ReviewFor this assignment I had to create a website for people who want to travel to Australia, the websitewas for a compa...
when I had two days off from doing this because of work reason and then I started to fall behind andthen slowing lose the ...
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A3 review


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A3 review

  1. 1. ReviewFor this assignment I had to create a website for people who want to travel to Australia, the websitewas for a company who is giving information on pack backer’s travel and showing the differentplaces that they can go to and also the hostels that they can stay in while they are down there. I hadto use software called flash in order to create the website in flash I had to use the different tool tomake this website. To create about 5 different pages for this website home, map, hostels,information and a contact us page, each page having something different on it, but before I hadcreated it I had to plan out everything in different stages in order to get this website created, I firstresearched different types of traveling website to give me ideas of what to do for my website, Ilooked at the layout of a few website seeing if I like them the way the information was displayed onthe website etc. about 4 different pages before I started to plan and storyboard my own website.After the research I then had some sort of idea of what my website was going to look like and once Ihad that Idea in my head I then start on my proposal which was detailing how many pages I wasgoing to have what the page was going to look like the colour theme I was going to use if I hadvideos or images the font, size of text etc. until I had a very detailed proposal which then it was timeto move on to creating the storyboards. I did storyboards for each page that I had showing wherethe images where going to go what the layout would look like the navigation bar and the buttonswhat where they going to be, as I did my proposal it was more easier to do the storyboards as it wasin good detail in the proposal and I could follow it when I was doing each page. Got started increating the website I tried to stick to my storyboards as much as I can and It’s looks just like what Iplanned out form the storyboards and from the proposal where one or two changes this would havebeen because it didn’t work when I tried it out on the website or it looked more better with the textor image in a different place form what my storyboard has it in.When I was planning I made sure that my time was well spent and that I kept on top of this so whenI hit the deadline for the planning then I could just hand in what I have done and then make a starton creating the website when I needed to. And I made sure that each lessons I knew what I wasgoing to be doing and by the end of the lesson that it was done so next time I could move on to thenext part so I could have it all finished by the time I hit the deadline. For the planning part of theassignment I was good at keeping my planning time sorted and I made sure that all the planning wasall done time it came to the deadline. When I did come to creating the website I used flash to createthe website and within flash I used different tools in order to create the website and I documentedeach tool I used and how I used them in a dairy. But when it came to using these tool such as text,importing, linking etc. I found where quite easy to do there was really no bit that I got stuck one as itwas pretty much simple to go through and do each website. I made sure when creating the website Iused as much stuff as I could in order to create what I have done. But there was one part which Ifound was quite hard to do not because it was hard to it was because it didn’t work, it was importinga video into flash I found one and then tried to import it form YouTube but that didn’t work so Idownloaded the video so I could save it in a folder and then import that into flash but that still didn’twork so I tried converting the video but I was unable to convert the video.When creating the website I had to make sure that I had a really good work flow so I could get thiswebsite done by the deadline came to be. So I did plan out when I was going to do each page andwhen I was going to be done by as this was in my dairy, at first I had a good work flow I was gettingthe stuff created for when I said I was going to do it by but there was a turning point which was
  2. 2. when I had two days off from doing this because of work reason and then I started to fall behind andthen slowing lose the flow as I had more days off for work reason as well when it came to thedeadline I was rushing with what I was doing I was forgetting about what I was doing and what theplan was and then I found it harder to keep on track of what I was doing and when by, but then I gotback on track with some of the pages but was unable to fully finish the website time the finaldeadline came to be. I kept checking each page once it was done to make sure that everything wasworking and making sure it looked like how it was meant to be I did this on a day to day bases andwhen it came to finding a problem I made sure that I sorted it out before I went on to the next partof my creation.Once it was all done (time the deadline came) the website was pretty much good as it did everythingit was meant to do on the pages and the buttons worked and the images would load up and thatpeople could read the text once it loaded up on the website and also it meet what the brief set outto wanting, which was a website for pack baggers who want to travel to Australiaand also givinginformation on the different places and the hostels where people can stay once they start theirtravels to Australia. My final overview of the website is that I think it’s good I what I had created butI’m not happy about it at all. If I could go back and re do the whole planning and creating the websitethen I would go back and change everything because I don’t think that it’s good and the colourtheme that I went with is not so great and I think that I could of done a lot better to what I havefinally created as my website.