Report for proposalThis is a report on way we had chosen the style of brief that we have. We had research the differenttyp...
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Report for proposal


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Report for proposal

  1. 1. Report for proposalThis is a report on way we had chosen the style of brief that we have. We had research the differenttypes of client brief that can be done form, formal, informal competition etc. that we looked andwrote about. We all did our own proposal and from the group had seen we had all did an formalbrief and then when it came to writing the final draft copy of the brief we did it in a formal way,formal brief is just plain and simple business between the client and then employee. The reason thatwe went for this mostly was we had more experience writing these type of proposal or brief in thepast, noting saying it was easier than other. But it kept it simple and straight to the point as it has allthe information of the project that the client needs to look at time of when it will be done, theequipment that we will need in order to do this.The way it’s laid out as well we chosen to have the project and introduction at the top of the briefexplaining what is going happen in the promotional video and that types of thing we are looking athaving in the video. Then I goes on about how we will show this promotional video to the public andget there interest in the subject that we are promoting here, this part also has the target audienceand why we have chosen to aim this video at the age group and then it goes into equipment andresources that will be need for this promotional video and then the time scale which is one of themost important parts of the brief as the client will like to know when the video will be done and thenthe copyright and confidential part is at the bottom of the page, we thought of this layout as itspaces everything and if the client wants to look at then it will be easy for use to find when we are inthe meeting.The formal style brief also keeps it professional between the employee and the client as we thinkingthere need to be some sort of gap as the client is the boss and checking that the project that we aredoing this running ok, and as we are promoting the college and a subject for the college which willbe shown to people then it’s best to keep some sort or professional keep between us and the clientthis will make sure that the project gets done and we will be able to keep to the deadline that isneeded for us to keep to rather than acting like best buddies then we could lose track of thedeadline and we could miss it all together, so keeping it professional between us and the client is thebest way and by doing the brief in a formal way keep that bond between us and the client which willenable us to get everything done for when it’s need and that’s why we went for the informal briefstyle.