Task 3


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Task 3

  1. 1. I must do this in different stages in order to bring my indent alive first I will research into ident so Ican get a better understanding of them and go more into depths with why they have done it thatway. Once that this is done I can then start coming up with my storyboards as I will feel morecomfortable with doing this.Then I came up with three different ideas for the ident and what can happen in them making themdifferent form other and also sicking to that theme of the channel while I was thinking of theseideas. I storyboard them all and then looked at them and then chosen the one I thought would workthe best with the audience it’s aimed at and sticking to the theme of the channel and what it’sabout. The idea I then went with was the one in which a romantic couple are walking down a pathon a nice green field on an sunny day, they are holding hands as they are in love, the continuedwalking until they get to a point where they see a bench they both head over to the bench and thensit down, they sit quite close to each other, they then turn their heads and look at each other, theylook at each other for a few seconds and then they both smile at each other as they start gettingclose and going in for a kiss. The boy then closes his eyes as they get closer and then the girl thenlooks over the shoulders of the boy as her eye get a bit more wider, the boy then kiss fine air andthen opens his eyes as he see that she is not there he looks round and then he see her runningacross the field, he stay on the bench upset that she had gone while she is running crazy across thefield towards a power grid and then as she runs under it or past it the camera will the pan upwardslooking at the lines at the top of the power grids and then electric will come from the lines and thenit will spell out “The Grid”And then after I will put them footage on to the computer where I will then edit the clips together tomake this ident come to life, I will use a software called window movie maker to put them togetherand then for the special affect part I will use another software called After affect to put together thatelectric effect on the indent. In order to film it I must have two actors and a camera.