cartoons during the day or after school, each cartoon is aim at young children under the age of 15, so for them to keep up with and show that there channel is for young children and show how fun it can be there ident will reflect on that. This is one of their ident and it start off with one character on a seesaw and then all of a sudden a bigger character lands on the seesaw which makes the other cartooncharacter go flying in the air, they fly up and then go straight past the Nickelodeon logo, as thecartoon character is flying up they smile, but after they go past the logo the fall down and then thebigger character dose flying while the camera stays on the logo of the channel, the logo shows off avisual comedy to people who watch this channel.The camera starts off with a wide shot, showing the character and what they are doing and the placewhere they are at, this is to give it more of that cartoon feel and look to it. There is also a cut into aclose up of the girl as she is flying up in the air and then it zooms out showing a quick shot her goingup and the sky, it zoom from the close up into a wide shot because it’s getting ready for the logo tocome into the ident. The lighting on the background is quite bright as the sky dose look a bit yellowand it looks lit the colour fade into the ground and then it goes a little green, this is showing that it’sgrass or meant to be grass, there is also a bit of whit which looks like is in the centre of the sky andground this is showing the types of comedy that this channel uses for its audience it’s silly and funny.Also on the ground there is a table one which looks like a timetable one or one used for maths, thisis could be showing that it’s not just cartoons and fun but also there is educational stuff in as wellwhich helps young children learn more in their own home and also in a place that they may feelcomfortable place and also learning in a fun way. It saw that what you will be seeing will be visualentertainment and promising the people that the shows will be fun and entertainment for theviewers. There is sound on this ident, the sound of the characters playing and even though thesound affect were added on they are still parallel to each other as they go with what is happening inthe in ident. Also towards the end of the indent there is some music which is being played but itsnon-diegetic as you can’t see anything which is playing the music so the music is non- diegetic as theother sounds a diegetic to what’s going on in the even though it was added on. That logo on thechannel is added on towards the end of the ident.The setting of the ident looks to be park, as this is where most young children like to play with theirfriends, but as it’s a cartoon and the setting isn’t really that clear, but I say park the two cartooncharacter are on the sea saw and they are mostly at parks, I think they did this so that the twocharacter stand out and that people will give their full attention to it as well. But the logo is shown atthe end. The logo for Nickelodeon is an organ splat with the title Nickelodeon this show that thischannel is not boring and that there’s entertainment on this channel and all their ident lead into thissplat at the end in different and silly ways. The camera angle that they use is the camera just lookingat them from straight on there really isn’t different it stay like this throughout the whole indent. Thisshows the background and the character at the same time. There is no voice over on this identsaying what programme is next all that is seen in the all that can be heard is the characters voicesand the music. The voice is some with a nice relaxing voice but with a little bit of silliness in the waythey say the next show which is on.
  4. 4. I like this ident because straight away you know who it’s aimed at and what types of channels will beshown on this channel, I love the animation as it’s childish and silly and also cheeky. As it is aimed atyoung children and it’s funny then they’ll keep watching to see what happens next, also it’s colourfulwhich will attract children more. I like it as it is funny and well done for a child’s TV channel theanimation is good and the soundtrack and sound effect go in well together.