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  1. 1. Proposal IntroductionThis is a proposal for a promotional video for extended creative media at Cheadle and MarpleSixth Form College, I won’t be promoting the college but the subject that I have chosen to dowhich is creative media, showing how fun it can be, types of thing which you’ll be doing. Alsowe’ll show some students which are on the course and also get one or two students which hadhave and finished the course showing how far they have got because of the course. This isshowing the course off and making people want to do the course. Also it will give information allabout it such as thing that you’ll be able to do. All this is will be filmed in this will be filmed inthe college, in the class room where the creative media lessons are done in as well to give offmore of a buzz for it. Also we can have one or two tutors who teach the course to explain aboutit the types of thing which will be done on it etc.Also there will be some shots of the college andsome moving shot of the college with a voice in the background explaining more on the collegeand what it’s about. All this is to help promote the college and the lessons that they done thatthe college to help people who are thinking about coming to the college and wanting to do thiscourse. To make this video there will be some equipment that is need such as a camera and atripod, a camera to film the video and the tripod to get I nice steady shot specially when itcomes to the interviews, also we will need a place to keep the equipment but easy for us toreach for when we need them for the filming. Also a computer and a editing software so I canput it all together and make it look amazing will be need and easy access to as well.To get this promotional video out there is by putting online such as YouTube so people will haveaccess to the video and watch it anytime they want, also as more people use social network thevideo can be uploaded on them such as Facebook and Twitter etc. so more people can haveaccess to the video and then watch the videoThat the work will be our own and not copied same with the idea of the story and the music. Bycreating it for our self.Copyright - creating videos as well making sure they are not copied but they are created byhand so it doesn’t go into copy right, by making sure that I do not go into the copy right actis by checking the names, titles images video and making sure they are not copied form anyother company. Everything that has and will be talked about between the group and theclient will be kept confidential which would mean the group would not give out the name orthe contact or address of the client to anyone else or the product that we are creating forthe promotional video which will also be kept secret until the video is realised on theinternet or giving the designs to any other company, buy keep it all a secret and not beshared with anyone else.Confidentiality – the information shared between the group and the client will stay with thegroup and the client and also when filming the video we will make sure that no one is seenin the video unless they want to appear in the video. Also all information between the groupand any who is involved in the project is confidential and none of their information is givingout at all. Any ideas for the project like the outline, designs and the layout of it will be keptconfidential and none of the information will be leakedSignatures of both customer and company (you) and dates.